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  1. clans have done that before. it doesn't exactly matter. one look at the clan list by any player shows the fake. 11_AD did it on the NA server by literally buying unicum accounts.
  2. I thought it was a tier 10 until I read the "last balanced tier in the game" line and was like wat. here I am kinda wishing I could get back into the game because I miss playing it (but every time I play the ridiculous lack of balance makes me close it after 3 games) and then WG over here is doing their best to remove that idea as well
  3. Im still MAJORLY opposed to flat out selling clan war rewards for bonds. seems to kinda undermine the effort it takes to grind the fucking things out. if anything a new bond only tank would of been a better option imo (as long as it wasn't yet another new OP bullshitmobile, which it probably would be so maybe two sub par CW rewards is better now that I think about how intelligent current WG is) M60 is pretty meh. its got god tier gun handling, and some pretty nice buffs in other areas but they neutered its ROF and its reload is like 7.5-8 seconds or something dumb. 121B got some nice buffs though, its more sluggish than a 140 for example, but its got decent gun handling and a decent ROF (which it sorely needed as it previously had an 8+ sec reload) of the two, I'd take the 121b performance wise myself. M60 still has the giant tumor and is made of paper anyway, and because its so tall its gun depression is nullified a bit, in the way say the STB's isnt (even before it got its siege mode) As for the others, Patriot is probably the best all rounder there IMO, but I personally wouldn't be interested in anything there anyway.
  4. The thing is, I dont really think there is any inherent issue with HE rounds fired out of "normal" (non derp/arty) guns. its a niche shell used for cap resets and stuff, as mentioned. nothing in this change from my reading sounds like it'd make me more likely to use it more often in that regard. the thing that needs changing is derp guns, and how high calibre HE works. currently its an RNG fest, and totally bleh for gameplay. I mean, stuff like the KV-2 are one thing. but Type 5s/183s etc are completely different things and that is what needs reworking, imo. though to be honest, I dont actually know how I'd rework the Type 5 or 183 etc short of removing the derp gun/shell, but in the KV-2s case for example I'd find even that isn't an option as it would be on the other two since doing that is pretty much removing the entire point of the KV-2.
  5. league is so ridiculously fucking toxic, even to new players or people still learning holy fucking shit.


    every single game I get spammed for not being apparently a fucking pro or something

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    2. Assassin7


      I think I have two main problems. 

      The fist, is that fights are so short. I can't physically keep up with whats happening on the screen before either they're dead or im dead. That video you posted, I couldn't keep up with what he was even doing. I guess thats why tanks was the first game I became really good at, with its slow pacing. I've streamed in discord to friends who are good that are watching me and they're telling me to do things before I've even processed whats happening to start with. heck in some situations I even flat out lose track of where my own character is on the screen. 

      The second problem is I just physically don't know what I am doing that is wrong. As in, I dont know well enough what the correct thing to do even is. I'm slowly, slowly learning and sometimes after dying or failing to kill someone that I could of killed I realise what I did wrong. while playing garen and having the aforementioned friend watching my stream, them telling me where and when to move helped quite a lot really.

      Also, I've been playing garen, but of course he got changed with the last patch so now literally everyone is playing him, and the last 3 games I played garen I was fighting an enemy garen and just got buttfucked all 3 times. 

    3. kolni


      well it's like learning how to drive, or learning anything really

      you need time to adjust and get comfortable keeping track of things, CSing is a skill that takes REALLY long to get good at because you have to watch all your minions and their autos to reliably get every CS (nobody's perfect, people talk about the ideal 10CS/min mark but almost nobody hits it below challenger) and once CSing becomes second nature you can start focusing more on the enemies movement

      you also learn how to farm the full wave with combos eventually

      not dying should always be your #1 priority unless you dying results in something more valuable, after that comes enemy HP/mana bar and position + summoners to keep track of, and then the minion wave, if you took a bad trade (learning when to trade also takes very long) then as garen especially you can just back off the wave and heal up, on other champs this generally means having to give up some CS since you risk dying if get to close to the enemy champion

      the trickiest part is keeping track of other lanes and jungler positioning which is ganking and roams are so effective

    4. Vindi


      Kolni basically wrote down every important aspect of your problem in his 3-4 long comments before but I can only agree with him on practice tool. There are a lot of champions who are only require a few basic combos to get used to (garen, darius, renekton, jarvan iv, vi, khazix, etc) but of course playing a tank will not be enough against the more complex champions because they can outcombo you easily. The best thing is just to play draft normal games one after another and you will eventually learn how to play your pool. I started with Riven and Vayne which was a fatal mistake per skills and combos because - as you wrote - I didn't even know what I'm doing in the first place.

