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  1. everything ok old man?

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    2. Kitten


      yea but you were like one battle from it :P dirg joining -G- when~

    3. Dirg


      Yeah well shit happens no big deal


    4. Kitten


      :wub: i thought something worse happened lol

  2. Dirg


    sell steam cards?
  3. So I finally got the rulebook in a pdf so if you want to play it buy Tabletop simulator and download the mod. I'll link what I have found if you desire to check it out. Its been brutal and fun to play so if you are into co-op survival horror boardgames this is great. There is an added advantage that anyone with tabletop simulator can play with you which makes it great for web friends who normally could not.
  4. So there is a program Tabletop Simulator that allows boardgames to be played virtually. They have WH 40k to uno and everything in between. There is a Game Kingdom Death : Monster that is all the rage but a real life copy is 350+ dollars. The mod is on Tabletop Simulator but not the rule book. I have searched for the complete rule book but no luck and was hoping someone had it or knew where to find one. If you havent checked out the game it is a survival co-op game that includes character levelling as well as settlement building and resource management something to check out for sure!
  5. Dirg


    I think the idea of stellaris and just guessing/hoping is you are forced to rely on the AI who makes decisions based on the society you have like a true living empire has to do. Something most grand games never quantify the lack of absolute micro control.
  6. jsoup

    welcome back dirg

  7. "Until we have evolved a bit further. Meeting a more advanced civilization, at our present stage might be a bit like the original inhabitants of America meeting Columbus. I don't think they were better off for it." - Stephen Hawking
  8. Still here and adding people for campaign!
  9. check out the new video is good times! https://youtu.be/eoQkDjlEQYw
  10. I have every tier 10 besides the personal mission thing but I dont think I would be comfortable giving you access since I am also a clan leader. Checked alt and he isn't going to have much youd care for but free bump for you!
  11. Explaining exactly what I want would kind of ruin the surprise. Not top secret but entertainment level is always better when coming from right field. I do wish to take a movie teaser and mold it into something more WoT and Kare Bear specific. Image overlaying, audio dubbing and splicing of in game footage.
  12. I am looking to have a short video put together. I have no skills at this and am hunting someone who can help me out. Roughly 90 seconds with some image editing and general silliness. Clumsy is fine I am not looking to create a hollywood trailer here. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  13. I experienced them I just didn't grind them on my account.
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