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  1. Younger me would have a field day with me and my play now lmaooooo

  2. Only 22 and this game makes me feel old having not played it for so long on a regular basis. I feel so out of the meta playing my E5 and it makes me sad. 

    1. MAJEST1C


      Bro you still playing 

  3. https://imgur.com/717x1Xo

    3k DPG 50% winrate in the 53TP btw- fml


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    2. Masterpupil2


      What pains me is that I'm not even trying to damage farm, just simply win games. Every game now I can come out with a stupid amount of damage, but half the time me doing absurd amounts of damage has literally 0 impact on the game. 

      Same shit is happening with the IS-3 II. have less than a 50% winrate and I'd bet I can hit near 4k avg in it by 100 games. I'd trade some of that average damage for some actual wins.

    3. kolni


      Then go for the damage, in my experience those will lead to wins on their own through attrition. Maybe not as many as the OP stuff of the tier (70% is where I consider solo WR at tier 9 to max out, 75 at tier 8 at and on tier 10 you are the mercy of anywhere between 63-68 depending on what maps you get) while playing incredibly well. 

      Sad truth is that single player impact ability has gone down - being the first one to initiate anything is a bad idea now regardless of the tank you're in

      @hazzgar my Skoda runs 83%WR totally randomly, similar with 430 at 87 (mostly just luck) - just guessing the shoe's on the other foot since I didn't perform anywhere near to warrant that WR (4K Skoda should be about 70 IMO and a 4,2 430 should be 75) but sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you get shafted

    4. hazzgar


      @kolni well I'm at 2.8k and 43% WR at 70 games... Probably would have been higher if the teams didn't collapse. 

  4. Please check out my perfect arty game, and to all new players: this is how you should play arty.



    1. hazzgar


      Before I click download. Does it you involve clicking arty then deciding naah, you will play another tank? Since this is "how you should play arty"

    2. Errants


      I fail to see any teaching or example, just looking at the after-battle stats.

    3. Masterpupil2


      I bully two idiot kids towards the end of the game. Pissed them off, I got a laugh- was good times

  5. Wonder how much I could get from selling my account



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    2. Haswell


      How much is the ISU130 worth these days?

    3. Strigonx



      How much is the ISU130 worth these days?

      0 anything and a lot of pain

    4. Assassin7


      I woulda put it at like $200 USD myself, until they sold it on SEA server...

      might be still worth similar on NA but not on sea

  6. Trying to get back into this game before it completely dies off, someone hmu to carry me

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      you came back at the worse time,

      carn action X missions start Friday. And if the progetto missions were anything to go by, this weekend is about to be absolute mayhem.

    2. Masterpupil2
  7. hey

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    2. DirtyACE7


      How you doin'?

    3. Ham_


      8 hours ago, DirtyACE7 said:

      How you doin'?

      I'm walkin 'ere

    4. DirtyACE7


      Woah woah woah! A thousand apologies to this guy!

  8. https://imgur.com/aecQrHM

    after all these years, this still puts a grin on my face

  9. Is it weird that I severely miss playing with all the older players of WoT that I got to know over the many years I've played this game?

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    2. Errants


      Part of the reason I keep playing is the community of those I know... It is fading, though... I solo most of the time, now.

    3. Masterpupil2


      Yeah I get one hell of a nostalgic feeling when I look at my Friend's List and it definitely feels like that's why this game seems foreign to me at this point. Also I didn't realize how big of a problem OMGmyDPG was tbh.

    4. Errants


      Fuck DPG. I play too scouty to ever care on that. Wins are where it is at, the rest follows.

  10. Why is the AMX 65t so horrendous to play

    1. DirtyACE7


      It's French but its biggest crime is that it's not Soviet.

  11. You see, most games with eSports generally have a toxic playerbase, but WoT is the special exception in that it has by far the dumbest fucking playerbase- This is the game that has convinced me.



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    2. TAdoo87


      The chat should be blocked during the count down for everyone below 50% WR

    3. nabucodonsor


      1 hour ago, DirtyACE7 said:

      At least 80% of WoT player base are dumb beyond comprehension. You can literally put a tree stump on a chair, put a mouse and keyboard on top of it and it will get the same win rates that these brain dead monkeys do. If I could, I would literally lock accounts for some of these cretins so that they can go no higher than tier 3.

      I saw a player with 40% wr, a tree must be better. At least it will not write in the chat and it would be useful as a table or chair. 

    4. DirtyACE7


      35 minutes ago, nabucodonsor said:

      I saw a player with 40% wr, a tree must be better. At least it will not write in the chat and it would be useful as a table or chair. 

      I saw a 40% player yesterday as well. He also had at least 20,000 battles and was not a bot because he actually spoke in chat. It's mind-boggling how players like this even exist. No better than an inanimate object like a couch or a toilet.

  12. Never bothered to look into the Ranked Battles info and I have just realized that you have to put in a month's work for a single piece of equipment- yeah, fuck that stupid shit, no thanks.

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    2. sohojacques


      I'm not going near it. Giant credit sink. I am hoping that it'll take enough tier 10s out of random battles to fix MM and making grinding tier 8s bearable again, though. First test tonight (Ranked only started last night on SEA).

