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  1. Some of what I'm going to say isn't unconventional but I feel like some of the main reasons for others' strife in-game currently isn't being addressed correctly (focused on NA of course): 99% of the playerbase is undoubtedly braindead now. There are maybe 2-3k players out of the entire server who have some clue of how to play this game, and even less that actually know how to play like a teammate at this point. WarGaming catered to said shitlords for so long that the game is basically the RU server, only with FAR less players playing on it so EVERY game you have to struggle to get a game that isn't a blow-out unless you're on the other end of it. - I called that this would happen a few months before I officially quit the WGLNAa few years back, and I couldn't have been more right about what I said was going to happen back then. A lot of the maps are fucking garbage now. I think that may be because I don't feel like sitting in the back of the map like a bitch all game (because what's the point of playing so sweaty if there is no end-game reward anymore anyways(or due to the mass amount of TD players playing now)), but as others have said recently, playing aggressively and simply out-playing others via brawling is useless when it comes to actually trying to win games most of the time. Maps such as Glacier/Malinovka/Prokhorovka are all shit when playing 15v15. Glacier is a matter of whoever wins North first loses due to the mass amount of dickheads rushing into an open field after winning it. Mali is too open with such a lack of pushing ability that it hurts my brain after all of these years, and Prok is the same. I want to consistently be able to push the momentum and be rewarded for being the better player. I rather not have to sit back like a bitch for the second half of the game because half of the other team is full of TDs that will 2-3 shot me from the back of the map after I win my flank single-handedly. On the topic of TDs- WG seems to be making more and more of these BS fake TDs. The TS-5 is an extraordinary example. Why is it that a tier 8 TD is allowed to play more like a heavy tank than any other at tank at the same tier? Seriously, the fact that I have to go out of my way to aim at the bottom of the front of the tank or at the flat front of the cupola while I get shot and insta-penned in the same tier tank is simply retarded. I 100% believe that TDs such as the T28/T95/E3 should be an extreme rarity in TDs with how they are allowed to be played; and yet it seems as if WG is making it the standard for TDs. High pen, good accuracy, decent mobility, amazing camo, great pen tier-for-tier, and all to compensate for what? A lack of a turret? Bitch please. All-in-all I've told others but the only reason I'm back for the time being is due to my friend getting interested in playing this game right now for whatever reason. Personally I find it in a MUCH worse spot than it was in a couple years back, especially when you get into the minute details of tank balance and match-making changes. The game is practically dead in NA, and for good players it is so unbearable I want to slam my head over a keyboard every other match I have to play. I miss the good old days when ther majority of players in a server were those that you could rely on to at least hold W for half a second when needed, but instead this game has become more camp-esque than it was back in early-mid 2011. Also IS-3A is fucking broken btw. I understand people are comparing it to the 703, but if you have a problem reaching 2.8-2.9k DPG in that thing, you're doing something wrong.
  2. https://imgur.com/717x1Xo

    3k DPG 50% winrate in the 53TP btw- fml


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    2. Masterpupil2


      What pains me is that I'm not even trying to damage farm, just simply win games. Every game now I can come out with a stupid amount of damage, but half the time me doing absurd amounts of damage has literally 0 impact on the game. 

      Same shit is happening with the IS-3 II. have less than a 50% winrate and I'd bet I can hit near 4k avg in it by 100 games. I'd trade some of that average damage for some actual wins.

    3. kolni


      Then go for the damage, in my experience those will lead to wins on their own through attrition. Maybe not as many as the OP stuff of the tier (70% is where I consider solo WR at tier 9 to max out, 75 at tier 8 at and on tier 10 you are the mercy of anywhere between 63-68 depending on what maps you get) while playing incredibly well. 

      Sad truth is that single player impact ability has gone down - being the first one to initiate anything is a bad idea now regardless of the tank you're in

      @hazzgar my Skoda runs 83%WR totally randomly, similar with 430 at 87 (mostly just luck) - just guessing the shoe's on the other foot since I didn't perform anywhere near to warrant that WR (4K Skoda should be about 70 IMO and a 4,2 430 should be 75) but sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you get shafted

    4. hazzgar


      @kolni well I'm at 2.8k and 43% WR at 70 games... Probably would have been higher if the teams didn't collapse. 

  3. Kinda makes me want to write my own story, although now all I do is try and help my 3 friends learn the game while we kinda fuck around. Great read buddy
  4. I'm getting back into WoT just to talk to e-girls
  5. Please check out my perfect arty game, and to all new players: this is how you should play arty.



