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  1. anyone know of a good set of headphones for gaming? dont need a mic, just want good quality and good comfort for long periods of wearing them.

    I'll be going from Logitech G430s so yeah. 

    oh also Much, Much, MUCH prefer 3.5mm jack to USB, I've only ever had massive issues with USB audio devices. 

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      HD6xx's go for around $290 AUD when on sale, quite a bit more expensive then the logitech G432s.

    3. sohojacques


      Sony MDR7506s are $144 AUD on Amazon. I’ve got the original version and they’re great. Audio Technica M40x’s are similar coin and have an excellent reputation.

    4. Assassin7


      Im looking for around or less than $200NZD probably, so yeah.


      Im not an Audiophile, so if the sound quality is as good as my current G430s thats good enough for me. Comfort and Build quality are what im after mainly. 

  2. wtf did they do to this game in the 3 months I havent played

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    2. Assassin7


      Not yet, I literally only played the STB lol. Took a few games to get back into the swing of things.


      But for the bonus, I run optics on my 140 for example over vents. But im supposed to put a "mobility" thing on my 140, so I get no extra bonus for my standard rammer/vstab/optics setup.


      Though that said, is that still the best setup for general mediums?

      I just threw my improved rammer/vents/vstab on my STB again after they got demounted

    3. Rexxie


      Yeah it's still the best setup. You have some options if youre playing baby tiers and cant use vstab, but thats about all. Optics vs boosted vents is kind of a tossup now too. Otherwise most mediums just have to ignore their mobility slot.

      I dont really like the specialty slots either. Not nerfing rammer or vstab was a mistake too, because it really limits what choices you have. I really do like the other equipment changes, though. Heavies, tds, and low tier meds actually have a pretty healthy array of options.

    4. lavawing


      The mobility bonus is typically wasted on mediums most of which don't need any more mobility anyway. Autoloaders can benefit from IRM, and the slower armoured mediums get a lot of mileage out of turbocharger, but for most of the generic mediums, e.g. T-44, T-54, Patton, etc, the old set ups will still be optimal, with vents in place of optics if you have a good crew.

      Likewise, heavies that aren't bricks don't get much out of improved hardening and the like, and vents is still the most usual option. I'm not sure if it would be any better for game balance, but I do wonder if the changes would be better if mediums got the survivability bonus and heavies got the mobility boost.

  3. me to WG Support: Every time theres an update for tanks, the game center decides that there is no internet connection and it cannot update, The only way to fix it is to uninstall and re install Tanks, I dont want to have to uninstall and reinstall every time theres a new update.


    WG support: how about you Re install the game and see if that fixes it?



    1. DrWeb7_1


      RU players also reported that WGC shouted "check internet connection, download paused" while downloading updates for the game.

  4. WG game center is a pile of steaming shit.


    like, 3 months ago? I wanted to play tanks. It had an update. I tried to download the update. 

    "Unable to Download update, please check your internet connection and try again"

    I had to completely wipe the game center and tanks, and re install both to get it to work.

    Today, Feel like playing tanks. havent played in a month or so.

    "Unable to Download update, please check your internet connection and try again"

    Fuck off WG. 


    Edit: oh but WoWS updates just fine

    1. RedwoodOriginal


      RNG is built in game center, there is 25% chance that it wont work l like it should.

  5. mfw they wont let me have the new battle hardened badge already unlocked even though I've got 2500 battles in my STB-1.


    1. Private_Miros


      Update postponed because of technical issues, so there might be patch on US to set some things right.

    2. Assassin7


      I have no idea about anything in this update, I just logged in, got told "hey new stuff here" and looked at it lol.

      so I wouldnt know

    3. BadLuckCharm


      They don't care if you did that crap before, they want to know if you can pull that stuff off now.


  6. Some People here like cars right? Taken today at a car meet I went to






    Annd the last one there is my car :P


    idk about the blue tint in some of those, brand new phone with new camera and still working out the settings lol

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    2. Assassin7



      Supras aren't very interesting over here. Heck even the Skyline GTRs draw no attention. Both are pretty common. 

