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  1. I just finished grinding it and just bought the Panther2. My feelings through the entire grind were the same as yours. Ran same equipment and it sounds like the same play style as Engineered. My feelings through the entire grind were the same. Did well but the thing will never be a carry tank IMO.
  2. Grinding T2 with my yo son, kinda cool, but damn forgot how bad these tiers are

  3. Useless special for me, but after running into a few of them already I welcome a weekend of teams packed with soft tanks that have bad pen. I meanwhat other tank am I going to brawl to death while grinding my panther?
  4. Lost similar matches and they are heart breakers. Lost one Radley Walters game becasue 3 of my team mates could not successfully reset cap...just shows you are the only one you can count on in most games.
  5. Currently in VA, not too bad if you dont mind a ton of traffic and high prices for everything. Given I am in Northern VA so I dont know prices in Norfolk, but something you need to consider is cost of living. Good luck
  6. Looks good, thanks for posting trailer
  7. Not a cheat...infuriating, but not a cheat. As others have said that is a common blind fire spot for arty. I have been killed there countless times by arty >:|
  8. Wow and wtf... at playing just to earn the option to buy a reward tank. Make plenty of gold, but this is a hell of a money grab by WG. Now all they have to do is limit the amount of time you have to take them up on the offer and their marketing is complete.
  9. Should be a cool experiment for you, but like ninz pointed out not sure how accurate your study will be since your numbers are improving all the time. You could assume if you stats flatten out or dip that the mods were making a difference. If statskeep climing you will have to be judge on whether or not you are just getting better or if the mods were hurting you. Personnally I keep my mods to a minimum...will have to check out Sela-aim though
  10. Not everyday you get on I66 and explorer in front of you has a WOT sticker on the back

  11. I noticed vonluckner in the thread for a few hours today...honestly wonder what he thinks about his actions. I mean does the fact that your a dishonest thief even bother you or are you just narcissistic. I would think that taking something from people that may have considered you a friend would have some impact on your self image...I mean you cant possible look in the mirror and think you are a good person.
  12. Ground the ISU with the 152 for awhile (about 30 games) before I free xp'd the BL10. You will easily recoup a ton of xp because the BL10 is so much better. Never regretted using free xp on the BL10 and either will you.
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