    1. hazzgar


      Before I click download. Does it you involve clicking arty then deciding naah, you will play another tank? Since this is "how you should play arty"

    2. Errants


      I fail to see any teaching or example, just looking at the after-battle stats.

    3. Masterpupil2


      I bully two idiot kids towards the end of the game. Pissed them off, I got a laugh- was good times

  6. Game was hot ass from the start, and the dude who made this post has more games played than people who actually played the game. I refrain from letting people know in other games that I was a really good World of Tanks player, I can't imagine letting someone know you were a good WoWP player.
  7. Yeah there were some exceptions to what I said- before they revamped the map it was absolute garbage, but as a heavy/med player I kinda enjoyed it afterwards, the corridors were pretty bad but it didn't feel as stagnant as some of the maps now- although I played it before super heavies became meta so that definitely helps. The map I really miss is Pearl River though, after I wrote the comment I thought about all of the fun pub games I had on that map- I mean it had everything. It was open on some parts, there were places to scout, places to flank, and huge places to make outplays as a heavy tank. It was even decent for arty/TDs as both spawns had an area to sit in the back of the map (although just saying that still confirms my belief that arties and high-tier TDs are still cancer to the game) and be able to hold off flanks/pushes. It really was a good map, and it was enjoyable to look at, and that's all before the HD maps came out- I can't even imagine the map now if it were in HD, it'd be beautiful as hell.
  8. This is the map with the shitty town on one side and the clusterfuck of two buildings that everyone huddles around on the other, right? I agree after playing it once or twice at tier 9/10 it is absolutely garbage. There's an area on that map that's designed specifically for most types of tanks, and yet they're all useless at the same time. Want to cross the river and go to the hill terrain as a med? Get fucked, because the people at the clusterfuck have shots at most of the area and arty will obliterate you. Want to go to the small town lined across the map? Get fucked again, because there's an immense amount of crossfires to keep you from actually pushing up in it- no heavy tank from what I've seen bothers touching it, and the one time I did I was boned immediately after moving up half-way through the town. Want to go mid? Stupid fucking idea, as there's a small ridge that doesn't protect anything that isn't a LT T100 because it's so small, and again you'll get boned from the dipshits in TDs/arty that refuse to move more than two grid-squares after the entire 15 minutes. It's a good map for TDs/Arty, and that's how you immediately can conclude that it's an awful fucking addition to the map pool. I miss Kharkov (Was such a good map imo, and it feels like Glacier is a completely shittier version of it), I miss Dragon Ridge, I miss Hidden Village, I miss Northwest, I miss Pearl River, I miss Port, Sacred Valley, South Cost, and Stalindgrad along with Winter storm. Hell, Severogorsk was a good map at times, too. A lot of the removed maps offered something for every class of tank, while not being too corridor-like (obvious exceptions for some, and yet they still had a way of playing around the corridors); and yet they all offered a good amount of arty cover (par Hidden Village) and a way to decrease the line-of-sight from Chai-sniping TDs. I never once played these maps and said to myself "what the fuck is the point of this, and why did the map creators go full-retard when making this map" like I do when I play shitty maps like Glacier and Studzianki. Then again, it's WG, and they are a prime example of how badly a developing company can fuck up a game that had a chance to be one of the biggest and best, so it doesn't surprise me anymore.
  9. Wonder how much I could get from selling my account



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    2. Haswell


      How much is the ISU130 worth these days?

    3. Strigonx



      How much is the ISU130 worth these days?

      0 anything and a lot of pain

    4. Assassin7


      I woulda put it at like $200 USD myself, until they sold it on SEA server...

