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  1. While Id still much rather see nerfs to the newer tanks and slowing down of power creep, Im highly doubting Ill be getting my wish so I guess its at least nice that they are finally giving some sort of love to older tanks. My fear is making the E5 too sameish to the SC. But when I think about it, other than just making it faster, how CAN they buff it so its not made more sameish to a tank that has more armour, more DPM, and better gun handling, when gun handling and DPM were originally the E5s strong suits... Dammit to me it still feels like things need nerfs because in my mind, the E5s current power level is what they SHOULD be aiming for in terms of vehicle balance, when instead its currently basically a tier 9.5...
  2. Id say the reason that wasnt used is because of its 1981 introduction date.
  3. Nah I legit think the EBRs are more broken than arty, and Id legit remove both them and the STRVs before I removed arty if I was running it
  4. Fucking good. Currently they are leagues better active scouts than the regular light tanks, and just as good if not still better passive scouts. Less effective is what we want. Not to mention the fact that they werent origionally supposed to be able to physically reach max VR in the first place.
  5. Oh man losing a wheel now ONLY drops it to the speed of the fastest tracked LT in the game, that makes it so much better... It should drop its max speed to 10kph, and losing a second should fully immobilise it...
  6. mfw they wont let me have the new battle hardened badge already unlocked even though I've got 2500 battles in my STB-1.


    1. Private_Miros


      Update postponed because of technical issues, so there might be patch on US to set some things right.

    2. Assassin7


      I have no idea about anything in this update, I just logged in, got told "hey new stuff here" and looked at it lol.

      so I wouldnt know

    3. BadLuckCharm


      They don't care if you did that crap before, they want to know if you can pull that stuff off now.


  7. Some People here like cars right? Taken today at a car meet I went to






    Annd the last one there is my car :P


    idk about the blue tint in some of those, brand new phone with new camera and still working out the settings lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Assassin7



      Supras aren't very interesting over here. Heck even the Skyline GTRs draw no attention. Both are pretty common. 

      Everyone was actually crowding around the NSX, and some dude in an MX-5 with a turbo and the exhaust sticking out the bonnet lol. (Quite illegal here)

    3. Tman450



      Gross, a miata

    4. SoliDeoGloria


      Stock NSX are hot

  8. what the others said, its bad because of the imbalance between prem and base XP and how they get lumped together, it makes it impossible
  9. my first thought on reading the title of this thread is that there are about three hundred Exponentially more pressing issues that this game needs fixing than changing the equipment, which is a long standing and conventional mechanic with no inherent problems. before watching the video and reading some comments in the thread, this has further strengthened my opinion that this will be in no way an actually good change. skimming through a small portion of the video. I already, seriously, seriously do not like any of this idea. they're trying to fix something that aint broke.
  10. Do we really need ANOTHER russian heavy?
  11. average tier, and other stuff would change for the overall and per tank. Im not sure how the formula works myself, but the way I'd understand it is that if you played one battle in a T5 tank, and one battle in a T10 tank, with both being at say exactly 3000 WN8, when adding them together for the overall stat, your average tier of 7.5 would yield slightly different expected values than a simple case of "this tanks expected plus this tanks expected divided by 2" Ok so I just tried this, the M4 Shermans expected (513.45) plus the M48 Pattons expected (1864.403) divided by two is 1188.9265. for an Average tier of 7.5. but the T20s expected is 944.827, and the Pershing is 1119.194. So just by adding the expected damages, your average tier of 7.5 already has higher expected than a tier 8 tanks expected. I could be talking completely out of my ass here, but thats how I'd understand it working. This basic premise would also apply to spots, kills, and all the other stats that get included. also its more likely that the per tank is wrong and not the overall, as WN8 is intended to show stats over a large sample size and for smaller sample sizes or even for per tank, its not entirely accurate.
  12. 0 new covid cases in NZ today. Fucking go us

  13. tier 3-5 tanks feel like they have literally no alpha now, its kinda funny. But it actually feels better, you can actually play a lot more "properly" with them now because you actually have usable HP. 

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    2. Assassin7


      I didnt try tier 6, only 3 and 4 lol. 

    3. M4A3E8sherman


      Dem 900 dmg Locust games

      for real, low tiers were dead for a long time, it's kinda fun actually

    4. Ham_


      I'm kinda sad there is no fast pace game play tiers anymore. 

  14. Around the time of the 3rd campaign was my best time for me. That was what? Late 2014? 2015ish i guess. The general game and vehicle balance to me was the best its ever been. The only real cancer tank was the Waffle, the most OP tank in the game was the E5 and even then that was barely OP. It also was around the time I felt the game population in general was at its peak (at least on NA), its only ever really been going down since. Maps were turning corridor-ey but there were still some open maps where you could move around. Back then I was in FOXEY, who were also my favourite clan to be in, and I still play and chat with a bunch of the old foxey guys even today. Clan wars meta was also the most varied that I can remember. The E100 was viable. If you wanted an RU med it wasn't just the 907 or bust. The 62A was still viable. Heck if you didn't have one of the right tanks, the general balance was so much closer that running an off meta tank was easily workable - heck I remember playing my T10 VF4202 in one game and winning while doing near top damage lmao (rip that tank, so much fun) After that, they started releasing bullshit. The Type 5, which I believe has not had any remotely positive influence on the game, ever since its release. The STRV, which is the same.
  15. Bruhhhhhh and all those naysayers denying the gloriousness of the STBae-1 for ALL THESE YEARS. maybe I Should log in and play a proper session in it again
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