      Everyone was actually crowding around the NSX, and some dude in an MX-5 with a turbo and the exhaust sticking out the bonnet lol. (Quite illegal here)

    3. Tman450



      Gross, a miata

    4. SoliDeoGloria


      Stock NSX are hot

  7. 0 new covid cases in NZ today. Fucking go us

  8. tier 3-5 tanks feel like they have literally no alpha now, its kinda funny. But it actually feels better, you can actually play a lot more "properly" with them now because you actually have usable HP. 

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    2. Assassin7


      I didnt try tier 6, only 3 and 4 lol. 

    3. M4A3E8sherman


      Dem 900 dmg Locust games

      for real, low tiers were dead for a long time, it's kinda fun actually

    4. Ham_


      I'm kinda sad there is no fast pace game play tiers anymore. 

  9. Scientists: "if we dont cut our pollution within the next 10 years its irreversible"
    Coronavirus: "hold my beer"


    1. nabucodonsor


      Well this is not untrue....

  10. So, Ive been playing League of legends for a while now.

    Other than the main problem of me still being pretty bad (why is this so hard to learn) I think I only have one major problem with it:

    In order to make so many different and unique champions, quite a large number of them have their own gimmicks to their skills or gameplay. And while a lot of those gimmicks are fun and interesting, a whole lot of them are extremely unfun to play against. And of course, those champions are usually very popular. Which just ruins the game for me. Double so because im in no way good enough to be able to counter them.

    Yasuo, Zed, Shaco, Veigar are examples. 

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    2. Vindi


      @Assassin7 Basically what you need is time. Hitting the last 0,001 hp of a minion, warding and getting to know the various champs' combos is just time. You need at least half a year to know the basics (at least it was that for me) and after you can catch up with the rest. Don't worry about seconds now, it matters more in higher ranks when the players know every champions ability and the cooldowns etc. after years of playing. In a previous reply or post @kolni wrote down some CS tips, such as what minion needs how many towershots etc. check that. Also, "how to" videos are extremely helpful.

      @kolni trist is good enough to climb since its never banned these days. Yh I played senna support 2 times with the new glacial augment build plus lethality, it can be pretty broken. Aphelios is out of the world, I cannot keep up with the weapons and specifications as of yet, especially the HP backing one with the charged mark and such. I love mf also, its a great champ especially when you crit 780 with 1 Q :feelsgoodman:

      I'm staying mid / jg now since I had some good adc's and vice versa in ranked. I'm currently sitting at p3 after a good rage series and demotion from 2. I didn't play adcs since its an aram fest with 5 ppl bot getting first turret and such, I was so tilted that I went mid with diana. That is my otp. With an ekko permaban of course.


    3. kolni


      just /mute all (not fullmute tho) and start grinding ranked is my best tip tbh, get in there and get smashed for your first 10 placement games and then eventually you will end up at a rank that is near your skill level where you will be playing with people of your own skill level

      it's a difficult game, mechanics are 99% of the game up until matchups start playing out like they should (both nearing perfect etc) but until then you shouldn't worry about macro at all

      you will pick up on small tricks here and there over time that eventually builds up to well rounded laning, it depends on the champ you play of course but some things are universal

      where you should be looking in a priority order: (imo)

      your champion position > enemy champ position > minimap > enemy creep HP > your minions aggro (to see what minions are taking what damage for CSing) > enemy minion aggro (to see what minions enemy laner will likely go for, easy way to set up skill shot landing when they are locked into auto animation)

      mechanics take a while, but once you get those things down you can start autopiloting this stuff and think about the game for real (matchup, wave management, junglers pathing, objective control and so on) but start off with just focusing on being able to survive lane and get as many CS as you can, trade when you think it's a good idea (no way to learn if you don't try) and analyse why it was/wasn't and so on

      i don't have any OCE accounts and i'm a one trick player, very little to learn from me xD watch some streams of high elo players that have small viewerbases, they usually interact a lot with their viewers if you have any questions (try to find one that plays your main champs too)

