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  1. omfg, these god damn spambots making OVER THREE HUNDRED THREADS THAT I HAD TO DELETE INDIVIDUALLY

    1. Private_Miros


      Beep me - I can do that in the AdminCP in batches, but the changes are not immediate.

    2. Assassin7


      hmm I think its okay, I just went into the adminCP and found a bunch of settings, I changed it so it auto deletes all content of anyone who gets flagged as a spammer, which should help

  2. Hello, sorry to bother,
    I've just made this account, and I realized I didn't spell my username the same as my WoT account.  Is it required that they are the same?

    1. DrWeb7_1


      This isn't neccessary.

  3. I think they'll move their head offices to the EU somewhere. Maybe even make the paris office the new primary one, since expanding an already established office to me makes more sense than setting up a new one.
  4. you should be able to just double click on the replay file itself and it'll open it. You don't need to copy it to the desktop or drag it to the launcher. Oh, actually because you are dragging it over the launcher, you are trying to open it with the WoT launcher file. not the WoT application file. to drag it over you need to open it with the worldoftanks.exe file, which is the file for the actual game, rather than just the launcher.
  5. https://wotlabs.net/na/player/God_0f_Fap

    okay what the fuck?

    1850dpg and 14K WN8 in a PzIII E?

    1. Panzergraf


      SA bot farming, it's what HACKD/HECKD does, usually in platoons.
      1850 DPG is still impressive though.

    2. DrWeb7_1


      I thought RU servers are 'pros' at low-tier stat boost, but I was wrong.

  6. im looking at these field modifications for my STB, none of them at all seem worth the tradeoffs. at all. I'd rather just leave it as it is. 

  7. Those mega buff skills, and how they are implemented, dont sit well with me either. The fact you have to spec into specific skills in one specific section to unlock a specific buff is a terrible, stupid design IMO. There are so many different tanks with so many different play styles, and so many different strengths and weaknesses, that forcing you to spec into a specific section to get a mega buff removes choice, and gimps your crew, either by forcing you into sub optimal regular skills to get the mega buff you want, or forcing you to forgo the mega buff gimping you that way.
  8. Ive just seen QBs video on this, didnt even know it was out until today. Its beyond a joke. They havent changed any of the fundamental problems that I had with it whatsoever, they've just removed a bit of RNG from it but in the process made it even more pay2win, based on his video. The entire system as a concept needs to be completely scrapped. If it goes into the game with it even close to this, I see no reason to bother playing it again.
  9. Thats something I think you'd find better answered by the WOWS forums or Wargaming Technical support unfortunately
  10. played first couple of games of tanks in ~2-3 months.

    is it just me or is the camera raised up above the tank more than before? Or have I just been playing far too much War thunder?

    also, that tactical camera thing is awful, so glad I could turn it off

  11. does this mean they're gonna put it in? Fuck sakes.
  12. soooo, I just got the STB-1 in War Thunder.

    and, just like its WoT counterpart, its absolutely bonkers good. 

    Im in love, all over again, in a completely different game. 

    fuck yes

    1. MagicalFlyingFox


      The problem with the Japanese tree is that there is nothing to go with the STB-1 :(

    2. Assassin7


      frankly the entire tree is like that lol, short of 4.7 and 6.7. 

      either way, Im in love. 

  13. Screenshot_20210621-143122.jpg

    Fuck spammers, sometimes I feel like non mods are lucky they dont have to look at shit like this all the time lol.

    Fun times going down and permanently deleting 30 spam topics just to clear my recent topics feed.

  14. I dont like it. I think the idea is... just dumb. They aren't fixing core issues that would make the game better. they're just adding layers upon layers of baggage on top of it until it gets smothered IMO. I think its similar to the proposed crew system. Its just... too over bloated and complicated. I dont know how to explain it, I just think... the core game should stay as it is. Changes and additions to the game of this type I think should be in areas that don't change the core gameplay. For example equipment 2.0, that's something that actually was implemented
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