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  1. About the T29 spot : I'm really not sure that this was EVER a good thing to do. Remember that you were very top tier... This may be viable (or at least more so - I still don't think I would do that) when you're in the bottom, but taking your top tier heavy to an open field when there is going to be a city fight is going to be a strategic mistake nearly every time. In a game like that you just have to suck it up and accept that hull down is a luxury you likely won't have in this battle. Top tier heavies always have a fairly straightforward job : get up in people's face and deliver some pain.
  2. Haha no I was actually referring to the match on Siegfried Line where you decided to push field with your T29. I fucked up in Fisherman's Village, I watched the replay afterwards and realized I could probably have killed that T57 if I had been wiser. After I died you guys were lacking vision and the outcome was not really surprising. Also, the T57 generally outplayed us. So... o7 if you read this, T57 driver who got a top gun on Fisherman's last night
  3. E75 gun is nothing like the KT's. It's very derpy and less accurate, feels more like the Soviet 122mm's. But the damage is pretty crazy, you will not regret the change. E75 armor is nothing like the KT's. Layout is nearly identical, but it actually has the required thickness to make it effective. Sidescrape with hard cover to your left so you hide the cupola and you will bounce nearly everything. If you know how to angle and wiggle well, the armor also has the advantage of being really effective even against good players, and frontally impervious to fire from lower tiers.
  4. This. Over a large enough sample of matches, there are as many yolo'ers, campers and idles/bots on the other team. If you carry hard enough you will win the matches where they're on the red team, so it's not the end of the world if you lose a few as well... Some games are hopelessly stacked against you. Can't win 'em all. Also, never forget that it often works to yolo with your team instead of yelling at them as they drive off in the distance. Bring your gun to their fight, have an escape plan, and support them until they've all died. And Florb, after platooning with you last night, I get the feeling you are very quick in blaming your team for your losses. Be careful with that attitude, it is better (as in, more productive) to reflect on your own mistakes...
  5. On the holding of flanks, it is somewhat more complicated than that. A group of mediums working together can hold a flank fairly effectively on some maps (the rolling hills on Redshire come to mind), but the thing is you can't easily do it alone. And this isn't helped by the fact that you are playing a tank that can't really take hits. I can assure you that mediums can carry pretty hard in mid tiers. The "just don't get hit" thing is really about knowing the maps in detail and constantly being aware of your exposure to fire lanes. This is very much easier said than done, and has to come at least in part through experience. But you can learn it faster if you read map guides and watch good player's replays. I learned to drive mediums mostly solo with the Russian medium line, and started doing okay at tier VI. It is the first tier in which many of the tanks aquire most of their late-game characteristics and that the games begin being generally more structured, so it is the perfect tier to learn all of these basics. A lot of the stuff you will see in QB's stream can probably work in tier VI as well. I doubt it matters that much that they are higher tier. Obviously not everything is the same, but if you pay attention to his medium tank positioning you will probably learn stuff.
  6. First of all I will say that the PzIII/IV as a medium tank is trash. It mostly has the characteristics of light tanks from the previous tiers, and a piss poor excuse for a gun. The E8, on the other hand, is a true medium tank in every way. So I suggest you focus on playing that one to learn the ropes. If you're pubbing, with a medium I find that generally it's best to go with the strongest push. Flanking is the name of the game. As your team potatoes into the enemy, they get shot at, and as that happens you are usually granted the opportunity to get some flank shots in. On the other hand if you yolo alone into an undefended side of the map, you will be taking all the heat as soon as you are spotted. It's impossible to flank if you don't have someone else anchoring the enemy forces somehow. With the E8 it's very important to abuse gun depression, as you have lots of it. That allows you to crest over pretty steep hills, only exposing your gun mantlet. This is essentially the only kind of frontal engagement you want to be doing : you expose a minimal portion of your tank, quickly snap a shot and slide back in cover. The key is to minimize exposure. If you show them your front plate, they will shoot it and it is weak. So don't. In general the play style I've adopted in that tank is to generally be a scavenging hyena, prioritizing enemies that are busy pointing their guns elsewhere. And the basic rule of thumb with paper-armored tanks is to "just don't get hit!".
