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  1. And its frontal hull is even servicable if you angle. And its not even that bad of a sidescraper. And its mobility is workable. Its just flat out good. I 3 marked mine while barely trying, and I think my damage record in it is around 5k.
  2. Wait what? ive always found the gun handling on the T29 to be pretty decent.
  3. Yeah Id agree with tiger as 2nd best, but I have no idea for 3rd best
  4. T29, because of its versatility. Plus a strong armour profile and a decent gun thats still viable even in tier 9 games. Stuff like Tiger lacks the armour to be capable when bottom tier, and its not really mobile enough to pull flanking to use its DPM, and the Russian 122s dont have the gun handling or gold pen to be reliably effective in tier 9 IMO. I honestly have no clue about the newer lines like the polish stuff.
  5. cheif/Super Conq/E5/IS-7, which is probably best for doing HT-15 in todays meta for 260? because those are the ones I own lol.

    (also 113/5A/T-10/50B but those ones wont have any hope with it)

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    2. Assassin7


      M53 on Redshire lol. Their heavies sat all clumped up on the 9 line all game, 3.8K damage 4k assisted, was enough for SPG15-4 if I had that mission.

    3. Assassin7
    4. LetsMakeTheMagic


      Wow sick game. Congrats again. I will also give it another go today.

  6. Before I buy this thing, if anyone who knows this sort of stuff could tell me, will this sound card be capable of boosting my windows sound volume? I.e make it louder? https://playtech.co.nz/collections/sound-cards/products/creative-soundblaster-audigyfx-soundcard

    Over the last few months my general audio volume has been slowly getting quieter, idk why. But im hoping a new dedicated sound card will fix it. 

    1. simba90


      A dedicated sound card is completely separate from your onboard sound. Its a separate device with its own volume control. I had a motherboard that the onboard sound died on a few years ago and I fixed it with a dedicated sound card. YMMV depending on the actual issue but I'd be pretty surprised if that card didn't fix the issue.

  7. WEEEEEEEB (I say while being able to read that perfectly)
  8. is there a difference between PCI and PCI express?

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    2. Tarski


      Maybe I'm wrong. From Wikipedia


      PCI and PCI-X have become obsolete for most purposes; however in 2020 they are still common on modern desktops for the purposes of backward compatibility and the low relative cost to produce.


    3. Haswell


      Check your mobo to see what slot you want to use, then get a wifi card for that.

      Alternatively adapters exist.

    4. Folterknecht


      In regards to WiFi cards your read it right, there are PCI and PCIe cards. Though PCI is outdated and has very narrow bandwith compared to modern PCIe standards.


      On motherboards you usually don't find PCI anymore in midrange/highend boards besides some special or custom made ones. Though guys who tinker around like to have a board like that, so they don't have to mess around with silly adapters.

  9. damn, I forgot how good the FCM 50t is. Its so nice

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    2. Private_Miros


      I can deal with the platform, I can deal with the alpha damage, I love the mobility and gun depression, but oh my god last time I played it I couldn't hit a barn door if it was 5 meters away.

    3. Assassin7


      It does have that classic french RNG sometimes, yeah. Though it was fine when I played it last night. Course im also fairly used to guns that like going into the dirt, thanks to the STB. 

      Its weird, it was my primary credit earner before I got the Type 59, but since getting the 59 Ive been playing that almost exclusively as a pref 8. However in the last year or two I think Ive barely ever seen anyone else in an FCM in any of the tier 8 games Ive played. Its rarely played anymore.

    4. Tarski


      Whenever I get in the FCM I regress to full tomato for some reason. I have an unreasonably hard time not failing miserably with it. 

  10. im not gonna lie, everything on that list looks boring as fuck to me. if the 112 is pref (I think it is?) then that'd be the one to get IMO, but even then, I still would never play it myself. but thats just me.
  11. I believe Players is the number of players on the Wotlabs database (which isn't the same as all players in the region - only players who have been entered into wotlabs) who have played a battle in that tank. average battles is the average number of battles played by players in the wotlabs database in that tank. Average damage is the same thing. I believe there is no timeframe, its just all time stats
  12. Maybe they should just ban reward tanks from CW, or at least campaigns. That would solve the "if you dont have one you're screwed" issue, AND make it more fair on clans that dont have many/any of them. That gets rid of the 907/chieftan meta. And it also gets rid of the dumb 260/279e stuff as well (im not sure if its still meta but 260 was becoming super meta around the time just before I stopped playing CW) Im pretty sure they did do this at one point for one campaign or something years back, and everyone was back to using 140s and stuff. I think there was some grumbling from the top clans at the time but frankly I remember it working well.
  13. frankly the less of those things in this game the better IMO. I wouldnt even mind if they nerfed it and I own one
  14. Merry christmas to all you nerds

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