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  1. Woah okay ranked sounds pretty damn bad. Is the new season coming any time soon?
  2. So I'm back from a ~1.5 year break, having played ~250 mostly solo battles since I've returned. Not that much, but enough to start getting a feel for the game. At first I was like "omg so many new things/tenks". But digging a little deeper, and playing some more battles, I'm surprised at how little the game has evolved. There are bonds and these "improved" things we can eternally grind for. As they're 5k each and considering the rate at which I've been piling bonds from playing normally, I don't see how I could hope to equip every tank with those. They don't seem to make a gigantic jump in performance anyways? There were ranked seasons? I'm a little curious, how did that go? Fun or not? Arty is still annoying. Though I will admit it's somewhat less game breaking and frustrating than before, since instead of being randomly one-shot we now have the luxury of being showered with stuns over the entire duration of the battle. So, still fucked, but slightly less so. Corridors are alive and well in 2017. Not that I was expecting anything else... Many new tanks and lines, but it seems tier 10 LTs is the most interesting development. Was that a nerf to LTs overall? I don't really drive any so I wouldn't know. The new MM is perhaps the change I feel the most positively about. Some tiers definitely get shafted harder than others though. I have a feeling the life of the average tier 6-7-8 grinder tanks probably got worse with the new rules. For the overall balance of the game and progression of new players, the new MM is probably shit and not very fair. But for my old ass that just plays his favorite 9s and 10s at this point, it seems quite alright. So, what do you think of all that? Do you like how the game has evolved over this last 1.5y period? Maybe I'm beating a dead horse, but I also wanted to say hi. And to those I used to run with, let's get together for some old timey platooneys!
  3. At this point I'm not sure how many times I've come back to this awful game after a long hiatus, and I'm too afraid to ask. Slowly started playing a few games again over christmas... Hopefully this time around I can finish my grind to the WZ-120 and stomp enough faces with it to reach 60% overalls so I can finally retire as a true unicorn. Anyways two weeks ago I played my first real 10+ game session in a long time.. Was platooned with some old pals and just as I was about to leave we were rewarded with an epic last match. Crucial contribution is always nice to pull off. http://wotreplays.com/site/3244411#paris-the_bolshevik-e_100
  4. Pretty much. They are sisters after all. I think I prefer the Scharn by a tiny bit, since I'm gonna get up close anyways the lower pen is a non-issue as it's 11-inch guns can still citadel other BBs when up in their face. It has better dpm, faster turrets and an AP round that's more effective against soft targets due to fewer over-penetrating hits. Gneisenau does land more of those monster citadel hits from plunging fire at range, but the accuracy is too derpy to make it reliable. It also struggles more against cruisers in the 12-16km range band and as a result seems to get torched by more fires since it can't rout CA's and CLS's as easily. So I think the only use-case in which Gneisenau is clearly superior to her sister is against BBs at range.
  5. So I just wanted to say, thanks everyone for the advice. I've upgraded my Bayern into a Gneisenau and at about the same time I unlocked manual secondaries on my captain. Been doing much better. I started getting into the habit of pushing caps rather aggressively as soon as I have a bit of support, with good results. With manual secondaries it's a whole lot easier to bully DD's off point.
  6. Oh I'm all for pushing at every opportunity, was just trying to point out that sometimes it might not be wise. Besides, pushing into people's faces and getting those massive citadel blows from close range is the most fun you can have in this game.
  7. Surely there are situations where hanging back is a valid tactic. When your side of the map has inferior numbers, it would be suicidal to commit to a big push. You're just gonna get crossfired and rekt, no? So in that case it's better to kite from your gun's effective range (so not max range, since you won't hit shit) and pound them as you retreat. They're going to realize they have the upper hand and come to you anyways, so there's no need to offer your hitpoints on a silver platter. Or am I missing something here? EDIT : This makes me think of a follow-up question - as a BB, should I generally head to the side of the map I spawned for? This is what I tend to do. In what situations (if any) should I bail and take the travel time hit to reach the other flank?
