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  1. Assassin7


    Dun delete this I wanna read and laugh at this shit but my current break is over
  2. Oh yeah I forgot about that. Im legit practically only active mod these days. Quite frankly I havent done anything because I don't know what I should do about it.
  3. Ok for a start, there is a literal 0% chance Never intentionally removed the active user list. He probably updated the software and it defaulted to off and he didnt notice it or something. Second, as Enroh said, I cant RO dirizon because he hasnt done anything toxic, and if you think I should RO everyone who has been toxic to him, Id be ROing pretty much every single active user on the damn forum. I have already modded one person who was being directly insulting to him after they were told to stop. But the fact of the matter is he turned a tiny issue that requires a stupidly simple answer into a giant meme purely on his blatent refusal to answer it, and as I mentioned before, attempts to avoid it, so its kind of on him at the moment.
  4. actually though, have you beaten carbons DPGs?
  5. Seriously though I and Im pretty sure almost no one here has any real issues with you We just want to know what the hell is up with the 0 key, and the more you completely avoid it the more curious and more meme prone we get over it. Theres literally nothing wrong with most of what you post, no more than anyone else here. Its just the damn 0 key man and I dont know why you are so adament on avoiding just telling us whats up with that to the point where you literally type out one hundred over 100 or even 1OO and go and re edit the Os to posts I edited them to be 0s lol.
  6. And here I was thinking you'd actually do it
  7. Uhhh... So thats actually a Typo that I have apparently never noticed. Also im missing a few tanks from that list now since I havent updated it in like two years lol
  8. Did they fix the crashing issue with WOT?

  9. what the fuck is going on in this thread. I don't even know who to mod and who to call an idiot.
  10. That patent has been going around for literally years. Even back then when it was first revealed there was literally zero workable evidence to prove that it actually existed. (And IIRC all it did was place you top tier if you were losing and bottom if you were winning) The MM has been rewritten several times since then. I feel we can quite completely discredit this patent for being a thing especially in 2019.
  11. LMAO he edited out my added zeros. Seriously dude, what the actual fuck is going on?
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