      might be still worth similar on NA but not on sea

  10. What's interesting is that WoT is still one of the most played games (although it's obviously on the EU/RU server). Here's an interesting stat that I found the other day: https://www.statista.com/statistics/506923/esports-games-number-players-global/ WoT was actually played more last year than CSGO, which is actually a huge surprise there- I'm not sure where they get their numbers from as it comes off as almost unbelievable, but if it's true it shows that the game after all the years of fuck ups STILL has a chance of coming back if the company pulled a full 180 and started doing things correctly, and that means finding a way to boost the amount of players who play in NA/SEA (in which they tried that at one point by sponsoring bigger streamers for a day or two (like DrDisrespect) but it had 0 effect in reality). But we all know that's never going to happen, so gg. EDIT: I cannot read as the website seems to show who's actually signed up/bought the game, which would explain why it's over other games seeing as WoT is free and all, but 12.3 million players is still immense.
  11. I miss CW, it was still fun fighting top clans even after 2.0 but I do regret not being good enough at the time to participate in the huge old wars that happened in Europe/early North America. Honestly though, can anyone else name a game that's been run into the ground harder than WoT? And no, WoW and AW do not count.
  12. The fact that fabunil was able to ride that for more than a single post deserves some kind of award.
  13. Would definitely disagree with the 340 pen. HEAT claim. You do not need that much pen to be able to bully scrubs in corridors, and there's not many heavies with that much HEAT pen to begin with, even at tier 10- that's one thing I remember, and if there's anything I know and can discuss about this game still, it's brawling. Not only that, but something you have to realize with heavy play/carrying is that you don't necessarily need mobility to carry, just smart positioning. I could play the Maus 100 times and lose only 5-6 games max. because I was simply too slow to do something. Same goes with the Type 4/5 or the old VK B (before the stupid nerf); Also, if anyone is HE'ing your sides while you're in a super heavy and you're losing brawls (even as the old VK which had poor side armor) and you're not facing a Type 4/5 or TD with a high caliber gun, you're angling terribly. T-10: 30 T-54: 26T49: 25WZ-111 1-4: 25AMX M4 51: 24Conqueror: 23Type 4 Heavy: 22E75: 22M46 Patton: 22E50: 21AMX 30: 21T95: 21Skoda T50: 21Object 430: 21T30: 20Leopard PTA: 20Object 704: 20Object 263: 20WT Auf Pz. IV: 20ST-I: 20Tortoise: 20AMX 13 90: 20Mauschen: 20STRV 103-0: 2050TP: 20Standard B: 20Centurion 7/1: 19B-C 25t AP: 18Object 257: 17WZ-132A: 17WZ-120: 17Object 705: 17Jagdtiger: 17WZ-111G FT: 15Conway: 14Foch: 14RU 251: 14T54E1: 12VK 4502 (B): 9Type 61: 8AMX 50 120: 8T-54 LW: 8Emill II: 5 M103: 5 List in order from highest-to-lowest in terms of points, don't copy/paste this as I probably fucked up- I had to do it the long and hard way (slowly replacing each tank on the list) because the spacing is retarded and wants to double space and I can't seem to fix it (as shown by the M103 which was the last entry). Very interesting, and I won't continue contributing to the list seeing as I'm outdated.
  14. Damn, I’m actually sad the VK B had to get nerfed. Tank truly was good after the initial buffs, but I never thought of it as over powered or even close to deserving of a nerf. Now the braindead Jap heavies? Yes. That’s something that needs a nerf.
  15. Even before this list gets finished it's already clear how the meta has shifted even for tier 9. Heavies seem to take priority over meds but at the same time some heavies that I feel dominated meta last time I actually bothered playing more than 10 games a month (that isn't in a shitty tier 6/7) aren't favored. Regardless, I'll give my input but I'm probably outdated here. T-10: 28AMX M4 51: 24 T49: 24T-54: 25Conqueror: 23 WZ-111 1-4: 23 Type 4 Heavy: 22 E50: 21 E75: 21 AMX 30: 21 T30: 20 T95: 21 M46 Patton: 21 B-C 25t AP: 21 Skoda T50: 21 Leopard PTA: 20 Object 704: 20 Object 263: 20 WT Auf Pz. IV: 20 Object 430: 20 ST-I: 20 Tortoise: 20 AMX 13 90: 20 Mauschen: 20 STRV 103-0: 20 50TP: 20 Standard B: 20 Centurion 7/1: 19 T-54 LW: 17 Object 257: 17 WZ-132A: 17 WZ-120: 17 Object 705: 17 Jagdtiger: 17 Conway: 17VK 4502 (B): 14 + 1 = 15 / Man I'm disappointed in you people. Unless this tank was nerfed last time I played it, this tank is a real hidden gem. It's a monster at side-scraping, has bully alpha (490??), good HP, and it's a corridor demon.T54E1: 15 Foch: 14 Type 61: 14 - 3 = 11/ Honestly I didn't hate this tank but even when meds dominated around the time it was released it was still ehh as fuck. Tall(and stupid tumor), mediocre gun handling, made of paper and yet it has mediocre mobility, and honestly- just fuck this line in general - only redeeming quality was STB. WZ-111G FT: 14Emil II: 8AMX 50 120: 8 M103: 5 If I really am outdated in what I said, the next to do their list can void my votes. I don't feel like the tanks have changed, but I like these threads and I'm too lazy to get on WoT and actually check to see where I'm at with these tanks.
