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  1. It doesn't lose penetration against angles, but like HE it gets no normalization on impact while AP and APCR get some (5 degrees for AP and 2 for APCR if I'm not mistaken). IS-6 just happens to have a lot of spaced armor though. I think what likely happened is that it ate your shells, since HEAT is kinda bad against spaced armor. When going through spaced armor it has to do a second penetration check against the hull at it's non-normalized flight path, and penetration is already weakened by the thickness of the penetrated spaced armor plus a 25% RNG roll. In many cases this is enough to stop the HEAT round outright, creating those nasty "penetrations" that deal no damage.
  2. Haven't seen the client freezing in battle. I'm crashing at the load screen ~25% of the time though, with or without mods seems to make no difference. The garage UI also locks up every now and then when I'm leading a platoon. If I ready up my tank it sometimes gets stuck in a state where it will say that it's ready in the platoon, but in the garage it says "Crew Incomplete" and I can't start the battle. Workaround seems to be to let the platoon ready up and just click battle directly without readying my own tank... But it's a bit annoying. And dat bobblehead patton... ayylmao
  3. the_bolshevik

    The M103

    How you play this fat softie? I tried to do heavy things with it and it falls flat on it's face. Been having a bit more success by pretending it's a fat medium, but it's hard work as t9-10 meds tear it up quite easily. Hull down is not safe. Corner pop-out game is not safe. Sidescrape is not safe. Arty is not safe. Seems the only thing it does well is bully the crap out of lower tiers...
  4. lol Crab Maybe the day has come. I feel it. The stars have finally aligned, and we'll be able to run more than one battle together.
  5. No fucks will be given, play whatever you like to play. I just want platoons to grind with because I don't see myself doing this solo.
  6. So I just got my M103 this weekend. Free XP'd the first 120, and just finished grinding to the top turret. My girlfriend is away for the week so the conditions are ripe for a lot of time playing pixel tanks. Considering there are 7 days left to the E5 on-track, I'm going to try to binge play the shit out of it with the stock gun and cram the ~200-250 battles I'll need to unlock and buy the E5 while it's still on special. Looking for platoonies that are okay with playing nines exclusively this week, alternating with pref8's for credits when our nines die. I will likely be on around ~18:00 to ~23:00 on weekdays [eastern time], and all day during the weekend. GO
  7. The one bad game certainly doesn't help, but it's not that bad either. The key is to maximize your highs. Everyone has bad games, but bad games thankfully can't give you negative WN8. So if you play one zero damage durp followed by a 6k+ carry, you can still end up averaging ~3k. That said, you're going to have to play at higher recent levels if you want your overall to move upwards much.
  8. Here's a pretty nice platoon carry from last night, feat. my buddy and RL friend Tha_Blind_Man. Overall an excellent example of teamplay. He takes all the aggro with his hull down 140, allowing me and my Bat to clip many distracted pubbies. Together we score a combined total of six medals and ~10k damage. http://wotreplays.com/site/2006223#self
  9. It's a really fun tank to play, I love mine too and have played it quite a bit. And you're absolutely right about the HE. There's something extremely satisfying about spanking an unsuspecting Roomba with it while remaining camo'd in a tier 6. Overall a superb tank in my book. Now I just need to stop tilting out every time I reach 94.5% on the MoE.
  10. So... Likely not worth the 600+ price tag then? I'm thinking I might as well get a single good quality 24'' if the benefits are mild.
  11. I'm currently playing on a single 27'' monitor and always found it slightly too big. I now have a spare box to hook the 27'' to in my bedroom and basically use it as a TV, so I'm considering getting three 24'' monitors for the gaming rig. BUT the thing is WoT is basically the only thing I play, so if three monitors is not cool for this game I doubt it would be worth the price tag for me. If you run a similar setup, please comment on your impressions and if possible post pictures of your rig. I've looked at some youtube vids of people who have done it and the result does look impressive. Do you actually get more peripheral vision out of it, or is the extra real estate just a stretched out distortion? This wasn't clear from the videos I saw. If you do get extra viewing angle / situational awareness from it... I'm extremely tempted. Computer is a Xeon E3-1230 v2 with an R9 280X and 16GB of memory, so I think it's good enough to drive the extra monitors without needing an upgrade. Opinions please?
  12. So after much weeping driving the Lorrie I finally got my Bat. And it's got a girl crew too! Mistakes were made though, and I messed up my crew skills. I was probably drunk and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to get repairs over camo when I assigned the second skill (first was 6th + gunnery). That repair is now up to ~89%, and I'm debating re-speccing camo or just waiting for the third to roll into camo anyways, since I'm almost there. What would you do? I'm not spending gold on this, would only consider the credit re-spec which costs some XP. So far I'm sitting on 3k dpg with it, making it my highest dpg tank ever, narrowly beating my ehundo. I'm pretty pleased with that result. Here's my first ace tanker at battle #46. Top gun with 6.7k damage, 3k spotting, and last second capping with no ammo left. Fun fun fun. http://wotreplays.com/site/1996529#malinovka-the_bolshevik-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t
  13. Recently I started tilting a lot more due to not meeting the expectations I had set for myself. I uninstalled all session stat mods so I wouldn't see the WN colors after every battle. IMO it plays with your mind, and makes you feel like you're always catching up to something. Now I come to the game with the mindset of "fuckit, let's just play tanks and have fun", and it seems to be working. Not in terms of performance - it hasn't really evolved much - but my enjoyment of the game has taken a major leap forwards. Don't fret over stats so much, and focus on playing every match for what it is. You're doing much much much better than I was at your battle count.
  14. I've tried to keep one fully equipped tank at every tier, just to have something to platoon with anyone. I sometimes play with RL friends who are new to the game, so I need some good low tiers for when I want to play with them. If a tank is fun and I have a way to keep it outfitted (this includes good crew and equipment) without gimping the next tank in the line, I keep it. If I have only one crew for a given line, I typically move the crew up the line and sell the lower tier. On a few occasions (T-54, E75) I retrained a second crew from 75% after moving the good one up in order to keep the tank.
  15. 'Bat.-Ch√Ętillon 25 t' successfully purchased. Spent credits:¬† 6,100,000.

