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  1. Thats something I think you'd find better answered by the WOWS forums or Wargaming Technical support unfortunately
  2. played first couple of games of tanks in ~2-3 months.

    is it just me or is the camera raised up above the tank more than before? Or have I just been playing far too much War thunder?

    also, that tactical camera thing is awful, so glad I could turn it off

  3. does this mean they're gonna put it in? Fuck sakes.
  4. soooo, I just got the STB-1 in War Thunder.

    and, just like its WoT counterpart, its absolutely bonkers good. 

    Im in love, all over again, in a completely different game. 

    fuck yes

    1. MagicalFlyingFox


      The problem with the Japanese tree is that there is nothing to go with the STB-1 :(

    2. Assassin7


      frankly the entire tree is like that lol, short of 4.7 and 6.7. 

      either way, Im in love. 

  5. Screenshot_20210621-143122.jpg

    Fuck spammers, sometimes I feel like non mods are lucky they dont have to look at shit like this all the time lol.

    Fun times going down and permanently deleting 30 spam topics just to clear my recent topics feed.

  6. I dont like it. I think the idea is... just dumb. They aren't fixing core issues that would make the game better. they're just adding layers upon layers of baggage on top of it until it gets smothered IMO. I think its similar to the proposed crew system. Its just... too over bloated and complicated. I dont know how to explain it, I just think... the core game should stay as it is. Changes and additions to the game of this type I think should be in areas that don't change the core gameplay. For example equipment 2.0, that's something that actually was implemented
  7. I thought the FCM was better even back then, and the FCM has aged much better as well IMO, especially due to its pref MM.
  8. How Viable is SLI these days? Im starting to run into FPS issues with my 1070, and based on the current extreme GPU shortage+insane prices, a 3000 series is out of the question, even AMDs offerings are too much, and buying a used 20 series is too expensive for the performance gains unless I can find a 2080 which Are also pretty expensive still.


    Wondering if a viable alternative for shortish term gains would be a second used 1070 and SLIing them, as I can get one fairly cheap.

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      Hewwo there, Assassin7

      The big obstacle is games that support SLI rather than performance, you'll have to research how the games you play react to SLI or multi-GPU in general.
      I'm sure you've heard nVidia dropped driver support ages ago at this point, so support in newer titles isn't always clear. WoT back in 2013/14/15 struggled with graphical errors on SLI setups, so much so that they retracted their SLI certification. Beyond that, if a game manages to run, performance might not even scale.

      Good luck
      - Mike


      (brb dying)

  9. M60 still has a super long reload though. As for the 121B, I didnt think it needed any substantial buffs, not that substantial at least. all the others (depending on what M60 gets) I dont disagree with the buffs at all
  10. So is there a way to turn off all these absurdly stupid beeps and dings that they've added with this patch to literally every single action?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Private_Miros


      I don't hear that at all.

    3. Assassin7


      lucky, Ima need whatever mod that is then lol

    4. Kuratovsky


      I feel you, it's just stupid. A partial solution is now included in Aslain's for destroyed enemies. Regarding other dings, if you use xvm, you might be able to disable them in sounds.xc. Otherwise look at gui/[sounds_notifications|gui_sounds].xml and similar with an xvm decoder if you're into modding. I wrote something about it on reddit. You just have to find the right wwsound keys in the right files and blank them.

  11. just stacked 4 coherence instructors on my STB crew. my reload is now 5.18 seconds. (5.32 on live) since I cant get to max crew XP rank, unless there's another way to get a LOT more crew XP the sub 5 second STB reload dream is not to be edit: oh I get a whole bunch of XP books just for playing the game. can I play enough battles to get enough XP to do it? probably not
  12. on that crew I specifically picked only skills that DONT have that requirement thing because I absolutely hate the idea of it. here's the skill loadout I have: edit: lmao I've dumped literally 13m+ XP into this crew and its only at specialist 2 now, I could dump all 1.5m free XP I can get (what they gave me+converted from gold) and it still wont be enough to get to specialist 1. okay WG.
  13. finally downloaded the sandbox today. Here is a comparison of my STBs crew, which went from 53% on their 6th skill to Level 75 Specialist 5 mastery on the Sandbox. based on the skills I chose (I tried making the skills as identical as possible to my old, Live loadout) - plus four instructors which I had bonus to the VR skill, the base BIA skill, the consumable reload buff skill, and the make you accelerate faster skill. Notable: Lost 0.05 seconds of reload speed lost 0.02 seconds of aim time (possible but hard for me to notice or confir
  14. my STB crew is at ~75% on their 6th skill (regular, no free BIA). I have 2519 games in my STB (not including CW, advances etc which would add a few more). This crew is also the crew I started the grind with from tier 1. I have around 3100 battles total on that crew. And well over 2000 of them have been played with accelerated training on. 6 skills is a pretty overpowered crew in the current game. Im stuck grasping at straws and training firefighting on a couple members, so Ive got literally everything you'd want already on there. I havent downloaded the sanbox, though I might tonight, so
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