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  1. tfw you keep getting reported in ships because you're playing the yugumo with torp reload booster and keep dev striking people not expecting it

  2. new STB first impressions:

    Turret armour buff is absolutely brilliant. Its much more reliable now so peeking ridges is a lot safer. 

    DPM buff is great, I haven't actually really noticed the lack of alpha yet so im not too worried about that.

    gun handling, I haven't really noticed either. idk why, maybe because my crew and equipment were already so maxed out? (6 skills/full improved equipment)

    And... the suspension. Its a mixed bag. the extra over the front is nice. I don't like the delay for changing over to it, and the length of time it takes to actually depress the suspension. it makes quickly peeking ridges very difficult becuase you can't level the gun at the enemy until you've actually peeked up far enough, and you also cannot gauge the slope or how far you can actually depress until you've stopped and let it depress that far. it makes the whole tank feel more complicated to play.

    along with that, the -6 degrees over the side is absolutely ass and should never have gone live. it should be at least -8, and severely limits the angles you actually can peek and makes limiting your exposure much more difficult. 


    TLDR, mixed feelings. Ill have to get used to it, but it doesn't at least feel any *less* effective than before, but so far it doesn't actually feel much *more* effective either, aside from the buffed turret. 

    1. Oicraftian


      But now STB-1 has joined in the gun dep armor aids meta.

      Which really is unfortunate.

  3. thats not the only thing I said. but those things you said ARE related to range. imagine nothing else changed but the standard engagement range doubled. Moving tanks are harder to hit when further away. thats your first problem adjusted. We all know about penetration dropoff. except with the current map sizes, those drop off values have practically never mattered in the slightest. Suddenly, with much more range due to bigger maps, that pen drop off becomes an actual valid stat. and suddenly, tanks have generally more armour due to everyone having generally less pen because of the longer engagement ranges. tanks are too accurate? I mean I've legit never thought that but okay. changing just the map sizes, suddenly accuracy matters much more because you're taking way longer range shots. guns with low accuracy are suddenly having problems. meanwhile fast, accurate tanks have a lot more breathing room to play to their strengths. No, just making maps bigger and adjusting spotting and camo mechanics to be longer ranged wont work, and will bring about a whole heap of new problems with them. But what I am saying is that generally the problems you are talking about are occurring due to the generally short range nature of WoT battles. A quick google search found that general engagement ranges in WW2 tank battles were 700-900m or so. that is a bit shorter than the size of most WoT maps. Yet in WoT most fights are happening at under 300m. How hard is it sniping a moving light tank at max draw distance? yeah well standard engagement ranges back in WW2 were longer than max draw distance. It makes a big difference.
  4. Its because of spotting and camo mechanics. Max spotting range is 445, max draw distance is what? 650 or something I forget. You cant phyiscally see enemy tanks beyond that point. Even in frontlines, or grand battles. Thats the limit. So you can never have truely long distance fighting to the point you are describing. And thats what influence all those other points you made as well about mobility and stuff. They'd have to change the spotting system in its entirety to get what you are describing, but then they'd also have to double or more the size of every map in the game.
  5. its a decent idea, would need to be implemented on a tank by tank basis though. their current idea for a change however still isn't going to fix the problem, all its gonna do is make tanks like the 268v4 even more broken yet again. they have to fix fucking armour values, all these stupid drastic changes are pointless. Nerf the powercreeped armour, add actual weakspots back, nerf gold rounds alpha by 25%. boom done, go back to redesigning arty again.
  6. Fuck WN8 I guess. All DPGs now mean nothing and nothing will change all those legacy stats. Every metric ever just became permanently innacurate if it goes live.
  7. tech support is here, overrulled. request granted
  8. Thats honestly a question for @Never since he owns the server. That info above is just what I know from what hes told me about how it works
  9. Eh, its what Never told me. It does sometimes update some but not all while logged in, but if you close the game you get the full session.
  10. Firstly, thanks for helping keep Wotlabs running with your patron! Its really appreciated. Secondly, WoTlabs updates its stats automatically whenever you load (or refresh) your stats page. there is no garuntee when the stats update, much less 6am. The updates are not always WoTlabs controlled, its limited by when the WoT server API sends the info to WoTlabs. Normally the data in the API updates only when you log out of the game. So if you log out of the game, a couple minutes later wotlabs should be able to update with the new data. - this process is the same for everyone, patrons or non patrons. Its limited by Wargamings API, not Wotlabs itself. Also, as far as I am aware, it isnt the previous 24H from 6am. Its the previous 24hr from when you check the page. Which means if you play some battles at say 8pm at night, log off and go to bed, wake up at 8am and play some more battles, those two sessions will be combined in the 24hr slot. You'll have to wait until 8pm again to get just that mornings session. Final note: your first two posts came off rather accusatory, which is why you got the response from Haswell you did.
  11. I agree this is a good change. Itll also help with the dumb low tier derps that just 1 shot equal tier tanks, which really hurt low tier gameplay as well.
  12. ranked was cancelled in NA and ASIA.
  13. that was what I was thinking as well, theres now too much going on with it to keep track of. WG just like... add the suspension, leave it at -10 all around but give it the -13 from the suspension, and buff its turret armour. I dont think it even needs all the gun changes. heck just buff the turret armour and thats it tbh.
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