    Today was a good day!

    1. Gandaran


      Mistakes were made.



      Dammit... not another bat driver. ; )

      The only tank I fear in my Bat is another proficient Bat driver.

    3. Cunicularius
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  16. SH3 /w GWX3 is very good, and is my most played subsim by a long shot. With some lighting and water mods it looks pretty enough too for such an old game. Dangerous waters is good too if you can put up with graphics from another era, the game underneath is the best one that involves modern hardware and weapons. I sadly never purchased SH4 so I haven't tried it, but I heard it was very similar to SH3 if you get the mod for u-boats and the battle of the Atlantic. I only played SH5 when it had just come out, had no mods yet, and was a complete mess. So I'm obviously not very fond of it, but apparently it can be made to work properly now.
  17. You want the lower pen gun. It's much better.
  18. So years ago I purchased a T-34-3, I think probably when it had just come out. I couldn't stand the gun depression and hated the tank so hard that I ragesold it after 20 battles. Now that I'm a better player I figured I'd use WG's system to restore a sold prem and give it a second chance. I believe there is something to be learned here, and that if I master the -3's depression I will be even more comfortable hulling down in my 62A / 140. Played a few games last night and all in all it wasn't too bad. Only problem is I've never done chinatanks, so I have no crew, and no desire to spend gold so I get to start with 75% potatoes. I haven't done that in a very long time. Is it worth running food for the duration of their training to 100% to somewhat offset their low skill? Dat bloom is horrendous.
  19. He surprise-buttsexed my Rudy before waltzing across the middle field and dying to Joyrider
  20. Maybe watch Straik for inspiration. He finds ways to deal 3k at the start of the match without trading any of his own hitpoints. Managing to do this obviously puts you in a commanding position to farm hard for the rest of the match and put up those massive numbers.
  21. Well mine caught a double fire two days ago. Don't feel like it's any more common than it used to be though... This particular tinderbox has always been quite prone to fires for as long as I can remember.
  22. I don't have an IS7 but I do have quite a bit of experience in the E100. When brawling at facehug range it does feel like the IS7 has an advantage, because when it's up in my face I can't depress low enough to hit it's LFP. Penetrating the turret roof is possible, but can be thrown off by some wiggling of the turret. But as soon as I manage to get some separation, even just a few meters, it becomes very easy to blow through the IS7's front. So if you're going to facehug an E100, make sure you wiggle your turret and never let him move back from you. If the E100 has a good corner and some backup preventing you from facehugging, be very careful with your sidescrape. In this situation the E100 is the better sidescraper, and has extra alpha to boot. Even if your shot placement is good, the E100 can make himself very hard to penetrate in between his reloads by keeping the turret at autobounce angles.
  23. I'll go out of my way to save a platoonmate, a clanmate or a good player if I think I can pull it off without losing all my HP. IMO losing 50% of HP is worthwhile if it lets you keep a top tier tank in the battle. I don't run XVM stats though so "good player" really goes down to my impression of how the guy was driving his tank in that battle. If you peek into multiple pre-aimed guns and get tracked, you're not getting any help from me. For a random stranger, if we're brawling a corner together and he's doing well but gets perma-tracked, I'll consider covering his drive wheel and using my repair kit to bail him out if it's a same-tier strong tank.
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