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  1. Not at my recent rate. School has killed my ability to play this game. If it's not homework, it's studying. If it's not studying, it's volunteering. If it's not volunteering, it's applying to graduate schools.
  2. And those 24k battles I'm pretty sure I'd have uninstalled this game 29 times by the time I reach your number of games.
  3. You mean unobtainable unless I play this game religiously after my semester is done. Then wait until the next semester is done.
  4. I'm so close. Next WN8 table update will knock me back another 60 points... Eternally blue
  5. Sometimes I regret my decision to join BULBA, then I come to this thread and all is put into perspective. Fuck perspective.
  6. Yeah, I was on the cusp of 2300 overall on this website and noobmere. XVM had me at 2314. Now I'm to 2260. Also, recent dropped about 100 points. Fuck this.
  7. The only problem is I don't know which yuro accent he is referring to. Yuro-fag (england, france, spain? Or, who gives a shit. All yuro fags, except Germany. I have an illogical love for that place. \o
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