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  1. Aslain mod pack v4.0.14 (12-11-2014): - added fancy blue server crosshair Has anyone tried this to know if it is like the PMOD version or know what standalone mod he got it from?
  2. pmod works form me as a 9.4 server side crosshair mod but it still doesn't do artillery serverside like the old school reticule did*. I've got to say it's better than the one I was forced to use for 9.0 to 9.3 but not as good as what I used back in the 7.x and 8.x days. * the original server side reticule had a second ellipse/circle in blue that would be in or out of synch with your green ellipse/circle. Much more informative than the 4 piece graphic used in the current mods.
  3. I've tried downloading from the thread linked but it has a 9.3 version of servercross2 and it crashes the client before I get the log in screen.
  4. I thought I saw someone post from this site in the forum but I haven't figured out how to embed this http://wotreplays.com/site/1207045#siegfried_line-dhanson865-type_58 that battle took it to average damage of 849 + the unknown spotting factor and 85.93%, not sure how long it will take to get the third mark but its still climbing at a noticeable rate. end of play last night / beginning of play today is 858 avg damage / 86.73%
  5. I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories so don't take this as a random whine Word I hear from the grapevine is that a WOT employee confirms that there is a 25% favorable buff to RNG for bad players, no change for the middle, and a 25% unfavorable nerf to RNG for players with a >59% WR. anyone want to do the math to figure out how much rammer + crew skills can offset a rigged RNG spread?
  6. "The maximum number of Marks of Excellence is obtained", gotta love the englishish of the translations. At the least it should be "has been obtained" but they could change the sentence up totally and go for something less factual, more enthusiastic. Either way that is impressive to max out your MOE.
  7. seems like the description and checkbox name have opposing meanings. I think Unchecked = old way and checked = new way but new way = no transparency, just removal so the checkbox should be named "remove close foliage" or something closer to what it does in English. The current checkbox name is ambiguous/confusing to the player trying to optimize for performance vs looks.
  8. If I'd never played in a skirmish, challenge, MVP contest, killed a sheriff, etc I would have been happy with a little gold. As it is now Wargaming gives me gold so often I wouldn't even pay attention to my account gold going up or down by 500. Something to consider for those of you still looking for gold: when you play in the gold league you get training accounts to play your matches with so they have every possible tank (saving you silver for buying a tank you wouldn't otherwise have), and those accounts are stocked with gold at the beginning of the season so you have no shortage of funds. Matches are done on the training accounts so your main account doesn't lose a single piece of silver or gold when you shoot at a building or what have you in a match. Call me silly if you will, but at this point the only prizes I'd want from league play are things you can't buy for gold in the game (like gift tanks) or things that exist outside the game like US cash. also worth paying attention to I think there is a difference in the number of opponents you face per week in the bronze vs silver vs gold comparison. In gold league you play more games per week I think. Not sure how all that balances out for the week to week numbers for profitability (free ammo/consumables in gold league vs number of games vs prize per game/week). If prize and schedule info were known, I'd put it all into a table comparing bronze vs silver vs gold with explanations of the comparison and caveats for the hard to compare portions.
  9. how much and when? Are we talking about more gold than I make from skirmishes (2500-5000 a week, more than that, or less than that?) I don't keep a running tab of my gold and the new system doesn't seem to notify you when you get gold like it used to in 8.x.
  10. Do you get prizes before the end of season? If a player is on the team for a few weeks and then there is a roster change is he getting less prizes or no prizes at all after leaving the team? In other words what is the exact prize structure, when does it pay?
  11. What are the typical prizes per week, per season, per league? If I'm given a option to join two teams one silver one gold and I like the people on one team better than the other what am I giving up if I go down a league?
  12. just to be clear is the best tank in each section on the top, bottom, or in no particular order? Is it PURPLE DIVISION E-50M Best T-62A Object 140 Waff E-100 Worst Or PURPLE DIVISION E-50M Worst T-62A Object 140 Waff E-100 Best or too close to call for anything in that Purple Division?
  13. can you give me a minimal xml file to work with the severside crosshair without changing any other settings? I have Killatomate's old serverside crosshair files but I need a new PYC file and using the old 8.11 xml file with your new pyc file doesn't work.
  14. any luck on a new control_modes.pyc for 9.0?
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