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  1. And I am down to two games before crashing.
  2. Welcome to the club! I can play 8-10 battles, then ctd, and unable to log in again before the match ends. Probably a sound issue, some people on the EU server has reported that the ctd goes away, if you go to control panel>sound>speakers>properties>advanced and choose cd-quality. Doesn't work for me, though. So I am playing 8-10 battles, and then call it a day.
  3. When this happens (3v3) I turn it back on for the rest of the match. And then I turn it off again for the next match.
  4. Chat is useless, so I turned it off. Just a lot of dead men talking. Telling you that you are a noob, and that they could do it way better than you. Except that they are dead.
  5. If I go check something in Chrome during countdown (like Okeanos no-go maps), then, when I return to the game after countdown is finished, sometimes my gun fires. If I return to the game before count-down is finished, no involuntary shooting occurs.
  6. If a target shows up under my cross-hair and I then stop and zoom in sniper mode, sometimes there is no line of sight. But if I just fire in arcade mode, I very often hit it anyway. This is a great tip, thanks a lot.
  7. What do you mean when you say "lock the camera"? Right-click and look/hold "x" and look?
  8. Thanks, derpTacular, I will try to turn on xvm again. I like your optimism: "Kill the blurples". The reason I fear the blurples is, that every time I try to kill them, instead they kill me! Most of the time I haven't even spotted them, before I am dead. Like a game I had yesterday: I was camping in a bush on Lakeville middle road (south spawn) in my T40 (400m view range) with camo paint, binocs and camo net, with a 100% crew and around 80% camo skill, waiting for some prey, and got killed in two shots by an invisible blue A43 from across the lake. I went wtf and suspected foul play, But t
  9. I turned off AdBlock for this site, but I still get no ads, just the "Hey there..." message. Suits me fine, I don't want ads. But I guess something is broken, unless you get paid for me not seeing the ads. If you do, we have a "best of all worlds" situation. edit: Never mind, the ads are showing now. edit again: There are only ads on some pages (like this one I am posting in right now) and not others (like the one with my stats). Also, so far I have only got dating ads, so I am inclined to turn AdBlock back on. I'll leave it off for now, but if it keeps spamming me with pictures of si
  10. Yeah, I found that out the hard way >:| Actually, I am doing exactly as you recommend, reading a lot, watching replays, and staying in the game if/when I die and watch what other players do. I also put a brake on myself, not allowing myself to go beyond tier 5 before I have become a lot better. I had the xvm stats displayed, but I turned them off, because I actually got scared every time I saw a blue or a purple player. I wish there was an easy way to turn xvm on/off in-game, because when I am alive, I don't want to know how good people are, but when I am dead, I like to
  11. Thanks guys. Yes, Zepherex, being unemployed, I have a lot of free time and no money. Another reason for my many battles can be, that it is possible to have up to 30 battles per hour and more, if you try to play as a scout without having the skills to actually be a scout ;-).
  12. My name is vonduus, I am from Copenhagen, Denmark, I started playing tanks a few weeks ago, and I suck. But I am getting better, partly because of this great website, that has taught me a lot. I don't expect to post a lot here, except perhaps a few questions in the Newbie Palace. Can't think of anything to ask right now, though. I prefer heavy tanks and tank destroyers, because I tend to die a lot in lights and mediums. Actually, I don't really care about stats. But I have found out, that it is a lot more fun to do lots of damage and win matches, than it is to die horribly becaus
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