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    Patient0 got a reaction from MajorStewie in State of the Game Discussion   
    Competitive Play
    Top tier teams are winning by camping the fuck out of maps. Watching the WGLNA streams has me frustrated at how attacking teams are at a disadvantage against full camp mode. Many times a team will win 1 match and then proceed to camp out the rest in order to secure a win.
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    Patient0 got a reaction from Domstadtkerl in State of the Game Discussion   
    Competitive Play
    Top tier teams are winning by camping the fuck out of maps. Watching the WGLNA streams has me frustrated at how attacking teams are at a disadvantage against full camp mode. Many times a team will win 1 match and then proceed to camp out the rest in order to secure a win.
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    Patient0 got a reaction from Crisis7 in State of the Game Discussion   
    Competitive Play
    Top tier teams are winning by camping the fuck out of maps. Watching the WGLNA streams has me frustrated at how attacking teams are at a disadvantage against full camp mode. Many times a team will win 1 match and then proceed to camp out the rest in order to secure a win.
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    Patient0 reacted to KingBlueDevil in Psych: A Tropical Pineapple Paradise (LF High Quality Platoon & Solo players)   
    Welcome to PSYCH: The Magical Land of Pineapples and Fake Psychic Detectives!
    A platooning clan for good players, with the goal of eventually playing Strongholds.
    Blue recent WN8 (minimum 2000)
    60% recent Win Rate
    Preferably several tier 10s with good DPG

    Also recruiting solo bluenicums who just want a clan to call home and who love pineapples!
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    Patient0 reacted to Meplat in World of Eye Candy: Post your tank pics here!   
    Behold the realism! Map is "Sand River" and of course the TD is camping hard, as only a M18 can.
    The bedouin encampment behind is a visual mod, plez disregard...

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    Patient0 got a reaction from HELIONIST in Patient0's "Purple to Potato" Replays.   
    Hi guys I will be posting my replays here. I will include the crap ones with the good ones because I believe that it is important to learn from mistakes. If you guys have any questions with any replays, I can post an in-depth analysis. I also wouldn't mind doing replay analysis in this thread as well(Although I am potato myself  ).
    Will update OP with replays from each day. I am using VBAddict.net replay site to upload.
    7-29-14 (9.1 replays)
    Session Stats


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    Patient0 got a reaction from YesThatWasAPCR in I am the best teammate ever   
    This proves it asians can't drive
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    Patient0 reacted to dirtd0g in Weekly Skirmishes – What? How? Why!?   
    Skirmishes and You
    Over the past year LIMBO and its relatives have participated with alarming regularity in these weekly tournaments. The format has been an attractive option for those of us with limited or sporadic availability on a week-to-week basis. These events allow us to participate in a structured competitive format and take home tons of well-earned gold as a reward.
    Throughout our trials and tribulations LIMBO teams have encountered hurdles and issues that will be commonplace for any core group wishing to partake regularly. I have also encountered many new recruits and players who have no idea that these events exist or what they actually are. In attempt to inform and educate the masses, I will outline their benefits and go into more detail regarding their operation. 
    You may be able to avoid (or be prepared) for issues that took a small, casual community like ours by surprise.
    What is a Skirmish?

    TL;DR – They are fun, competitive, casual, and lucrative.
    How can I Skirmish?

    TL;DR - Just fucking click HERE.
    Why would I want to do a Skirmish?