  16. I did that, and sadly I do have to remove every screw from the side/bottom of that board. It refuses to let me take it off without them all unscrewed, and all but 2 were able to be unscrewed. I haven't had the time the past week to mess with it, but hopefully within a day or two I can try again. Also yeah I love EVGA and I wouldn't mind another card from them. I had a 970 before I won the 980Ti and the 970 still has its warranty even though I sold it to my friend who already has sold it to someone else. If only WG gave me a warranty for this card.
  17. Update: So for right now I have a decent temporary fix, but I'm definitely going to try getting into that GPU again one more time before I say screw it (get it?) and buy another card. Keeping my room ice-cold with MSI Afterburner on keeps idling temps at a stable 50 c and at a max of 60-65 c in-game (so hey, no throttling but it's not the fix I want and keeping my room this cold blows). When it comes to the screws for the GPU- there's no way to get a pair of pliers to grip them, as the one near the DVI is level with the metal it's screwed into and the one directly on the board is so tight to the board that I don't even have a millimeter of screw to grab onto. I'll try getting a flathead and messing with the screw with that (I tried the rubberband trick the other day but I had no success with it). I'll update this thread again for anyone interested after I've tried getting the card open again. Picture was an hour or two outdated- the screw directly no the board is almost entirely stripped, but I'll keep at it. Good advice and I'll definitely look into it. Even if I get the board open and fixed I'll most likely still sell it/give it to a friend, so I'll keep this in mind.
  18. https://imgur.com/gallery/nvfVr0r hopefully that works. There’s actually two screws that are stripped, the main small one in the picture and another near the DVI slot. I’ve contacted EVGA about a possible fix but I doubt it will happen, and I tried for an hour to get it out and it’s simply fucked at this point (picture is before I spent an hour trying to get it out and fucked it entirely). Out of utter frustration, I’m just going to buy a new card and give this one to a friend. Any one have a card they’d recommend? Was thinking a 1080 8GB Strix GPU by ASUS boosted to 1835 MHz.
  19. It’s the one I got from the Vegas Finals so I don’t think it was touched but it’s possible. I stripped the screw myself like a dickhead, but in all fairness, it is quite literally the only screw that wouldn’t come out and now I’m pretty boned. $600 screw ftw?
  20. Well as much as I would love to try out this solution, unless someone has a way for me to unscrew this stripped dot-sized screw I’m kinda fucked. EDIT: not sure if the picture is showing because I’m on mobile but basically one of the screws in the board has been completely stripped and I have no way of actually taking it out and changing the paste
  21. I haven't really used CPU Z that much, but I believe that's just the way it tracks it. If not that would be interesting, but from the website it seems like it just records it as a single channel. As for the seating they are seated in the 1/3 slot. Also trust me I value the help and nothing is stupid here, this stuff furthers my knowledge on PCs which in itself makes this pain in the ass worth it. Now I honestly didn't know I could do this. How would I go about actually doing something like this? This is the benchmark on Ultra for Heaven with both monitors, Discord, Spotify (nothing playing but I doubt it makes a difference), and Steam running. The results without the secondary monitor hardly make a difference, with the score being a little higher at 3919 but with the Min. and Max. FPS both being 1-2 FPS lower. At this point my mind is heading towards the GPU being the problem here. My idle temps without MSi Afterburner's custom fan speeds are terrible being around 70-75 degrees Celsius and 80-85 when I'm in a game, which shows why I would be dropping. With the modified fan speeds it idles at 50-55 and maxes out at 70-75 in-game. I'm going to heavy-dust the GPU later tonight and see if anything changes, but right now I'm almost positive it's the GPU causing the problems, which is definitely frustrating. EDIT: Also the benchmark says that the GPU has only 4GB of memory (unless I'm reading that incorrectly?) which is lower than what it reads in CPU Z. At this point I am confuse.
  22. Both monitors: https://www.amazon.com/BenQ-Response-Equalizer-Adjustable-XL2730/dp/B01H5KKVME (primary) https://www.amazon.com/BenQ-GL2760H-Technology-ZeroFlicker-Certified/dp/B00IZBIMLK (secondary) The primary monitor is able to scale to 2715 x 1527 but I keep it at its native resolution of 1920 x 1080. Speaking of resolutions, whenever I downscale (have only really done it with CS) I seem to get even worse performance, which honestly boggles my mind. I've even tried setting the native to whatever resolution I have set in CS and it just refuses to cooperate, so I force myself to play 1920 x 1080. I'll write more about the RAM in response to Folter's post Couple things, as I knew I would mess up in the information somewhere: 1) Yeah the PC is a tad bit random, some parts I moved over from the build you helped me with a couple years back along with some parts that I got for free (like the 980Ti two years ago), but I figured there shouldn't be any problems with the way that it's set up. 2) I very recently did a fresh reinstall of