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  1. I am in need of a new case, I got a Cougar Spike case that doesn't work for me anymore. I installed a Hyper 212 plus and because of that my hard drives don't fit inside the case and I can't close it. At this moment I'm keeping my HDD cool by having them placed on top of a laptop cooling pad (works great, looks messy). I have 2 cases that are really catching my eye, those are Storm Scout II Advanced and Cooler Master N600. Both are the same price and I really like the clean window in the N600. Any help/new case suggestions are really welcome Specs: CPU: FX-6300 (OC'd to 4.3Ghz) CPU Cooler
  2. Are you telling me in RL you shoot crosseyed? :0
  3. Anyone got any hard drives they are going to get rid of?

  4. pls don't stop the videos coming
  5. Who is Neil Diamond?

    1. Intumesce


      Who is John Storm?

    2. RutgerS


      Who is Spartacus?

  6. Checked my drivers, they are fine. Guess i can't record because blah
  7. Tried using Raptr today, could not get over 10 frames on minimum in BF3 with an R9 270. No idea why, might be a bug?
  8. If I remember correctly it's a white death mod glitch, not 100% sure it that's what it was but it happened to me when I had Sela's modpack with white death and white tracks mod, he removed them and everything works fine now
  9. AMD stock CPU coolers are as competent as 50 WN8 pubtards

    1. Yuffy


      modded one once. lapped the contact surface, attached a better fan, and mounted with GC Extreme. I think it cut like 8C off load temps. But that's still terrible lol.

    2. mereelskirata


      My dad runs his AMD Phenom II 955 with the stock cooler, and it's full of dust... rip

    3. TermsOfService


      I'm going to get a CPU cooler when I can, this stock one runs at 45 C on idle, close to 60 playing wot and reaches 64C when streaming. Completely unacceptable

  10. It's a great card, should run WoT on a mix of max and high, depending on your CPU
  11. I don't know whats going on, I'm only using your mod pack and I'm getting this, it happens when I leave game after my screen get stuck in one position qq
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