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  1. Thanks for the responses, I managed to finally find a couple of tomshardware threads that really helped!
  2. Alright, so a friend asked me to build them a small server for their small business. Now I have built around 50 computers for friends/family/coworkers but I have never messed with any server stuff. I've roamed the internet but finding real answers that help me is proving difficult. I know many of you have messed with servers obviously so hopefully you can help. The server will [if I understand my friend's request correctly] host only 1 program which will be some sort of login system for customers and maybe some other tiny things. What kind of specs am I looking for to handle traffic o
  3. Yes I know it won't explode. I'm wondering if while empty an ammo rack can be destroyed like in OPs picture.
  4. Something I've never seen tested: if a tank has no ammo can the ammo rack be destroyed or only damaged? Shouldn't be too hard to test.
  5. Another thing is, you really can see a good player and a bad player without XVM. Everyone who played before stats and even now knows that just looking at how your teammates drive out of the base you can instantly tell who is good and bad.
  6. I agree with Kewei on this one, I have always said since the beginning of this game that 25% RNG is just too much. XVM just compounds how bad RNG is, any good players sees how shit the enemies are and when that player misses a "can't miss" shot or bounces a "can't bounce" shot and then the terrible baddie snapshot-pens them through the manlet it is truly rage-inducing and frustrating and leads to fast burn-out. Even without XVM (which I do often since i'm lazy to update mods) I just assume everyone is terrible which is a good assumption but the same effect happens. A 10% pen RNG and 1
  7. 0/10 4500 wn8 ho-lee-fuking-shiiiit

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    2. ZXrage


      o lord that looks bad

    3. rojo180


      Give me the conqueror pls. just give it to me/

    4. Shifty_101st


      Love my conq

      You ran out of ammo didn't you?

  8. http://wotreplays.com/site/1287737 I honestly have no idea how this team failed so hard...sadly I ran out of time to carry.
  9. Almost T-boned a 40% driver today (IRL) the sheer stupidity of the driver made me consider not stopping

    1. Kramburglar


      reds are everywhere!

  10. Wow, i've never spent much time on the EU forums, and after reading through it a bit I'm glad I haven't. It's like the NA forums General Discussion cancer was multiplied by 1,000,000 and then regurgitated by a 14 year old brat kid.
  11. Ranking maps can get messy really quickly depending on what factors you are considering. I'm going to rank mine assuming 1-2 arty per side and consider every tank playing on them and in their current state. GOOD Maps: Redshire Ruinberg Siegfried Line El Halluf (as of the new design) Himmelsdorf OKAY maps: Abbey Arctic Region Ensk Cliff Fisherman's Bay Lakeville Mines Northwest Pearl River Serene Coast VERY MEH MAPS: Swamp Westfield Kharkov Steppes Erlenberg BAD MAPS: All of these maps have some sort of extremely exploitable imbalance and/or suck hardcore
  12. O wow, this is awesome! Thanks Never!
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