  8. I had not played much BBs until the Kriegsmarine was released. Pretty much only played up to a Kongo and sucked gigantic dicks with it. Recently I bought a Scharnhorst and started leveling up my German BBs. I've been getting putrid win rates all the way up to the Bayern, despite what seems like decent damage and xppg. For instance Bayern is sitting on 64k dpg and 43% WR now that I'm almost done with it. And somehow the Scharn gets 65% wins with just a tad more dpg. The weird thing is that I feel like I understand the game. For the most part at least. I successfully anticipate torp launches a lot of the time, know how to land citadels, try to prioritize targets I know I can deal the most damage to, avoid sailing to the outsides of the map, angle my armor in between salvos, etc. But mostly I think I lose to caps. And the Scharn doesn't (or at least not as much), because it's fast enough to flex and exert that tiny bit of extra map control that the other BBs don't have. Trying to contest caps early on in a BB usually results in swift death by either torpedoes or focused BB and cruiser fire because no matter how I angle, if I'm out on a cap at the 4 min mark it's clear I'm gonna be showing some broadside to someone. So I don't usually try to sit on caps early, unless of course the enemy has deserted that side of the map. Rather, I try to sail close enough to deny them to the enemy. But too often friendly DDs don't even try to cap, which leaves me with a conondrum : either risk my ship to cap, or concede map control and almost certainly lose. What to do then? When the cap situation is under control and I have time to get in position to engage ships instead of worrying about getting ticked out I can really wreck face, but I don't always get to do that and it's a bit frustrating.
  9. I tried carrying a gold clip on my bat for a while and at first I kind of liked it - useful if you want to blap something thick from the front when it's reloading. But I went back to full apcr after the first game where I ran into a half-loaded clip in a tough situation. NOPE. So bat is the only one of those that carries no gold for me. But, as has been said already, I don't think any of the tier X meds are particularly gold-intensive.
  10. http://wotreplays.com/site/2827804#tundra-the_bolshevik-is-7 I haven't been playing tenks at all this summer, but today I had a go for the first time in a while and this match put a smile on my face. Nothing fancy I guess, I just get into people's faces and brutalize them for a while until the hill is won, then defend at the end while my pubbies push on. I think that's a more legit ace than the first one I had earned.
  11. So I had mostly shit games yesterday, and I think sub-50% WR for the day, but also these two nice(ish) ones. http://wotreplays.com/site/2686155#pilsen-the_bolshevik-e_75 I randomly run into this dude from my clan in his T49 on my first game of the day. Decided to take my E75 out for a spin as I hadn't played it in ages and I was not disapointed. It has a potato crew mind you, no 6th sense, because the good crew went on to the E100 and I didn't have an extra crew for my fascist boxes. Nonetheless, E75 was too much fun to sell so I kept it around and restarted a 75% crew in it. It's Pilsen so I do the obvious and go brawl. This one is less good play and more "top tier E75 facerolls everything in it's path". But at one point we've pretty much won the brawl and are down a few tanks as the east side of the map has collapsed. So we go back to defend, and manage to do it brilliantly, getting 11 kills for our platoon in the process. http://wotreplays.com/site/2684469#live_oaks-the_bolshevik-t-54 This is a few games later, and you can tell from the first few minutes that I was already starting to play rather poorly. Poking ineffectively, taking unnecessary damage, and all these dumb things you're not supposed to do. Sometimes I wonder, how am I even purple? Anyways, Live Oaks, south spawn. We go tracks, and my WZ-120 platoonmate decides to cross to the far side early on. Pretty quickly - just after I'm done losing half my health for no reason - the enemies dive under the bridge and begin pushing the marsh side of the railway dike. So I roll back to meet and stop them under the second bridge and manage to do it despite very derpy shots (the good old heat into tracks problem...) as I get some long range TD support. So I quickly dash back to help my stranded platoonmate as he now has a few tanks hard pushing his ass. Unfortunately he dies, but I manage to clear the flank, losing the rest of my hp in the process to an unspotted 122-44 that snipes me as I maneuver under the bridge. Down on 50hp though, I somehow get better and engage the elusive "don't get hit" mode. I now have to find a way to approach the tier tens that have won their brawl in the city. I still have some support at this point, but they don't seem to be playing super smart. An Obj.140 lets a 183mm blatantly aim in on him while a full hp 50 100 camps in the rear like an idiot and says we should rush onto their cap... Amongst these shenanigans an enemy ST-I makes its way to our cap, so I get in position to defend. I manage to get the reset, and around this time the 50 100 gets one shot by the 183mm. I end up alone against the FV and a JPZ, and manage to kite their view range (thank you camo crew!) to get that surprise first shot and take out the JPZ as they cross the field. I also tried to double bush behind a tree when I took that shot, but for some reason it didn't work and I got spotted. With 3 min on the clock I know I probably can't cap in time since that would risk him getting on to my cap before I could get to his. So I move in to find the FV and take it out. By exposing a tiny amount of turret I manage to bait him into rushing a shot and missing, and that's the end of it.