    3. Vindi


      I would play this mode even if that 1 month of ranked would bring 3 pieces of upgraded equipments, choosen freely. In that case I would equip 113, than STB, than e50m/patton and that's it. But this shit... 

    4. DirtyACE7


      There's literally no good reasons to play ranked battles. No good incentives and just a bunch of negatives to deal with that you already have in randoms but they are magnified in ranked.

  13. The more I play Ranked MM the more I realize it's not Ranked MM. FeelsSadMan

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    2. DirtyACE7


      No surprises here in all honesty. WG with their typical approach to new ideas. Make yet another mode that breeds toxicity and scumbag teammate behavior. I guess they must have forgotten about Rampage already. It's like asking a total retard (WG) an answer to 2+2 but instead keep getting just random nonsense and drool while keep expecting an actual answer.

    3. Hellsfog


      Part of the problem is that most players, particularly the bad ones, don't understand how xp is calculated so they think sniping 2.5-3.5K damage once the game is lost will get them chevrons.  The ones that aren't complete mouth-breathing, knuckle draggers have learned to take a heavy (maus, type 5, IS-7 whatever) to a brawling corner, spam some gold rounds and be top three xp on a loss. 

      Second, there is a reason a player doesn't get any real rewards at Rank 5.  WG knew even I can fail my way to rank 5. I suspect WG did that so there'd be a reasonable population at that tier. Notice that the real rewards come from being top % on the leader board. Rank 5 really doesn't mean much.

    4. mati_14


      pfff there's almost no fucking way to play agressive in ranked, how are you gonna push a side full of Maus? an open field with 3 STRV sniping from spot where they can't be spotted  unless you are at 300m? also most of the enemies are players who know enough about the game to predict movements. Another thing are the team line ups, wtf are you gonna do when the enemy team get twice your meds in Malinovka? Once they took the hill the game is basically lost, what's the point of pushing then? You can predict the outcome of a battle after 2 mins or so, just watching which team took the crucial spots. Your team rush one side, the enemy team the other one if you have less guns you can only wait, it's pointless to risk your own rank because you don't know if your team that suppose to be good it's gonna shoot what you spotted. It's quite cancerous but when you see that some players are rank 5 playing arty only with +60% WR you can know that this mode is not about skill.

  14. Thank you Wargaming for the Chrysler; 500k credits in 5 games? I'll take it.

  15. Simply out of curiosity, but why is it that my WN8 overall hopped from 2808 to 2855?

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    2. Masterpupil2


      I figured that much my mans, but what tank

    3. IanSanJR


      not sure, everything in expected value. i cant find notes the changes. I believe mostly any tanks within differ dmg value.



      source: ritablogstatus

    4. CraBeatOff


      All deltas are listed on wnefficiency site

  16. Anyone good at making Twitch overlays? Would like some advice so I can finally start streaming again, any help would be appreciated!

  17. Forgot the inbreds come out during x5s, after losing 3 straight 3k+ damage games in the Type, I'm done until the 1st. 

  18. So apparently someone is using my email for their Facebook, and their name is Hildegarde. 

  19. Thinking about going hardcore in Streaming/Making Youtube videos. Already have the adobe programs, just need a way to record and sound professional, as well as having a good decent-end headset for long-term competitive gaming. Here's the list, and if someone has a recommendation that costs the same or less than what I have here, feel free to suggest it.


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    2. Masterpupil2


      Ted how would you compare it to OBS editing? I have heard and seen reviews of the customization of the stream for Elgato and it seems to be pretty simple (at least compared to OBS), so I'm curious as to what your opinions on that are.

    3. Tedster59


      no clue as I don't really do that much advanced editing or anything (most complicated thing I've made was my stupid arty shots compilation and I did that with movie maker), but OBS has some fairly powerful scene setup tools.

    4. Masterpupil2


      Ahh alright, I'll try and make sure I do a little more research before making a decision on the recording hardware.

  20. Well I'm officially a young adult now. The big 18 is today bois!

  21. This is a genuinely good-read of an article on the official forums- you should check it out. It's on the topic of boosts in the WGL.


  22. Honestly fuck the retards over at Comcast and Verizon. All last week Verizon had millions being disconnected in New York, and now this week Comcast is having problems all along New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Apparently NO ONE is reporting the problem yet my friends and I disconnect every couple of minutes and holy fuck it makes me want to break something.

    1. KruggWulf


      inb4 gold league cancelled due to network problems

  23. Lesson learned - 90% of Bronze/Silver League players have no idea what eSports are. Good luck to all who are participating in the new version of Silver, and hopefully we can all stop being salty about it soon!

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    2. Masterpupil2


      Marine keep your team together and play FaceIt, as it has just been released and it will be like the old Silver League, only with more prizing- plus it'll be aimed more towards weekends. 

    3. TheMarine0341


      thinkin about it, I keep hearing about FaceIt but never got into it

    4. Masterpupil2


      Yeah it officially released on EU and NA, and it provides teams with ways to get prizing on FaceIT and then in return get exchanged for not only tanks, but other games/items as well. I think you'd enjoy it man.

  24. No more drinking when playing WOT- noted

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      But that's when it's most bearable! 

    2. Visn0r


      schnitzel is right!

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