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  1. Woah okay ranked sounds pretty damn bad. Is the new season coming any time soon?
  2. So I'm back from a ~1.5 year break, having played ~250 mostly solo battles since I've returned. Not that much, but enough to start getting a feel for the game. At first I was like "omg so many new things/tenks". But digging a little deeper, and playing some more battles, I'm surprised at how little the game has evolved. There are bonds and these "improved" things we can eternally grind for. As they're 5k each and considering the rate at which I've been piling bonds from playing normally, I don't see how I could hope to equip every tank with those. They don't seem to make a gigantic jump
  3. At this point I'm not sure how many times I've come back to this awful game after a long hiatus, and I'm too afraid to ask. Slowly started playing a few games again over christmas... Hopefully this time around I can finish my grind to the WZ-120 and stomp enough faces with it to reach 60% overalls so I can finally retire as a true unicorn. Anyways two weeks ago I played my first real 10+ game session in a long time.. Was platooned with some old pals and just as I was about to leave we were rewarded with an epic last match. Crucial contribution is always nice to pull off. http://wotre
  4. Pretty much. They are sisters after all. I think I prefer the Scharn by a tiny bit, since I'm gonna get up close anyways the lower pen is a non-issue as it's 11-inch guns can still citadel other BBs when up in their face. It has better dpm, faster turrets and an AP round that's more effective against soft targets due to fewer over-penetrating hits. Gneisenau does land more of those monster citadel hits from plunging fire at range, but the accuracy is too derpy to make it reliable. It also struggles more against cruisers in the 12-16km range band and as a result seems to get torched b
  5. So I just wanted to say, thanks everyone for the advice. I've upgraded my Bayern into a Gneisenau and at about the same time I unlocked manual secondaries on my captain. Been doing much better. I started getting into the habit of pushing caps rather aggressively as soon as I have a bit of support, with good results. With manual secondaries it's a whole lot easier to bully DD's off point.
  6. Oh I'm all for pushing at every opportunity, was just trying to point out that sometimes it might not be wise. Besides, pushing into people's faces and getting those massive citadel blows from close range is the most fun you can have in this game.
  7. Surely there are situations where hanging back is a valid tactic. When your side of the map has inferior numbers, it would be suicidal to commit to a big push. You're just gonna get crossfired and rekt, no? So in that case it's better to kite from your gun's effective range (so not max range, since you won't hit shit) and pound them as you retreat. They're going to realize they have the upper hand and come to you anyways, so there's no need to offer your hitpoints on a silver platter. Or am I missing something here? EDIT : This makes me think of a follow-up question - as a BB, should
  8. I had not played much BBs until the Kriegsmarine was released. Pretty much only played up to a Kongo and sucked gigantic dicks with it. Recently I bought a Scharnhorst and started leveling up my German BBs. I've been getting putrid win rates all the way up to the Bayern, despite what seems like decent damage and xppg. For instance Bayern is sitting on 64k dpg and 43% WR now that I'm almost done with it. And somehow the Scharn gets 65% wins with just a tad more dpg. The weird thing is that I feel like I understand the game. For the most part at least. I successfully anticipate torp la
  9. I tried carrying a gold clip on my bat for a while and at first I kind of liked it - useful if you want to blap something thick from the front when it's reloading. But I went back to full apcr after the first game where I ran into a half-loaded clip in a tough situation. NOPE. So bat is the only one of those that carries no gold for me. But, as has been said already, I don't think any of the tier X meds are particularly gold-intensive.
  10. http://wotreplays.com/site/2827804#tundra-the_bolshevik-is-7 I haven't been playing tenks at all this summer, but today I had a go for the first time in a while and this match put a smile on my face. Nothing fancy I guess, I just get into people's faces and brutalize them for a while until the hill is won, then defend at the end while my pubbies push on. I think that's a more legit ace than the first one I had earned.
  11. So I had mostly shit games yesterday, and I think sub-50% WR for the day, but also these two nice(ish) ones. http://wotreplays.com/site/2686155#pilsen-the_bolshevik-e_75 I randomly run into this dude from my clan in his T49 on my first game of the day. Decided to take my E75 out for a spin as I hadn't played it in ages and I was not disapointed. It has a potato crew mind you, no 6th sense, because the good crew went on to the E100 and I didn't have an extra crew for my fascist boxes. Nonetheless, E75 was too much fun to sell so I kept it around and restarted a 75% crew in it. It
  12. the_bolshevik


