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  1. My Tier plan: Tier 3: St Luis Tier 4: Isokaze, Kuma, Yubari Tier 5: Omaha, Konigsberg Tier 6: Fuso Tier 7: Atlanta, Sims Tier 8: NC, Adm Hipper Tier 9: Iowa, Roon Tier 10: Dunno yet, Montana?, Yamato?, Hindenburg?
  2. I found the fighting bridge armor to be quite impressive. It'd probably be difficult to get a proper picture of the cylinder of armor that thick but to see it in person was quite impressive.
  3. Is it possible to add an increasing/decreasing indicator over the previous hour type indicator. Some sort of indicator as to whether the map is gaining in rotation or losing?
  4. I'd use such a tool and look forward to the data.
  5. Did you do the Baltimore thing yet? I'm just south of there.
  6. That data also shows that on NA and RU, heavies and TDs are more popular than the rest. Heavies are less popular on NA than on the other servers but still the most popular class overall. TDs are the more popular on NA than either EU or RU. RU has nearly as much arty as light tank play.
  7. I free Xped the tracks and first engine. I think I ended up free XPing the 2nd half of the third engine. Not because I thought I had to just because I wanted to.
  8. The auflPanther costs 1,360,000 silver. If you were to buy that silver from WG you are talking 3400 gold. The FreeXP required to free XP the thing is 117,200 (92,700 for the RU-251 + 24,500 for the unique engine, assuming you don't have the E 50 elited). This requires 4688 gold. We are talking 1288 gold difference. This is roughly $3.68 in US dollars or two large sodas. I can afford to give up a couple of sodas to not play a tank most people find to not be fun.
  9. Any hints on when this might be released? Are we looking at next year?
  10. I'm a big fan of this tank and autoloaders in general. I am still working on playing better but this tank is helping me to learn. Some things I am working on are patience and relocating. It is important to hit people who are paying attention in different directions or to other tanks. This also includes changing your position so that you are not popping out or remaining in the line of fire of pre-aimed tanks. Mastery in this tank is apparently not that hard, even I can do it.
  11. I don't see a Tiger I DPM nerf. I think they are waiting for me to buy the tank.
  12. Tier 10: Object 140 - It is my only tier 10 so... Tier 9: E 75 - It is fun bullying your way around the battlefield. Tier 8: Object 416 - Invisible assassin with a laser cannon. I should really put a crew back in this. Tier 7: T-71 - not that this one should count. If it doesn't count then T29. Tier 6: ARL 44 - I love this tank, nearly 64% winrate. Tier 5: T-34: Somehow this tank just worked for me. Tier 4: Luchs maybe, again scout MM. Tier 3: Pz I C - so much fun Tier 2: Tetrarch Tier 1: T1 Cunningham - clipping out noobs is fun
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