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  1. Shhh, get out of here with your logic. that has no place in the WG balance department
  2. Its a step in the right direction, but I still think they should just nerf all the fucking new shit. And I dont agree with armour buffs. All that means is just more gold spam
  3. Announcement a few hours ago, NZ locking down effective immediately. No work, no school. For 4 weeks. Fun times
  4. NZ is two Islands in the South pacific. our closest neighbour is Australia which is a 3 hour flight away. Assuming we had no cases in the first place, closing our borders to ALL non NZ residents, and properly quarantining the relatively low number of residents coming back home from abroad as they are currently allowed to do before all passenger air traffic is halted which is currently planned, would be pretty effective in assuring we would never get any cases.
  5. Scientists: "if we dont cut our pollution within the next 10 years its irreversible"
    Coronavirus: "hold my beer"


    1. nabucodonsor


      Well this is not untrue....

  6. came back in here to post this. literally 2-3 weeks too late. we shoulda done it ages ago, before the first case even came in. :-/
  7. Just fyi incase anyone hasnt seen it, the US allegedly now has free coronavirus testing for all american citizens regardless of healthcare/insurance etc
  8. NZ confirmed cases up to 20 as of today. Gatherings of 500+ people are banned, most big events have been cancelled or postponed, Mandatory 14 day quarantine for every single person coming into NZ from abroad has been instated. People are starting to buy out more than just TP now. Work and school etc are still business as usual now though. However my work is primarily in rest homes/villages, hospitals, and construction sites (of rest homes hospitals) if the rest homes decide to lock down and not let anyone in, we've just lost a major amount of our work. And on some of the larger construction sites, it may end up breaking the limit of people gathering in one place, especially if the government lowers that limit, forcing those sites to shut down too. So short story, my company could be completely out of work soon if it keeps escalating.
  9. 4 confirmed cases in NZ, media trying to scaremonger article views and shit despite all 4 being quarantined and no major problems. People going and buying out TP and hand sanitizer like retards. Auctions for fucking $3 hand sanitizer going up on trademe (NZs Ebay/craigslist/whatever) for like $15-$20 trying to profiteer off it. Idk if anyones dumb enough to actually buy it, havent seen a lack of stock of either in every supermarket Ive been to. Borders are closed to a bunch of places, china, Iran, Korea, and Italy that I know of. Auckland Airport just announced today a trade block on their stock, most likely virus related. Some universities tried to petition the government to let chinese students here because their profits were dropping without those sweet chinese tuition fees, rightfully got told to fuck off. Otherwise its business as usual. Its just the media scaremongering over here really. Blowing shit out of proportion.
  10. woah that site still exists? (I wonder if im still a mod over there lol)
  11. I believe theres a premium tank buy back menu somewhere, i cant remember where it is though since Ive never used it. Otherwise send a support ticket, you'll need the sale cost in credits to buy it back.
  12. legitimately the same for me. I've played this game since I was literally 12 years old. being a part of it and the community actually fully influenced who I am today (In a lot of good ways, but also a few bad ways I admit) But I too look back on the time i spent playing fondly and dont regret a moment of it. I havent "quit", but bringing up the will to play has just gotten harder and harder the last year or two. Something I wish wasn't the case, but WG are being retarded
  13. Im too bad at league to comment on that lol. (but I legit almost never see aphelios in blind pick idk why)
  14. Kind of not a fan of this but also its not a bad idea. I disagree with taking especially historical tanks away (like the firefly, hetzer etc as stated earlier) and I also disagree with taking high tiers away. But simplifying the grind isnt nessecarally a bad idea. Also note that they're starting arty/TDs at tier 4/5 and not tier 2, not a completely terrible idea. You know what sucks about you saying the 113 is bad? The fact that its not bad. They buffed it right up to the top of clan wars competitiveness a few years ago, and it hasnt been touched since then, theyve just overbuffed everything else and released new, more powercreeped tanks. Thats one major reason I barely play the game anymore now.
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