    My impressions after playing ~20 hours over the weekend : The balance is quite good, and all heroes have interesting and different advantages to abuse. Team comp is very important though, and in randoms having your five pubbies pick their favorite offense or sniper hero and never switch can be rather frustrating. Because of this I ended up playing tank and healer way more than I thought I would. But the game is very objective based, and since you need to push objectives relatively quickly and effectively, tanks and healers are critical to success. I played some solo, but mostly I was
  13. Why is "pubbie" necessarily derogatory? It's just the way I think of anyone that I don't recognize in pub matches. It can't be based on stats since I don't use xvm... So if I don't know you, you're a pubbie. And I hope to be a pubbie to your eyes. Sadly there are some xvm-using arty players that dash my hopes on a daily basis.
  14. the_bolshevik


    Played about 2 hours so far. It's really quite good. Also doesn't feel like a beta at all, the game is already in a very polished state. Buying it for sure.
  15. the_bolshevik


    I am super excited for this game. Though I don't really play anymore, I spent quite a lot of time on TF2 back in the day. This looks like a modern blizzardy spin to a genre I love so I'm definitely playing the crap out of the open beta this weekend. thebolshevik#1314 if anyone wants to group.
  16. Welcome! IS2 is pretty good. As are the other tanks in the Berlin Quartet. If you dig heavies you can't go wrong with that. Bromwell / Rudy are also amazing little mediums.
  17. Pretty sure you're already on my list. Invite me whenever, I mostly play prefs and 8-9-10 on USE.
  18. I think you would benefit more from just playing honestly The writing down the mistakes on paper thing is something I've done before to get out of the blue plateau. But I wouldn't do it by watching replays, I would do it immediately after I died in a battle and it would be simple things like "do not peek into pre-aimed TDs". Eventually I had a little list that I would go over before I started playing, and it did help me form some good habits. But I did this at ~9-10k battles, and already had the ability to quickly identify what mistake I had made. Going over every replay sounds overl
  19. Oh really? Damn, my game knowledge is getting outdated. All this time I was still risking my life to get their hull. That's probably quite a few 750 blaps I could have avoided.
  20. A friendly reminder of the most common overmatch zones : I'm assuming everyone knows you can overmatch the roof of T29 / T34 / Tiger II with a 122mm gun. Remember it won't work on T30 and E75 even though they look the same. IS-6 roof is overmatched by 90mm's. Useful if you drive tall stuff like KV-5 or Jap heavies that will have easy access to it. Also, Tortoise roof is overmatched by 75mm guns (lol).
  21. I don't think you can keep your stats. They stay with the account you're giving to your friend. If you want to minimize gold spending and start crews at 75% you will need some patience, but it's possible and not that bad. I did it recently in T-34-3, and it was around ~150 battles from 75% to 6th sense. So with the 5 minute per battle assumption, it's a 12.5 hour grind. Certainly shorter if you play gud and use boosters, I was playing very potato for most of that.
  22. Yeah I knew it would aim for weak spots. I remember, about a year ago, I saw another video that was demonstrating all these fancy hacks. The guy would press a pre-configured hotkey, and the sight would hop between the different available weak spots. It had LFP and cupola of course, but also ammo rack and fuel tanks. The thing that struck me as the worst and most unfair hack though was a marker that would indicate the position of tanks beyond the game's normal render range. In the video he was sniping shots across the map on Karelia on stuff that he shouldn't even have been seeing. With th
  23. I was aware these things existed but I didn't think it would go as far as shooting for you. In any case if someone is so that they need a bot to shoot for them I don't really see how this would help them compete in high tiers. They're still gonna drive to the most potato of positions and be rekt by people who are shooting manually from good positions...
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