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  1. press f to pay respects to ESPRT ;_; I rly need to find out more about this t22 business... so can you only rig this in rampage, or is it just the optimal playmode? FRIENDS :D:D:D Also did a bit of reading on official forums- what's this about declining level of top players? As in number of them? Or just their overall quality?
  2. Feeling thirsty for tank action again, because Hearthstone too pay2win So what's new in WoT? Do I still have friends in this silly game? Is ESPRT relevant? What's the new 4k recent? Are pubbie flocks herd-able nowadays? What's up in anime? Any spike in fellow azn player populations? FotM tank?
  3. Is there any way to disable XVM without redownloading client?
  4. Mordator


    it's amazing how dedicated he is as he put the tanks in the same spots each time
  5. If you can master not getting tilt after being hit by arty, you will have gained the essence for surpassing the best players on this forums
  6. type59 y u hef to be so gud


  7. Then the guy that submits the team afk's instead of staying up til 11:59 to drop off players who couldn't play :^)
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