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  1. Okay so I have to be fair the new new STB is actually pretty fucking dank. 

  2. ^ pretty much. Tbh he isnt wrong with a lot of his points in this topic, hes made some decent posts and discussions in others. I just want to know what the hell is up with his 0 key.
  3. okay but to be fair, you do have an accent.... an american accent (probably? im assuming you're american lol)
  4. Tell me whats up with your 0 key and Ill let you insult him as much as you want unmoderated. (By me, cant speak for other mods)
  5. first game in new buffed STB. holy shit they fixed pretty much all the problems I had with its rework. the increased side depression means you dont have to play front on only any more, and the buffed speed that the suspension stays active means you aren't constantly switching in and out of the suspension when rolling around on flanks and the annoying hiccup that happens when trying to aim down and activating the suspension is gone as well. 


    I cant believe WG did something right for once. 

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    2. Assassin7


      Yeah they buffed the depression when out of siege mode from -6 to -8, and buffed the top speed that siege mode is active in from 20-30kph.

    3. Dirizon


      Still didn't buff the side armour,  or the driver compartment.

      If they gave 45mm to Type 61 so its no longer over-match by 122 caliber, the least they can do is provide it to STB1 too, which is a tier above and the successor. It makes sense. AMX TVP Leopard need this buff too, 45mm is not alot of armour to ask for, yet it is enough to stop alot of shit that otherwise ruins your day. Like how progetto has fifty mm in the front. 


    4. Assassin7


      I have never played the STB and thought it would bounce shots though. yeah sure a buff would be nice but it wouldn't really do anything because the front hull is paper anyway

  6. I've split this from the other friend as it isn't really on that topic. Continue the discussion here, I may have split it wrong and maybe some of the posts might be mis ordered, idk. first time I've done that so yeah. have at it.
  7. OKAY! I have split all whatever the hell Dirizon and you others have been arguing about from this thread because all of that isn't really on topic to this thread any more. And holy fucking shit I was having to do it one post at a time UNTIL I WAS 5 POSTS AWAY FROM FINISHING AND FOUND THE GOD DAMN WAY TO DO THEM ALL AT ONCE GOD FUCKING DAMMIT. @Haswell I blame you for this. anyway, that thread is here: I legit had no idea what you are discussing since I didnt bother reading literally any of the giant walls of text, so yeah. have at it there and leave this thread for this topic.
  8.  Official forums:

    Someone: just use 100% gold because there's no downsides and it autopens everything"

    Me: No, gold isnt remotely autopen, heres proof with 3 of the oldest heavies in the game (E100 E5 IS7) that even unangled they arent remotely autopen with gold from almost every tank in the game.

    Him: "lol no you're wrong look all three of these tanks are autopen with gold in (Lists basically only weakspots of those tanks that dont even require gold to pen)


    I shouldnt bother, why do I do this to myself.

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    2. Dirizon


      T95 is not over powered.  T95 is lame.

      You get to do one thing, make one decision, then you are locked the rest of the match. Not all maps are ensk or Himmels, which are small or narrow that T95 works.  T95 was one of my hardest play through, because it required constant beginning of the game overview, call, commitment, and prem ammo. It needs prem ammo, because it cannot afford pen failure or misses. Sometimes all you get is to fire 3 times, you need all three guarantee, for that 2K damage

      Although they buffed T95 or Type 5 speed, they are still very slow. T28 is alright, but T95 is just snail slow.

    3. tajj7


      Yeh it is, doesn't mean its fun, but it makes most players overperform a lot and in the corridor meta it can push easily and drag pubbies along whilst making other pubbies freeze like rabbits in headlights.

      Had one yesterday push the 1 line on Prohk, the dude blocked 10k, if I hadn't had been there and killed it (I did like most of the damage to it) this bob would have won the game for his team. 

    4. Dirizon


      By most you mean.... standard player base 46-49% WR fodder. And then sure, it overperforms. Because as far as fodder goes, they use armour more effectively than  (positioning, speed, DPM, camo)  The weakspots are small, compared to something like Jag Pz, and generous spaced side armour. Fodder are also more likely not to spend increased costs on prem ammunition, so the TD high base pen AP works out for them more often. 

      But we are talking about caveats that boost a norm to performing slightly better, whereas if they were playing light tanks or soft meds which demand constant awareness, use of camo and speed, more prem ammunition, Etc they do poorly  (except EBR lol)  Bobject was a real case of over powered TD, because it featured the insane armour, small weakspots, and mobility on top of it all. 

      What you are basically talking about though, where a norm gets slightly heightened, is no different than them playing SPGs. These people over perform in SPGs too, because they aren't getting shot at and these types of players don't do well when getting shot at (T95 thick skin for getting shot at)  But do people call SPGs over powered? Broken, not op. Maybe LeFH. 

      It is not overpowered. It boasts boosts for bad players, who don't know anything, but with high pen base AP and passive armour that always works regardless if you are bad or not,  well it works. But put a highly skilled purple player in it, and they will have those games where they struggle to even do 2K. Because it lacks versatility and mobility. 

      In all honesty, I'd say TS-5 (or T28) are closer to overpowered than it. 



  9. Im happy they nerfed the type 5. that pile of skillless crap can go die in the fire it came from
  10. Its because WG have stupidly adopted a "no nerfs, only buffs" strategy, because apparently they're really scared of the 5 people that complain bitterly that their overpowered tank got nerfed. Yet they're forgetting about the entire rest of the playerbase being glad it got nerfed because it wad ruining the game. So instead they start releasing other tanks as powerful as that one so it looks less OP by comparison. I mean they cancelled the 430U nerf for christ sake, a nerf that was heavily deserved. The 268v4s nerf was a literal slap on the wrist and its still grossly OP.
  11. I wish reddit would stop undoing my "opt out of redesign" option every week or so. fucking christ

    1. Spinee


      Add "old." to the Reddit URL and it'll switch back to the old design, any links opened here will default to the old Reddit. "https://old.reddit.com"

  12. Okay, I can't believe I have to say this, but the shit flinging stops now. From both of you. If you cannot have a mature discussion, don't say anything at all.
  13. Firstly, you do not need three different threads for this. Secondly, you posted all three of them in the incorrect sections. I have deleted the other two and moved this one, because you didnt say what server you are on, and because you posted this one in the EU section, Ive moved it to the EU recruitment section.
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