      So start with as many champions as you can play (free to play rotations primarily without speding any BE) and you will find a few you will like I can guarantee that.

      Besides don't play ranked until you learned the basics of cs and such, long months passed until I even tried it out.

      Nonetheless the game will remain toxic, even in higher elo many ranked games are just full of shit, if someone throws his lane they will get 0-24 flame and pingfest even if they were ganked 3 times etc.

      The good teamplays are generally rare, the problem with LOL is that meanwhile in WOT you can carry for example in a Chieftain or 907 1v6 sitations from time-to-time in league this will be more harder as you get CC'd by 3 people and you cannot move and you will die again and again.

      What I did was that I randomly added every better silver or bronze guy when I started to play hoping that they would join me in a draft or ranked to learn from them and I did.

      As an addendum, watch "how-to-play xy champion" videos on YT, I can recommend Eternal Hero, he is an EUNE guy whom I usually play with, he is a DIA 3 but have the most insight into champion usage I have ever seen.

      So just check it out.

      As per on my view, after 3/4 years I started to like league really, because you have so many options and ways of how to play 1 champion and you have a large pool of them. Then you will discover combos with flash ultimates and such which will help you to deal with 1v3 or even 1v3 situations with more complex champions.

      The game will remain complex but for me this is the reason I keep playing it and quit wot because I got tired of random ebr's and arty's etc. plus it got monoton and repetitive.

  6. Moved to metagame discussion because ask a purple poster is ded
  7. What the fuck did they do to AA in ships? its flat out worthless now. it does nothing.

    a fucking Furious sits a single dive bomber squad over my kongos short range AA for THREE FUCKING RUNS and doesnt lose a single plane to it?

    what is this bullshit?

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    2. Haswell
    3. Oicraftian


      I'd argue that WG seems determined to kill all the history-fags with their crap games.

      Because of WOT interest in tanks has gone down according to google trends.


      Now, that might not necessarily be a bad thing; they're history-fags. Not historians. And most of them are deluded into thinking things like Soviet tank bad, or IJN crap, or USN FCS buffs the precision of their guns.

    4. Diriz0n


      Soviet tanks are bad. 

      The only ones who don't think that, are retarded soviets.


  8. Could you at least tell us why you dont want to tell us?
  9. What I learned, based on my limited time 3 marking stuff (I fucking hate doing it) was to track fucking everything. assisted damage counts to mark progress, if you track and damage shit, and teammates shoot them, that counts as progresss. I also went and tracked stuff where possible when I didnt have any shots that could do damage, and it resulted in some extra damage. Bruh, will 3 marking my STB, I got it to 94.94% (unknown to me at the time because I was purposely not looking at it, platoon mate told me after) then the next game was doing great and then choked and got myself derped by a JPE, and then was down another 2% by the end of the session.
  10. wait what? does that mean I cant play? what the actual fuck
  11. i hate radar mk. (also it was way more cancer when it was released than it is now since when it was released radar was pretty rare)
  12. Assassin7


    Ok for a start vlad, you fucking repeatedly called fucking tsavos work to try and get him fired. It took me 30 seconds of google to find that while doxxing itself may be legal, doing that is stalking and harrassment which is very much illegal. Second, as you stated, it may be legal in america. But when you tried and failed to dox gasai_yuno, you actually gave the information of Yuno_O_OII, an Australian. And i think you'll find that it is very much illegal in Australia. Does your laywer cover australian law? Not to mention the actual fucking gasai yuno is in fucking finland where as you said it is illegal. Not to mention the fact that if you can actually afford a lawyer that expensive, dont you have something better to do than go around stalking people? Grow the fuck up
  13. Assassin7


    Dun delete this I wanna read and laugh at this shit but my current break is over
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