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  1. Hey yo we wardeced every clan on the NA sever. Please come show up on Monday if you want to have some fights in clan wars.
  2. You guys are doing it all wrong. The game is a lot funnier without worrying about clan wars and just doing skirmishes for gold.
  3. Good fights everyone tonight, thank you all for showing up to the fights today.
  4. I ran six hours of tier 8 strongholds tonight. I made close to 10 million credits, spent 9 million.
  5. Just made a list of all the skirmish tournaments and various Bulba teams placements in them. 338.4k Gold Gold Overall Earned in Skrmishes, with a total of 44 Teams over 22 Skirmishes That is 7.7k Gold on average for a Bulba skirmish team. Skirmishes are weekly so theoretically you could earn 7.7k gold a week if you whored yourself out
  6. Got Homeowrorld remastered Fallout 3 Fallout New Vegas and a bunch of payday 2 DLC
  7. I am going to cancel this for the rest of the mini campaign, because Bulba has battles poping all day and night. I also cannot put as much effort into this as I want because of the mini campaign being a major distraction.
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