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    Patient0 got a reaction from Chiroptor in Preliminary "Arty Balance"   
    I like that WarGaming is not going to just copy mechanics from AW. I think a suppression effect, if correctly implemented, can give the game a whole new level of complexity. This could make arty even more viable in competitive play. For example, a camp can be more easily broken via mass suppression right before the attacking party pushes in. My opinion on how tanks become suppressed: Lower rate of fire. A 10-20% decrease in DPM can really help dig out players in overpowered positions, because the suppression incentivizes players to push, knowing that they would take less damage while the enemy is suppressed. I agree with the suggestion that arty's illumination shell should only decrease camo values. This encourages teamplay while retaining the usefulness of light tanks.
    Overall, the artillery class, if balanced correctly, will become a real support class. Higher accuracy and more uses mean a higher skill cap for arty players. I'm excited.
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    Patient0 reacted to Fyreon in Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent   
    T62A gameplay - 10 games, 80% win rate, 5.2k average damage
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    Patient0 reacted to Fyreon in Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent   
    Needed to do a hard carry in my AMX 30 prot today to get the double. Missed out on Kolobanovs since it was only 4 vs 1 in the end.
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    Patient0 reacted to Fyreon in Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent   
    Hard carry in the IS4, 1409 base exp. It is a really good heavy tank since they buffed its armour.
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    Patient0 reacted to Fyreon in Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent   
    Played 16 games in E50M today. Averaged 4.7k average damage and 86% win rate. The replay pack contains 10 out of 16 games, because arty had to ruin two of those games. Stats for replay pack are 80% win rate and 5.6k average damage.
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    Patient0 reacted to Fyreon in Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent   
    Some Leo1 replays of today. Stats of the 7 replays in the pack are 71% win rate and 5.4k damage.
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    Patient0 reacted to Fyreon in Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent   
    Recently aquired the M46 Patton. One of the best tier 9 meds out there. Insanse DPM and good gun handling and mobility. Here are 10 games - 70% win rate and 4.8k average damage.
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    Patient0 reacted to Fyreon in Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent   
    I am back from a holiday. Three marked the T54 lwt a couple of days ago. Here are the 10 last games that got me the last mark.
    80% wins, 3.3k average damage
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    Patient0 reacted to Fyreon in Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent   
    So I started to play the Super Pershing. I must say it is a pretty good tank although it is very slow. However the armor makes up for it. For the first 20 games I averaged 80% wins and ~3k average damage.
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    Patient0 reacted to Fyreon in Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent   
    Played 11 games in E50M today. Had a pretty good session with 73% win rate and 4.8k average damage. I might upload some more e5 games tomorrow since I had some great games in it. It is really nice now since they remoddeled it to HD.
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    Patient0 reacted to Fyreon in Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent   
    More E50M games! I did not get close to win rate of yesterday even though I managed 5.3k average damage over 9 games. This only resulted 4 wins.
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    Patient0 got a reaction from weesh in Saying Goodbye for Good (Hearty Farewell)   
    It's important to know when you stop having fun. Seems that WoT's been your on-again, off-again GF. Good read, and good luck with your company!
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    Patient0 got a reaction from Leopia in Saying Goodbye for Good (Hearty Farewell)   
    It's important to know when you stop having fun. Seems that WoT's been your on-again, off-again GF. Good read, and good luck with your company!
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    Patient0 got a reaction from SaintLaurentius in Saying Goodbye for Good (Hearty Farewell)   
    It's important to know when you stop having fun. Seems that WoT's been your on-again, off-again GF. Good read, and good luck with your company!
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    Patient0 got a reaction from Tedster59 in Saying Goodbye for Good (Hearty Farewell)   
    It's important to know when you stop having fun. Seems that WoT's been your on-again, off-again GF. Good read, and good luck with your company!
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    Patient0 got a reaction from Sabocat in Saying Goodbye for Good (Hearty Farewell)   
    It's important to know when you stop having fun. Seems that WoT's been your on-again, off-again GF. Good read, and good luck with your company!
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    Patient0 got a reaction from Reppic27 in Saying Goodbye for Good (Hearty Farewell)   
    It's important to know when you stop having fun. Seems that WoT's been your on-again, off-again GF. Good read, and good luck with your company!
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    Patient0 reacted to Reppic27 in Saying Goodbye for Good (Hearty Farewell)   
    Hey guys and gals,
    Over the years I've chatted with some of you, played with many of you, befriended all of you, which is why I feel compelled to give a final goodbye. Now I plan on writing my story below of how this game has changed in my eyes BUT if you don't want to read a novel, no need to. For health reasons, this game and myself do not mix anymore. I can no longer seek refuge here and have fun. So I have to say goodbye.
