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  1. i think the patch is 60 percent good. and 40 percent bad. havent gotten to tier X lights yet but enjoyed the RU at tier 9 and the other lesser tier lights. out of the 13 games played yesterday i saw arty in every match and never did i run into just 1 or no arty. The stun mechanic is BS with more than 1 arty per team. Example if you have 3 arty on the enemy team, if time right arty can keep your crew stunned for a long period of time. and with a 1 minute plus cool down for consumables it is just not fun to be stunned all the time. My MM complaint i believe is more of a lack players online so we will see when the weekend hits if it gets better. But i did notice some issues like your team getting 2 top tier arty while the other team gets a top tier med and arty. Others are other team gets 2 top tier heavies (like tiger 1 and T29) while you get 1 top tier heavy (being the AMX M4 mle). Notice as well that if you do run across some thing like this teams are just pushing one flank. I do think the tank balance for MM needs to be addressed but i kind of like the old MM a little better due to at least matches lasted a while most of the time. Now i feel like matches are much faster but again could be because of lack of players on to fully utilize the new MM. The last thing which i think WG nailed in this update is the Map rotation. With Normal battles, Encounter and Assault turned on very rarely did i get the same map twice in a row. Out of the 13 matches played yesterday only map i saw twice was Malinovka both for encounter.
  2. So lets assume 70 percent of those drownings were Arty cuz that is what arty does. so we are left with 3-6 from the 10-20 tanks that drowned and most of those were probably driving mistakes. So by the math "All is normal in WoT".
  3. Only tank i have gotten rid of was the waffle...stopped playing it and needed money to get the more tier X meds.
  4. in my opinion the the M46 is better than the M48 due to a little less trolly. There are better tanks but the M48 is a challenge in it self. I would play the view range game primarily and start praying to RNJesus for some accurate shots.
  5. Hey,

    I will be on tonight to let you know.  If your going to be on.

    GF is out of town so i can play all night yaaaaa.

    1. Shifty_101st



    2. RvB_Donut


      you still getting on at 11 since weekend getting on sooner

      i am off work at 4 and should be ready to go by 5:45 or 6 est


  6. Ya that is always the the question. I got new things. want to replace all the things. but i am attached to senpai.
  7. For keyboards it all depends on what sort of keys your looking for. Mechanical i believe is preferred for most gamer's but its all about how it feels to you. Just a heads up there are White primary color keyboards that do blue lights (tho dont now how that would look right in front of you). But all depends on budget. For the mechanical keys, if you do go mechanical, Cherry MX-red is preferred but does have a load click when pressing keys (may not annoy you but if others are around may annoy them) Cherry MX- Brown are the same thing as MX-red just with out the load click, same switch just quieter. Cherry MX-blue is more of a typing switch. And i didnt go past those three but thats what a wiki page is for. Another question to ask if are you looking for a Full keyboard or just keyboard with out the number pad or dont care. Side note most keyboards you are going to find are going to be black and most likely have RGB. https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-RAPIDFIRE-Mechanical-Keyboard-Backlit/dp/B01ER4B7YM/ref=sr_1_3?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1489748260&sr=1-3&keywords=corsair%2Bkeyboard&th=1 https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Prodigy-Keyboard-Lighting-920-008083/dp/B01K48R5V4/ref=sr_1_2?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1489748305&sr=1-2&keywords=logitech+gaming+keyboards https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Spectrum-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard/dp/B01BBKYM3I/ref=sr_1_7?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1489748305&sr=1-7&keywords=logitech+gaming+keyboards Links only for example. Mouse unfortunately is all about feel and doing the tuning to make it feel like part of your hand. Wireless mouse have mostly caught up to wired gaming mouse so that all personal choose and do you like the mouse or not. youtube link that i was going to put in didnt work so youtube Linustechtips wired vs wireless. and you will find it. Hope this helps with keyboard and mice questions let me know if you have any more.
  8. We all go through growing pains. Some of us were lucky to find a senpai to guide us to the blue/purple side of life. Until Rage quit for a year then trying to get back to that level you were before you quit. lol
  9. Personally i like the mouse faster than the turret rotation but make sure hardware acceleration is turned off in the mouse settings then practice with a few people and then pray to the RNG gods or Stalin.
  10. Good luck to you. I have recently came back myself. Getting used to the game again is probably the first hurdle which is a lot of things. Personally i am starting back at the basics again.
  11. TOGs main your battlestations. where going tooning. and yes TOG does float......in very shallow water.
  12. RU 251 is a good light tank going down the leo line. Can be a tough grind with out having all top mods and without six sense. but that goes for pretty much all the light tanks. the RU is different cuz it has more depression on the sides than infront and the HE pen is really good for other light tanks and certain meds. But the E50 M is a great tank for randoms and depending on Clan for CW. so you really cant lose either line you go down. Just a warning about the Leo, its an ammo rack waiting to happen.
  13. disclaimer on list is that its your personal opinion on the matter some may disagree others will agree. But to some this up its all map dependent. and you missed a tank E3
  14. T69 lacks pen and most people will run a full prem load out and usually doesnt make money. Personally i love the t69 because it fit my play style of flank and spank while the other team is distracted. As well as i primarly used AP in the t69 and only carried two clips of prem rounds. i can see why people hate the t69 due to the low pen on the gun but the t57 heavy is well worth the grind.
  15. if your on late after midnight during the week shoot me an invite.
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