    4. Assassin7


      @Vindi i hate senna as well, shes annoying af. But i practically never see aphelios. Everyone says hes broken but i almost never see him played and since im playing blind pick its not like hes getting banned


  11. Current Sky situation in NZ: yellow.


    Smoke from the Aussie Bush fires blowing over NZ are causing this. its fucking bizzare

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    2. Diriz0n


      worked a season in Dawson Creek, and skies were a silver fog,  like straight out of the horror movie, 6 weeks straight. For forest fires. the haze produced is attributed to the intensities of the fires, the fuels of the fires, and the morning fogs


    3. Expendable_Lad


      Lived last 4-5 years in LA and can confirm skies get spooky with fires blazing around. Imagine things worse there than anything I saw in SoCal. Be safe Aussie comrades. 

    4. echo9835


      I live in Denver and for a few years a haze would blow over the city every summer for forest fire season. Just be glad you don't have asthma...

  12. Happy new year bois

  13. Logged in to tanks for first time in weeks and see the LT432 is on sale, for gold.


    Sweet. First prem Ive bought in like, 3 years. Or since they stopped putting them in the tech tree to buy.

    1. echo9835


      It likes to burn. A lot.

    2. kariverson


      I resisted the urge but got the 13 57 later on. Couldn't say no to that burst <3

  14. I present to you plebs, muh new Car


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    2. simba90


      On 12/7/2019 at 11:26 PM, Assassin7 said:

      oh god lol.

      take it on epic road trips to the end of the driveway and back since its been deregistered by the insurance company and is illegal to take on the road any more :-/

      (sry for slight blur my phones focus is broken)

      Meh, just switch the plates between the two for longer trips.

      (but seriously, don't do that)

    3. Assassin7


      @Oicraftian banned :triggered:

      @simba90 yeah nah lol. Plus any cop that drives past it would see the damage, instantly run the plate, and see that its wrong lol

  15. league is so ridiculously fucking toxic, even to new players or people still learning holy fucking shit.


    every single game I get spammed for not being apparently a fucking pro or something

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    2. kolni


      well it's like learning how to drive, or learning anything really

      you need time to adjust and get comfortable keeping track of things, CSing is a skill that takes REALLY long to get good at because you have to watch all your minions and their autos to reliably get every CS (nobody's perfect, people talk about the ideal 10CS/min mark but almost nobody hits it below challenger) and once CSing becomes second nature you can start focusing more on the enemies movement

      you also learn how to farm the full wave with combos eventually

      not dying should always be your #1 priority unless you dying results in something more valuable, after that comes enemy HP/mana bar and position + summoners to keep track of, and then the minion wave, if you took a bad trade (learning when to trade also takes very long) then as garen especially you can just back off the wave and heal up, on other champs this generally means having to give up some CS since you risk dying if get to close to the enemy champion

      the trickiest part is keeping track of other lanes and jungler positioning which is ganking and roams are so effective

    3. Vindi


      Kolni basically wrote down every important aspect of your problem in his 3-4 long comments before but I can only agree with him on practice tool. There are a lot of champions who are only require a few basic combos to get used to (garen, darius, renekton, jarvan iv, vi, khazix, etc) but of course playing a tank will not be enough against the more complex champions because they can outcombo you easily. The best thing is just to play draft normal games one after another and you will eventually learn how to play your pool. I started with Riven and Vayne which was a fatal mistake per skills and combos because - as you wrote - I didn't even know what I'm doing in the first place.

      So start with as many champions as you can play (free to play rotations primarily without speding any BE) and you will find a few you will like I can guarantee that.

      Besides don't play ranked until you learned the basics of cs and such, long months passed until I even tried it out.

      Nonetheless the game will remain toxic, even in higher elo many ranked games are just full of shit, if someone throws his lane they will get 0-24 flame and pingfest even if they were ganked 3 times etc.

      The good teamplays are generally rare, the problem with LOL is that meanwhile in WOT you can carry for example in a Chieftain or 907 1v6 sitations from time-to-time in league this will be more harder as you get CC'd by 3 people and you cannot move and you will die again and again.