Windows 10 with no positive results, but that being said, I have not manually updated my BiOS since I built the PC and if it hasn't updated itself then that could be a huge thing there- simple yet obvious possibility for problems that I didn't think of (guess I didn't try EVERYTHING :P) 3) The RAM. I made a mistake in not saying that it's actually two sticks of 4GB, I actually tried to get an 8GB stick (Corsair vengeance series) and the motherboard refused to register it, and after looking it up I believe the motherboard will not accept anything over 4GB of RAM in a single slot (16GB max. with 4 slots, I'm obviously only filling 2 though). Not only that, but I definitely forgot to mention that when I last moved my PC I had a problem with one of the sticks unseating itself and causing an immense amount of problems such as the PC going into auto repair mode, automatically shutting on and off, etc. This could easily be another problem that is degrading my performance. I'll try the benchmarks later tonight when I get the chance. As I said to Assassin, my GPU is running extremely hot when idle for some odd reason, but using MSI Afterburner with a custom scale for the fans seems to keep it at a decent temperature (it sits at 70 when only running chrome and a few other minor programs, but at 50 or lower when I have the fans scaled correctly). I figure this might be my biggest problem seeing as the 980Ti will throttle itself when it gets to one of those higher temps. Also mandatory thank you to all the dudes who've posted in this thread thus far. I definitely appreciate all the help and hopefully we can get this all figured out soon.
  23. You see that's what I'm saying. I have a pretty decent understanding of PCs at this point and I honestly can't see where I would be bottlenecking here. CPU temps are perfect when I play games, as it never goes above 40 degrees Celsius when I'm playing my most demanding games. Now that you've mentioned it though, I realized my GPU is sitting at a nasty 72 when I'm on Chrome and that's it. Could this be because of my monitors, or would it be something as simple as dusting it out as much as possible (although it's not that dusty to begin with)? Yeah it is poorly optimized, but I have a friend who has computer parts that are legitimately 4+ years old and my PC should out-perform him in every scenario and yet he runs the game at a playable level. I mean fuck, I don't think the game is so poorly optimized to the point where I can't get into a gun fight for more than 2 seconds without dropping down to a staggering 40 frames. Like, what the fuck? I've already refunded the game, but it was one of the best examples I had. In all honestly those new cards look juice as fuck, but I REALLY did not want to spend money upgrading here, especially when I'm running a 980 Ti- and unless I'm completely wrong about this (which I could be), this card should run every game I play without a problem. I always had in mind that the CPU and MoBo (as well as the RAM soon enough, as I'm starting to see more and more games suggesting you have it and builds consisting of it) would be first in line to require upgrading- and unless I have to spend the money to get a playable performance, I rather not.
  24. 2 years ago I built a computer that, at the time, I thought would last at least 4-5 years when it came to running new and demanding games. Sadly, it seems that it has problems even running games like Counter Strike (where I can't seem to stay over 150 FPS, and it consistently drops down below 100), The Hunt:Showdown where even when it's on very low graphic settings all around I can't manage more than 50 FPS, and in general a lot of others games that I feel should be running far better. At this point I'm saying fuck it. I've tried everything figuring that the specs were still relevant and that maybe I added something to the PC that was slowing it down- I defragged, anti-virus scanned, hell, I even reinstalled Windows on my SSD to see if that would fix anything. Nothing has worked, so fuck it, money will hopefully fix the issue. If it is actually on my side, I'll take rightful ownership of the title Dickhead as long as I get the problem fixed. Here are the specs of my PC: CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K @ 3.50 GHz MoBo: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. H170-D3HP-CF (https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-H170-D3HP-rev-10#ov) RAM: 8 GB DDR4 (I believe it runs around 2040 MHz, but I'm not the best at understanding DRAM Frequencies and I assume since CPU Z tracks only single channels that it must be double what it says(pic attached)) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB PSU: 1000 Watt 1000 G2 EVGA SuperNova (80 Gold Plus(very unnecessary for this build, but I figured I'd use it whenever I upgraded)) Storage: SSD (with 64-bit Windows 10) 500GB/ 2 HDDs at 2TBs each I also might add that I am running two 27' monitors (primary at 144hz and the 2nd at 60hz), the second monitor might be stressing my computer, but I don't feel like it is. If there's anything I'm missing let me know. In terms of upgrading I figure the MoBo and CPU are the two causing the bottleneck (especially for CS/The Hunt), and my budget for upgrading would be around $800 (and hopefully it being just those two will make that an easy task).
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