    I'm not sure what will become of my account, I wish I could ask WG to delete it, but I think I will pass on to a friend and let it be his problem now. With that being said, I wish everyone here a respectful goodbye ! I wish each and everyone one of you the very best that I can both inside and outside this game.
    I hope to cross paths with many of you in other games, if you want my steam, please send me a private message. 
    Story (You Don't Need to Read Beyond this Point) *WARNING* Fairly Long:
    This isn't going to be a complaining story or any of that stuff. Just my life in WoT and how I feel the game has changed over the years and also how I've changed alongside it. 
    It is actually impressive to see how long I've been with this game. I look back and remember when I first started playing it, I was in college, my last semester. I was instantly hooked, that was more than 3 years ago. This game accounts for a good portion of my life and no other game held me that long on a constant basis (minus 2/3 breaks). The only other game that came remotely close was Star Wars Galaxies way back when. WoW held it for a while but I'd leave and come back when an expansion came rolling around (except Panda).
    Remembering that this game has been around for my first job out of college, when I lost that job, when I created my own company, bought my first new car, broke up with my first love, all these things, WoT was part of my life at that time. Didn't really have an affect on those things, but I played this game during all those emotional roller coasters brought on by life, and we all know life can be a b!tch.
    I still remember my noob days, they were fun, I had a blast. I remember my green and baby blue days, I had a blast as well. I joined right before the french TDs were introduced and I still remember my first tier 8 outside of premium tanks. The AMX AC 48, boy did I suck bad in it. But I had a blast.
    Unfortunately, my competitive side eventually kicked in and that is when I had my first "downhill" moment with this game. I became obsessed with WN7 (at the time) and soon to be WN8. I remember how important it was for me to get to the next tier and every bad game I acted like I was kicked in the nuts, insulted, humiliated. I wish I could go back to my former self and tell myself to chill out. Eventually I hated this game so much. I would rage and yell, which made my gaming experience worse. Finally took a break. Had life events going on which luckily took my free time away. Played WoW as well.
    Several months pass and I came back, and that love and fun I had for this game came with it. I played and watched streamers simultaneously. I got good, really good. Before I knew it I was blue and a purple recent, but I didn't care anymore about my stats, I felt free as a bird. I just played to have fun and for many of us here, fun is doing well and feeling accomplished. Little did I know my competitive side would eventually get the best of me. WN8-caring started coming back. I quickly decided another break was necessary. 
    I did come back (this past March).  I was what some could argue a different person, many life events had caused me to mature quickly, my parents would probably say too quickly, it is true. But that is life. Anyway I came back to try and revive the fun I once had with this game. I was no longer obsessed with stats nor did I care about winning. I cared about having fun and I wanted to have fun, I wanted that thrill for this game to come back, I wanted it bad. The addiction kicked in but that fun didn't last long. 
    Eventually I was obsessed with having fun but that went hand-in-hand with doing well which became increasingly tough. I don't know what I considered doing well, I guess it meant a good game and since I don't have any WN8 trackers or session stats, it didn't have to do with WN8 it was arbitrary. A good game possibly meant a win where I was top 3 damage on my team (and it wasn't a ROFL-STOMP-420-BLAZING 15>0), or a loss where I was top 2 on my team and fought like hell doing x2 my tank's health in damage. In retrospect, I'll never really know. What I do know is this:
    I rarely found that "fun" - and boy did I try, I tried playing this game drunk, high, tired, hyper, caffeinated, even while my GF was getting frisky, none of it worked. Well in the end I realized that my addiction to this game made me believe I could find fun in it, that things would go back to how they were, but I'm glad I realized they won't. 
    I had to ask why? Why wasn't I having fun anymore... and the issue is complicated but it has to do with the team-gameplay, there is none. Compile that with well.... not so good players and it leads to a really poor gaming experience. I compared WoT to other games that have "teams" but you can be alone and do well, BF4 and CoD and even MMORPG PvP. What I came to realize is that in these games, your team can do everything wrong but you can still do well yourself, because your character / toon / player isn't dependent on a team other than to win. In WoT it is different, your team goes all one way, they get surrounded, team wipes in 6mins, leaving YOU personally with a bad game because you couldn't stop the horde masses. Only using one example, but we all have TONS of them. Granted many may have different opinions but this one is mine and honestly it fits really well. I never raged as hard as I have in WoT. 
    Eventually this rage and dissatisfaction caught up with me. Had a panic attack because of my company and things going not so well. Granted, this isn't WoT's fault no, it is mine for thinking WoT could have been my refuge, my addiction lead me to believe fun was around the corner, but it never came. So for my health reasons, my stress counselor advised I shouldn't be playing games which provoke negative "responses" and the only one that fits the bill is ...... WoT.
