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  1. Yea, I already thought this thru yesterday when I weighed pro / contra of the two closest solutions: As I fly Amarr, the Anathema would be my go-to frig (apart from the Astero). Unfortunately, I already deleted the pro/con arguments list I made yesterday, but I remember a few points: Astero got drones, while the Anathema has none. With only 3 high slots on the Anathema - two of which get used by the CovOps cloak and probe launcher, this leaves me with only one slot for a turret. This means I wont be able to run sites with rats because I cant fight them at all properly, nor will I be a
  2. Thats my routing for the last three evenings, which payed out already. Payout in loot: Evening 1: 38m Evening 2: 8m Evening 3 (yesterday): ~102m I hit the jackpot (well, at least for me, as a noob) yesterday. Went three w-holes deep and found one where only frigs were allowed to enter. There was another scanning frig with no probes deployed in the system, along with two transporters. I regularly checked the d-scan, they seemed inactive. Moreover, it had five unguarded relic/data sites I could loot with my scanning-only frigate. Holey moly. Was a bit annoyed that I didnt fit the viru
  3. That sounds kinda like high risk to me (but I've become very wary lately). I made the same amount in 1 hour exploring a L2 wormhole with two or three accessible sites (relic / data) I wouldn't mind some brawn, as running these sites all alone is sometimes a bit risky. Thanks for the hint with the skills. Didnt pay attention to those till now... THe site itself I know, I find it helpful to find the lowest price around for buying something. But how does it help me to sell stuff at the highest available price? Will try to figure it out.
  4. Yesterday evening, I had a really great explo haul which put me above the 10m ISK mark for the very first time. Feels so good Gonna continue with this for a while so that I can afford a better ship - meanwhile, I can train the necessary skills. Are there any "tricks" in selling off stuff from explos with a high margin? Jita, Hek and the like seem to be pretty bad for selling stuff at high prices.
  5. This exactly. The more viewrange, the better on this tank. It will let you greatly outspot enemy tanks and counter their bush camo remarkably. Coupled with the excellent camo on your end this makes for a great combination to provide vision undetected. Vents only make sense if you play the 132 as a more combat focussed pseudo MT. It certainly can do that, but does not excel at it, due to being squishy.
  6. Yep, I'm one of them, as well. Even though I considered making another account. Thought behind this was a) to do things right from the start (skills etc) b) another link would have given me a free special edition frigate and c) it didnt occur to me why I should "support" garbad with a PLEX or something (reward that he gets when s/o signs up for a full account through his invite link) where I do not benefit from this. At all. But then I read the stories and considered them to be worth this reward ten times over. They are _very_ entertaining. The Head=GG battle really read brilliant. I t
  7. 0> Pork. Stay with us in the forums. Would be bad to lose some poaster like you.
  8. You guys need to control your emoticons, else the dark side will get you. You'll eat all the cookies, get fat and die of diabetes.
  9. #Life. Try that one day Jokes aside: For me, its the time zone. And as I'm working full time, its not that easy to stay online when you muricans come online. 5 hours time zone delay for US east coast, 8 for west. So basically I just go to bed (12 pm CET) when you guys start to come online (7pm EST). In know, sleep is overrated.
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