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  1. Hello all. I am happy to announce that I will now stream regularly. Also, since my original twitch confused some people in the past, I am now using a new twitch name http://www.twitch.tv/patiento Here's my schedule: Monday-Thursday - 4PM onwards I may or may not stream during weekdays. If I do stream it will be casual credit grinding while answering chat questions Friday - 4PM onwards Probably some strongholds or something. It depends. Saturday - 10 AM onwards Hardcore DPG grinding. No Mic. Unloading all those credits that I ground throughout t
  2. tMmVHUb.jpg?1


    1. X3N4


      just one good M46 game away

    2. Nope


      OVER 9000!

      Mine is at 9958 now, feels so far away QQ

  3. In the actual scene, Yang is defending alcohol. So in actuality, we should become a dad clan.
  4. How is this guy not banned yet.


    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      Because the NA server has yet to take action like RU/EU

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      Hes not purple, only purples get banned :^)

    3. How_Terrible


      Also The_Warhawk is like The_Chieftain. He writes articles and stuff. He doesn't have anything to do with banning people and what not.

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  5. Why did they leave Fjords in the game.

  6. Casual Pubbing


    1. Monkey


      Average score for 'tank' equals 64,7%

      Now what does that mean?

    2. Patient0


      Survival rate

    3. Monkey


      Ye gods

      I'm at 20% *flex*

  7. With all due respect I think that you charge too much. As an example, Smylee started from below $10. You should increase demand by lowering the price of your services, and then slowly raise it after you've built more reputation. The result is a bigger pool of customers and better community rep.
  8. I am forming a new team for Weekday Warfare 49. 3 days for 10k gold. Looking for players. http://worldoftanks.com/uc/tournaments/1616-Weekday_Warfare_49/ Must have or be able to obtain relevant tier 5s. Also must be able to make all 3 days. No stat requirements since I don't know how many players. are available. Message if interested.
  9. If only WG could make the mode more lucrative, you'd see all the gold spammers play Domination/Steel Hunt to make credits for their pubs.
  10. Tried IS5 today. Pretty good MM


  11. People think that you have to travel halfway around the world to find something new, but they don't(Not to discredit those who do. I myself did just that). You can find a community anywhere you look, filled to the brim with interesting people. Many may call playing internet tanks a waste of time, but they don't know what you've experienced. I love the fact that you used this WoT to expose yourself to new perspectives and people and grew from it. From the entrepreneurial Silicon Valley, good luck in your endeavor! Kewei would be proud :^)
  12. QB's reaction to his favorite tank getting nerfed to oblivion
  13. You probably don't want to free XP to the tier 9. The grind isn't that bad since the low tier tanks are quite OP(until they get nerfed next next patch probably). Crew skills are a must to play fast assassin tanks.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks Fjords is a bad map atm? It's not a terrible map like Windstorm but I'd rather not play it in my medium given the choice. Heavies are okay but the rest get fucked.
  15. Illuminati confirmed


  16. tbh these hp buffs just mean more damage for me to farm.
  17. The T-34-3 is getting 5 degrees depression? Time to buy it boys.
  18. WoT can't utilize crossfire or SLI well. It depends on what resolution you want. A 390 and 970 will have very similar performance at 1080p. Keep in mind that the 390 is using more electricity which makes more heat and fan noise. However, the 390 will be superior when you bump up the resolution. If you want less power consumption/silence, 970. Future proofing/better high res performance but more heat/noise, 390.
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