    With all that being said... I am definitely leaving WoT behind, I do love this game, but it is like a bad relationship, love/hate all the time. The HD models are hard to let go, the E50 is hard to let go, the STA-1 is hard to let go, but I must do it for my health. 
    Final words: Play this game because it is fun, no other exception. Arty needs to be changed somehow... not OP, but broken. Fly British Airways, they are pretty awesome, gorgeous flight attendants!
    Also support Anfield on twitch, great streamer and his stream has helped me from a greenie to a blueberry by just watching him, his positioning, his tenacity and honestly because he enjoys the game and watching that alone is pretty awesome, I miss seeing that in myself. 
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    Patient0 reacted to Masterpupil2 in My Journey Through The Japanese Heavies!   
    Hello Readers!
    So I have been around for quite a long time, and as we all know, playing a game for an extended amount of time starts to burn you out. Since I got a job I have played a lot less recently, and it's been nice for the most part. However, it has made my skill worse and my attitude when playing just down-right cancerous to the point where I can no longer get platoon invites (most of my friends have left the game, but whatevs). 
    So What Will I Be Doing About This?
    Simple. The Japanese heavies just came out and everyone seems to be enjoying them for the most part. Since they're so new, I might as well try them out as well, especially since heavies are the main class of tank that I play. I also have absolutely ZERO knowledge about them besides knowing that they're sluggish and huge, and will be walking into the line/challenge completely blind.
    Why Am I Doing This?
    Again, a simple answer. Going through this line of ~decent~ heavies will truly test where I am at as a player even after hardly playing anymore. It will help me improve where I am falling behind, and it should be a nice "mission" for me to complete and have fun with. I will be trying my hardest to get the best winrates and super-leet deepeegees along the way, and when I get to the higher tiers I will attempt to get 3 marks (Was thinking tier 7+...?) on them. 
    My Personal Rules/Goals:
    Attempt to stay AT LEAST within 3200 WN8 and 65% Winrate (Might be a little harder when playing solo considering the speed of the heavies). Lower my anger levels, and try to have fun with this seeing as I've already proven I'm a good player and this game is dying anyways. Make some new friends during this challenge, because I'm a nice kid if you get to know me, and I deserve some fucking friends. Just Not Be Fucking Bad. Rules:
    Platoons are allowed, and will be used time-to-time. Starting at the Tier 2 (Type 89 I-Go/Chi-Ro) as I can tell the Tier 1 is another French clone. Fully-trained crew with consumables, gold rounds, and equipment/camo. Must play at least 5 games in each tank (forces me to play the lower-tiers more, and will force me to increase crew training so I'm not just wasting credits) *~ Will Add More To The List As I Progress ~*
    So Without Further A-Do, Here Is The Tank List!
    Tiers 1-5
    Type 89 I-Go/Chi-Ro *Finished*
    Type 91 Heavy *Finished*
    Type 95 Heavy *Finished*
    O-I Experimental *Finished*
    Tiers 6-10
    O-I  *Currently Playing*

    With all of this being said, I hope anyone reading/following this will enjoy my insight that comes with this, and if there's anything I can improve on, just let me know! Thank you for reading, and I sincerely hope you enjoy!
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    Patient0 reacted to TheMarine0341 in Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List   
    Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List
    FYI: Updating Coming with Patch 9.15 with the nerfing and buffing of several missions
    The thread for IM tips is quite possibly one of the most helpful in the forums right now, but much can be hard to dig through. I will be updating this thread periodically in the OP
    Also note, until the final mission of the set, (15th of each) completing secondary is not really my concern. Complete primary, move on until 15th missions
    Common Tanks To consider buying for missions
    All of these tanks can be used for all tiers and have a high likely-hood of being able to complete many missions of that set. Note, this is not comprehensive as some missions require # damage which can be especially difficult to do in some of these tanks. These tanks simply are "BAUS!" for completing many missions and should NOT be over-looked
    STUG IV Missions (All tanks must be tier 4 or greater)
    Light Tanks
    Medium Tanks
    Heavy Tanks
    Tank Destroyers
    T28 Concept (All mission tanks must be tier 5 or greater)

    Light Tanks 
     Medium Tank
     Heavy Tanks
    Tank Destroyers
    T55A Missions. All tanks must be tier 6+

    Light Tanks 
    Medium Tanks 
    Heavy Tanks 
    Tank Destroyers
    Obj 260 Missions. All tanks must be tier 6+

    Light Tanks 
    Medium Tanks 
    Heavy Tanks
    Tank Destoyers
    Tips from Those who Have completed the Object 260 Missions
    StranaMechy Obj 260 Mission Tips
    MissNurkie Double Fire MIssions
    Sahtila Obj260 Missions
    Jokobet Object 260 Missions
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    Patient0 reacted to Gmoney838 in Ser_G's continuing lower back pain (with chronic rerollitis)   
    Since all the cool kids are doing it, I'ma start posting some fun gaims I've had here.