  7. Any chance you still have your T-54, or was it also rage sold? I would suggest you focus on this one until you have figured out how to properly medium tank. It is stronger than the E-50 and more forgiving than T-62A because it's not always in tier ten and has frontal protection that allows for more mistakes.
  8. Obviously in tier ten games the stock gun is insufficient, even with prem ammo. You will need to try to flank people to get side shots so you can pen, but your ability to do that is gimped until you upgrade the engine. So really it's a matter of enduring the inevitable until you unlock that gun. You have to disregard your win rate until you get to that point. Seriously don't look at it. Once you have that BL-9 you will not regret a single minute of that grind. You need to avoid large open spaces, that is not what this tank is meant for. You'll sometimes want to use your mobility to cross open spaces quickly, but before you do that you need a scout friend to clear the area for you. Your view range is pretty bad so unless an ally spots for you, you're essentially blind in a situation like this. This doesn't matter in the close quarter areas where you typically fight though, so it is a minor annoyance. Armor is extremely troll against bads, but can be penned fairly easily in the whole front hull area if the shooter understands where to aim. Standard issue russian bounceonium turret is very strong if you can hull down, and side armor has an extra 50mm of mystery on top of the listed value. Overall the protection is still inferior to that of a slow heavy (think KV-4), but you're carrying higher alpha than almost all of your peers, and you are very fast. This combination of armor/speed/gun is an extremely potent mix of up-in-your-face.
  9. From watching the replay, this is also what I understand would have been the best option. But hindsight is 20/20, you did great. You got the pressure on at just the right time to disorganize them as your team closed the encirclement. Oh and I meant to say that the bad call was mostly the decision to be very aggressive. Covering mid/base was a good decision.
  10. I'll give this a try. 1. Replay 3 (Erlenberg) / 11:20 2. You have just finished clearing your side of the map with your platoon. Your platoonmate and an M103 continue pushing north. Enemy forces have met limited success in the west and your tier X heavies are down. Isolated friendlies remain and the enemy is entrenched in the castle area. 3. Instead of continuing to push north with your allies, you move towards the center to ensure map presence, vision, and to encircle the remaining enemies. 4. You drive there, immediately assume an aggressive combat position, and proceed to charge the enemy soon after. 5. The idea was good but the execution was perhaps overly aggressive. You spot and fire a few times, and once all enemies are suppressed you quickly charge forward and into their position. After diving in you do some damage but are quickly dispatched by an E-50M, likely looking to "get a Garbad kill". It seems to me like you could have been a bit more patient and survived. Obviously your team mops up for the win so it doesn't really matter, but in a closer game it would. That is the kind of overaggression that has cost me some games on occasion. So I would say that this was a bad decision that worked. And it largely worked because you and your team had done such good work earlier and already had a huge advantage, so your death wasn't a big setback for the team at that point.
  11. In my experience when I've hit loss streaks the best method has been to stick with it... And consciously apply the basics every game. Concentrate on simple goals like "landing three hits before I take any damage myself". But it really depends how you're getting the losses and what tanks you're playing. If it's a loss streak on a new stock tank I find it's best to suck it up and play it out until it's upgraded. So what if you have 38% win rate after 50 battles? Now you've got the big gun, and as an added bonus, a challenge to restore those wins to an acceptable level. If it's just a run of bad luck or derpy teams, it helps to change tanks and tiers a lot for me.
  12. Greetings WotLabs, I'm coming back to the game after taking a break for a few months. For over a year I've used wotlabs to track my stats without ever realizing that there was a quality forum here. Now that I noticed, here I am. I've lurked for the past few days and I was amazed by the quality of the content I found. I've been playing since 2011 but only recently bought my first tier X. I like to think that I'm a decent player, but I obviously still have a lot to learn. Cheers!
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