    TL;DR - Gold and team-play experience.
    So, what do I need to know before this battle drops?
    If you are just starting out and have absolutely NO idea what you are getting into, there are bound to be surprises and failures along the way. The most successful Skirmish teams I have been on are comprised of a core group of players who platoon regularly with one another. We have a good feel for each other's "styles" and our synergy is complimentary. TEAM PLAY is MUCH more important than individual ability, statistics, or performance.
    These Skirmishes are the reason I no longer fret when an enemy team is blurple to the brim. Our lowly, scummy, scrubby LIMBO teams have bested many "better" clans due to better teamwork, more reactive decision-making, and... Maybe some luck. In turn, we have been bested by teams that looked like XVM cheese pizza due to their concentrated pushes, more advantageous tank compositions, and... Maybe some bad luck. 
    Expect to spend A LOT of credits. You WILL want a lot of premium rounds and premium consumables. You DO NOT earn credits for these games. You also should consider dropping some gold to get a good crew in your chosen tank. I spend around 800 gold and average over 250k credits per skirmish. It is worth it!
    Here are some rules I've learned along the way.
    [1] Make sure you aren't breaking the rules. If they say only 2 heavies, or must have 1 medium, or no lights over Tier-III, PAY ATTENTION!
    [2] Don't be horrible douche-nozzles in chat to the enemy team. Butt-hurt is very, very real and cock-sucking dick-fuckers WILL try to get you disqualified for "Unsportsmanlike Conduct". They will sometimes succeed, and missing out on 5k gold because you just HAD to type, "Your mom blew me last night" feels bad.
    [3] If you have a dispute to file, do it IMMEDIATELY. We lost out on a Skirmish once because our team captain couldn't file an official claim until the day AFTER the scheduled battles. Our claim was denied based on that technicality... While the enemy team's decision to bring 3 "illegal" tanks to finally start winning was overlooked. Seriously, we were up 2-0 in the finals... Nope, not over it... Nope, never will be.
    [4] Do NOT get cocky. The top 10-20% is decided by a point or two. One loss too many may half your winnings, if only it were a draw... Individual stats can mean NOTHING. Experienced skirmish teams are DANGEROUS. They know the format, they know their tanks, and they will rape your doughy, dewy-eyed face if you give them the chance.
    [5] Fielding a team of tankers in machines they are comfortable in is more important than having a perfect composition. Having both, however, is ideal.
    [6] Good intelligence will go a LONG way. A little diplomacy can get you a big threat's initial deployment and preferred lanes. Even having someone just look up the recent WN8s of each player can give you a better idea of how your night is going to go; this is especially true for the initial group stages.
    [7] Have SOME semblance of a plan. You are going to want some initial deployment ideas for both spawns for each map and mode (if applicable).
    [8] Do NOT shrug your losses off as if nothing ever happened. This is not Happy Fun Special Super Snowflake time. Critique your mistakes, watch the replays, and make adjustments and notes. There are times where you will just get outplayed, but MOST of your losses will be due to apprehension, over-aggression, misallocation, or some other strategic failure.  
    [9] Think twice before submitting a team for approval if it is not full INCLUDING the 3 reserves. You WILL want to go all they way, and having as many bodies available to battle on all of the days is paramount. 
    [10] Have fun. While this MAY seem to interfere with rule #8, it is possible to be serious about winning while having a grand old time after a loss... Just take your losses seriously; you learn from loss. 
    Popular and Good Tanks Per Tier

    Thank you for reading! Left me know if I missed anything and feel free to include any other tips of your own!
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    Patient0 got a reaction from BlackstarFallen in Clan withdrawals... I NEED ONE!   
    Oh god these colors are making my head spin. Please use black...
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    Patient0 reacted to Assassin7 in World of Eye Candy: Post your tank pics here!   
    This is the STB-1, I don't have it on my account (yet) so this was on the test server. but its sooo sexeehh! 