  12. the_bolshevik


    My impressions after playing ~20 hours over the weekend : The balance is quite good, and all heroes have interesting and different advantages to abuse. Team comp is very important though, and in randoms having your five pubbies pick their favorite offense or sniper hero and never switch can be rather frustrating. Because of this I ended up playing tank and healer way more than I thought I would. But the game is very objective based, and since you need to push objectives relatively quickly and effectively, tanks and healers are critical to success. I played some solo, but mostly I was in a 2-man group with a buddy who I used to play TF2 with. Back then we would switch back and forth between one of us playing soldier and the other being the medic, so it was natural that we again tried the different tank + healer combos. Unsurprisingly this is very effective in Overwatch as well. Pharah - Since I used to main soldier in TF2 she is of course rather familiar, and she was my first pick in the first few games I played. But you can't bounce people into the air to deny their movement like the TF2 soldier could, so she is more of a damage dealer and it turns out that going for direct hits pays off a lot more (whereas the TF2 soldier was all about shooting people's feet). Because of this she is ill-suited to the tanky pocket control and medic protection role that used to be my soldier's niche. Roadhog - A proper tank with some heavy CC but basically useless against targets that stay out of hook range. His shotgun deals heavy damage up close but it falls of very quickly. The self-healing ability is quite strong though, making him a good choice for soloing when you have to carry a team that has no healer and you are the only one willing to play a tank. Winston - Kind of like the TF2 pyro on steroids. Leap into the face of squishies and they have to choose between running away and certain death. The cooldown on leap is pretty short so he can really go places. Pretty mobile for a tank, rivaled only by D.Va's jets. Zarya - Probably the best damage dealing tank, and my favorite so far. She trades some hp for a much better weapon IF you manage to keep it charged. When it's not charged the damage is pretty meh. Her shields are difficult to use well because the cooldowns are long and the absorb amount not that impressive. But because any damage exceeding the shield's strength is just vaporized instead of transferred to your health pool, they can save you from some big one-shots like the Junkrat tire or the D.Va exploding mech. On one or two occasions I managed to shield myself and my medic just before one of those popped... Pretty cool. Her ult is sex if you manage combo it with some heavy AOE like Pharah's barrage, but if you're alone and not fully charged you likely won't be able to get kills out of it so it's better to save it for big teamfights. You want your team to be there and able to pile all their damage on the trapped enemies. Mercy - A pretty good medic, but kind of bad at staying alive when she gets dived by aggressive offense heroes. Her dash is good but requires a nearby teammate to dash to, so she can get caught out with no mobility options sometimes. She has a gun, but in most situations you can't really use it since it would stop you from healing. So she's a bit one dimensional, and can be frustrating to play if you don't have players that are worth healing on your team. Still, she is the best when it comes to keeping a tank healthy while poking a corner under fire, and her ult will swing teamfights if you use it well. Lucio - Single target healing is not nearly as good as Mercy and depends on amping up, which has a long cooldown. But in situations where you have multiple teammates taking damage simultaneously, he can possibly heal for more in total than Mercy could since he heals everyone at once. What he has over Mercy is flexibility. With a decent gun, great mobility, and also better self-healing he is better at staying alive and adding a little damage output to the fight, making him quite a bit more fun to play than the dedicated healer. That's about it for the ones I played the most. I have very potato aim though, after playing mostly WoT and Civilization for the past 4 years or so it seems I've lost the ability to 360-noscope like in the old days. So I'm not really into anything that requires precise shots to work. Things like Tracer, Reaper and Widowmaker are just not my cup of tea. With a tank as long as you understand concepts of positioning and pushing, you can get some job done even with bad aim. That said, getting rekt by Tracers gifted with pre-pubescent Asian tier reflexes every now and then can be a little frustrating.
  13. Why is "pubbie" necessarily derogatory? It's just the way I think of anyone that I don't recognize in pub matches. It can't be based on stats since I don't use xvm... So if I don't know you, you're a pubbie. And I hope to be a pubbie to your eyes. Sadly there are some xvm-using arty players that dash my hopes on a daily basis.
  14. the_bolshevik


    Played about 2 hours so far. It's really quite good. Also doesn't feel like a beta at all, the game is already in a very polished state. Buying it for sure.
  15. the_bolshevik


    I am super excited for this game. Though I don't really play anymore, I spent quite a lot of time on TF2 back in the day. This looks like a modern blizzardy spin to a genre I love so I'm definitely playing the crap out of the open beta this weekend. thebolshevik#1314 if anyone wants to group.
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