    Didn't think to screenshot post battle; solid brawl in the T32 on Overlord. Faced down 6 consecutive tanks. Hulldown game too stronk. Good support from arty. http://wotreplays.com/site/2135309#overlord-helm_hammerpants-t32

    Pretty intense game on Siegfried Line. Initially I go north to butcher a hapless Panther, see that town is in the shit, and mosey myself into the fray. Make some unwise dmg trades, but it all works out in the end.
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    Patient0 got a reaction from Cunicularius in Tier 5 "Ace" O-I Exp. 3000dmg/6Kills 1400 exp   
    I would rather have more threads than less.
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    Patient0 got a reaction from Cunicularius in How do I become a better team player?   
    Serious thread. I think some players on this forum can help me.
    For the past few months my sole motivation to play WoT has been reaching thresholds. DPG mainly.
    To that extent my repertoire consists of damage farming and general apathy towards other players on my team. Even though I don't do this to the extent of some players, I am looking to broaden my horizons.
     Yes in some ways, achieving top DPG in some tanks is considered improvement, but I want to take it in another direction.
    I've noticed in that in the few tournaments that I've played(for gold) people have criticized me for not playing as well as they expect me to. Sometimes it's me accidentally blocking a teammate, other times I completely misread something and throw the game. Honestly I don't know why I can't perform to my expectations either. I think it's because predicting pubs is different from predicting in tournaments. With all this happening, somehow I find myself wanting to participate more in the eSports/CW scene. I feel that it's the next logical step for me to enjoy this game. I simply play pubs to achieve some pretty numbers which can be refined into epeen powder which is then used as lube for more circlejerking. I'm done trying to best a number or stat. I want something new.
     With college apps finishing up, I hopefully have enough time to for silver or maybe even gold league next season and also learn how to call. However, if any team were to want me, I have to improve first.  Hence the purpose of this clichéd post.
    TLDR - Pati wants to learn how to becum esprt player; also CW dude.
    To eSports players, how did you get into the tournament scene(connections, information, etc..)? How do I improve? Any advice to become better at communication? Time requirements? 
    To Gabe/Chai Alts/ Callers, how do I practice calling? Most of the time people don't want a newbie to call anything. I tried calling team battles at one point but all the teams are so bad that it's not really a challenge. Teach me pls.
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    Patient0 reacted to Valan in [NA] Super Purple Moving To UK [EU] servers   
    RU server appears to have a better tournament scene than what the EU has, in terms of tournament activity & sheer volume of opportunities.  Neither the EU nor the RU servers have a tournament similar in gold payouts, as what the NA's Weekday Warfare tournament does for the time involved: 10000 gold per individual, for ten hours of tournament play spread over five days. (Weekday Warfare is the only tournament for early players on NA server, as well)
    RU server's version of the NA's Stand To tournament series pays out 200 gold for 1st, 100 for 2nd place. Whereas NA server payouts 500 gold for 1st, 350 gold for 2nd place for a Stand To tournament.
    RU server's version of NA server's skirmish pays out 8000 gold for 1st, 6000 gold for 2nd, 2500 for 3rd & 4th places, 1500 gold for 5th to 8th places, 1000 gold for 9 to 16th places.
    The EU server basically only has two tournament series running currently: Fan Cup & Easy 8 7/54 
    EU tournament scene is bad enough, that I've seen many Europeans, C.I.S., Japanese, Taiwanese, Mongolian & ASIA server refugees come to the NA server simply to earn tournament gold. EU tournament scene payouts are worst overall than what either the Russian or NA servers have presently.  
    The RU server does have a few servers closer to Great Britain at RU3 Munich, Germany  & RU7 - Amsterdam, Netherlands. However the RU tournaments are run on RU1 (Moscow) and RU8.  
    When the Ukrainian-Russian crisis-slash-war started a sizeable number RU server players immigrated to the NA server, where they remain to this day.  Bad blood between those groups led to problems on the RU server for Ukraine origin individuals, from what I heard from the newly arrived.
    If your seeking information about EU, RU, NA, ASIA clans you could learn about them at:
    Wargaming Clan Rating for NA, EU, RU, ASIA et la.
    WoTCS.com clan rating for EU, NA, RU, ASIA et la
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    Patient0 reacted to mereelskirata in What clans have the best "A team" for clan wars?   
    Also a side note. Bulba's "A-team" is actually just the people who show up first.
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