    I can't wait for this thing on my live Account
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    Patient0 got a reaction from Melol in Clan withdrawals... I NEED ONE!   
    Oh god these colors are making my head spin. Please use black...
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    Patient0 reacted to SlyGambit in How to Penetrate Object 263   
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    Patient0 reacted to Otis in Hard Times with T54E1   
    Lakeville Town - I basically just act as a deterrent for the east flank of town while my heavies work middle.
    Sand River North - Again, just acting like a deterrent north hoping my pubbies pull their heads out of their ass south.
    Prohorovka Traditional Medium - And finally this is more just playing like a traditional medium, except with the special flavor of an autoloader.
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    Patient0 got a reaction from Gamestop Dorito. in what do 4000 WN8 players do differently?   
    Why is it that every thread that Garbad argues in turns into a ****storm?
    While I cannot speak for other players playing at 4k who are believed (by some) to only care about damage, I can say that when I strive for 4k, it is because I want to win. What is the point of playing at 4k if you cannot win 65%-70% of your battles? I think that the generalized belief that people camp to farm damage is invalidated. Obviously, when trying to carry a game, you must reduce your risk of dying (I believe this is where the generalization comes from), and increase the damage that you do. Games cannot be won unless enemies are either eliminated or you fast cap. I admit that I do play the 62A primarily(T57 soon), but that is simply because I want to be able to carry the game, and if carrying the game warrants a fast cap or farming a surfeit amount of damage then so be it.
    I think that the belief that people care about WN8 so much that they are willing to throw the game for it is exaggerated. If you look at a broader scale, you can see that most people who play at 4k WN8 have ~70% WR soloing. As Poltto had said, more damage directly correlates to more winning(This doesn't mean that you should be farming damage off of tier 8s as a tier 10).
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    Patient0 got a reaction from Meirzin in Clan withdrawals... I NEED ONE!   
    Oh god these colors are making my head spin. Please use black...
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    Patient0 got a reaction from hallo1994 in Clan withdrawals... I NEED ONE!   
    Oh god these colors are making my head spin. Please use black...
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    Patient0 got a reaction from TheMarine0341 in Clan withdrawals... I NEED ONE!   
    Oh god these colors are making my head spin. Please use black...
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    Patient0 reacted to weesh in Weesh's Obj 140 Challenge (COMPLETE)   
    http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/11645-weeshs-obj-140-challenge/?p=271158  Failed sorta   ---   Purpose: Challenge and test my skills with the Obj 140,  my first tier 10 tank, for it's first 100 games. Get feedback and suggestions from the good players.     Rules: 100 solopub games (option to quit at 50 if something goes horribly wrong) Played in batches of 5, min 1 bach per day Lesson/Recap on each match World of Tanks Statistics on each All replays stored and available on request.  One replay included per batch.   Goals (actual in RED) (feel free to give me suggestions on these.  want something hard, but achievable if I improve rapidly)
    52% WR (45%) 2400 DPG (1984) 40% Survival (31%) Participation Award  Setup:     ---   Batch 1 (In the order in Which I played them):   #5 - (Loss)(43%)Prokorovka, S spawn: Spotting and roughly equal trading.  When team started to fall, we slow to reinforce, important teammate died fighting a bat chat alone.     #4 - (Loss)(54%) Northwest, SW spawn: Rushed north, but aborted upong seeing level of support.  Plan B was a location that I was perma spotted and couldn't fight from.  Tried reverse sidescraping, and there probably isn't any angle that would have worked.  Should not ahve been there.  Should have tried to run and relocated.     #3 - (Loss)(55%) Hidden Village, SE spawn: Probably should not have gone North with only a single tier 9 medium.  When I saw a big heavy coming, should have escaped while I could.  Was unaware of surroundings, and was in the open too often.     #2 - (Win)(50%)Karelia: had trouble with an E-50M, and the ACPR ammo when above him.  probably should have started shooting upper plate.  The rest of the match was a shooting galery with few risks.  Resulted in a low-skill required high caliber (5000 damage).     #1 - (Win)(57%) Prokorovka clone, N spawn: early spotting and sniping, then some team communication.  asked if a groups was ready for me to lead a push, and they all agreed.  Turned game into a route.  Got greedy on cleanup, but survived anyays.   (REPLAY)     Session Stats: WR: 40% DPG: 2604 KPG: 1.40 Survival: 40%   ---   Overall Stats after 5 games: WR: 40% (2 wins) (XVM estimate: 2.59) DPG: 2604 KPG: 1.40 Survival: 40%
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    Patient0 got a reaction from korvanos in fast dying teams   
    Get out of there and don't die with the rest of your team. Camp like a bitch until you're positive that you won't be 2v1'd and try to use what remains of your team as bait and snipe them away.
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    Patient0 reacted to Valachio in How to Penetrate T110E3   
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    Patient0 got a reaction from DancingCorpse in World of Tanks - Parkour   
    Please post weakspot video on how to successfully penetrate a parkour E-100.
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    Patient0 reacted to Valachio in How to Defeat a Perfect Sidescrape   
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    Patient0 reacted to Valachio in The Ultimate HE/HESH Guide   
    Hope this will lessen the amount of people shooting full HE on E-100s.  Hope you enjoy!
    P.S. Sorry if the video quality is 360p when you watch it, the 1080p option sometimes don't appear for awhile
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    Patient0 reacted to LanterneRouge in Lanterne's Semi Epic Replays   
    Here's mah replays. 
    Epic stomping of t8s plus a in the nick of time cap reset!

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    Patient0 got a reaction from CarbonatedPork in Review my replays pl0x   
    From watching your replays, the repeating mistake is not watching your minimap enough and not thinking about what angles enemies can shoot you from.
    Right in the beginning of the match, a WZ-120 appeared to your left while you were poking the ridge for shots. However, you did not notice him until he eventually shot you. The poor depression of the T-54 is unfavorable for ridge poking which is why it is unwise to poke the ridge in the first place. The name of the game is Health preservation. Throwing away your HP at the start of a game is detrimental to your team during the end game where your HP could've been used to trade with an important enemy. In a landslide game like this one, saving your HP could've enabled you to yolo more after dealing with the WZ, thus allowing more WN8 farming. You could also avoid the WZ entirely and gone with the friendly KV-5 and T95 and kill the enemies that they distracted for you.
    Most medium players go middle on Redshire, but I do see the merits of going North. Problem is that it was not a good idea to stay there when the enemy heavy tanks broke through. Your low damage and bad depression puts you at a disadvantage in "peek n' boom" situations. Also not a good idea to fight a T57 before he starts reloading. I would've gone mid and if the heavy tanks had broke through they would get murdered by rolling across the wide open plain between the North brawl area and the TD camp Hill.
    Good work in this game. Only thing I would suggest is that you play more aggressive on the East since all of the top tier tanks went West, leaving only a handful of tier 9s. Also realize that the hill you initially went on to spot is open to fire from the middle, so be wary. (IS-3 shot at you from mid) Usually in my 62A, I go into that ridge right infront of the houses and aggressively spot the tanks going to the East flank. The idea of flanking behind all the enemy was very good. No doubt that you carried this game.
    Perfectly prudent decision to go island since you did have enough support to win it. It does get dicey if there isn't enough support with you. Once you cleared island, you should've noticed that the JPE that was directly Northeast of you was turning to face island. He had been spotted 30 seconds before he fired to kill you. You also should've noticed the waffle backing up the hill to line shots on you. It's easy to get tunnel visioned whilst shooting at people in sniper view so always zoom out and look around. You should've sat behind the building on the island to block the JPE and the Waffle from getting shots on you, or alternatively, leave the island and go West.
    Mountain Pass
    You should learn to trade more efficiently. For example, you should not have poked on the T-54 who was preaimed at the place you poked out. When in a medium, let your team be the shield, and flank them while they're distracted.
    Sand River
    When no tanks were spotted in the North, you should automatically look South and check how strong your forces are there. While a cap rush on sand river seldom succeeds, it is always wise to relocate and preempt the attack. Instead of dumping credits on that Maus, you could've gone to the hill early and farmed the tanks with your AP round.
    Not much you could've done here. As always CONSERVE your HP. Let the tanks push into you. Only peek if you know there isn't a second tank that can shoot you. The middle area is a very hot arty spot so don't go there unless you are prepared for arty to take shots at you. Sucks that a 183 was able to snipe you from base. Good thing the draw area is being changed soon...
    Live Oaks
     I've stopped going South simply because arty loves to keep shelling you as you brawl with the enemy. You should be more aware of firing lanes. Situational awareness can help avoid unnecessary damage (Ex. bat chat coming from your left to clip you.) Also know that enemies like to kill tanks who are one shot so be careful before poking and make sure you can withdraw before they realize you're there.
    Always be vigilant of the dastardly artillery
     Make sure you know where enemies can shoot at you from. You were lucky that there wasn't anyone shooting at you when you went around to get the 13 90. Also when you went forward to face the enemies, you exposed yourself to multiple enemies who could shoot you. While the T-54 is OP enough to block these shots, you won't enjoy the same protection in tier 10 matches.
    I can't seem to find Garbad's guide on angles right now... or I would've linked it. 
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