      What I did was that I randomly added every better silver or bronze guy when I started to play hoping that they would join me in a draft or ranked to learn from them and I did.

      As an addendum, watch "how-to-play xy champion" videos on YT, I can recommend Eternal Hero, he is an EUNE guy whom I usually play with, he is a DIA 3 but have the most insight into champion usage I have ever seen.

      So just check it out.

      As per on my view, after 3/4 years I started to like league really, because you have so many options and ways of how to play 1 champion and you have a large pool of them. Then you will discover combos with flash ultimates and such which will help you to deal with 1v3 or even 1v3 situations with more complex champions.

      The game will remain complex but for me this is the reason I keep playing it and quit wot because I got tired of random ebr's and arty's etc. plus it got monoton and repetitive.

  16. What the fuck did they do to AA in ships? its flat out worthless now. it does nothing.

    a fucking Furious sits a single dive bomber squad over my kongos short range AA for THREE FUCKING RUNS and doesnt lose a single plane to it?

    what is this bullshit?

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    2. Haswell
    3. Diriz0n


      Soviet tanks are bad. 

      The only ones who don't think that, are retarded soviets.


  17. Did they fix the crashing issue with WOT?


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    2. Balthazars


      11 hours ago, nabucodonsor said:

      Where did they touch you?

      Anyway I agree they are shit especially for soft armoured tanks and LTs in general

      For me it's a combination of things. One is what you mentioned - their overpowered autoaim means they can reliably hit and pen soft targets with their HE while moving at full speed. The second is that I play from Australia with ~220 ping, which makes hitting the full-speed bastards a complete dice-roll.

    3. Assassin7


      @nabucodonsor what actually happened is bounced OFF THE SAME FUCKING ONE THREE TIMES IN A ROW. which is a miracle in itself because it means I actually hit the fucking thing 3 times in a row. because yeah, 200 ping. They take more 0 damage crits than any other tank I have ever seen or played. I swear to god. 

      "tracking" it, doesn't even fucking slow it down either. even with two wheels gone its still as mobile as a heavy tank. if they wanted the cunts to stay moving while "tracked" that movement needs to be a literal fucking crawl. 5kph max, with one wheel broken. 


      plus the cancer autoaim shit as well. Im playing the fucking tier 6 and even that thing just autoaims and easily hits at least half of its shot while you're moving, turning, doing a fucking 360 backflip, whatever the fuck you want. 


      at least the fucking waffle poked out, got one clip off, and was HE spammed to death. I'd legit remove the wheeled cancer before I removed arty

    4. nabucodonsor


      I agree completely. Also people just seem to run around like headless chicken and they get rewarded to do so. 

  19. Okay so I have to be fair the new new STB is actually pretty fucking dank. 

    1. Diriz0n


      STA1 is badass now.

      STA2 is mediocre.

      Image result for mad max mediocre gif


  20. first game in new buffed STB. holy shit they fixed pretty much all the problems I had with its rework. the increased side depression means you dont have to play front on only any more, and the buffed speed that the suspension stays active means you aren't constantly switching in and out of the suspension when rolling around on flanks and the annoying hiccup that happens when trying to aim down and activating the suspension is gone as well. 


    I cant believe WG did something right for once. 

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    2. Assassin7


      Yeah they buffed the depression when out of siege mode from -6 to -8, and buffed the top speed that siege mode is active in from 20-30kph.

    3. Diriz0n


      Still didn't buff the side armour,  or the driver compartment.

      If they gave 45mm to Type 61 so its no longer over-match by 122 caliber, the least they can do is provide it to STB1 too, which is a tier above and the successor. It makes sense. AMX TVP Leopard need this buff too, 45mm is not alot of armour to ask for, yet it is enough to stop alot of shit that otherwise ruins your day. Like how progetto has fifty mm in the front. 


    4. Assassin7


      I have never played the STB and thought it would bounce shots though. yeah sure a buff would be nice but it wouldn't really do anything because the front hull is paper anyway

  21.  Official forums:

    Someone: just use 100% gold because there's no downsides and it autopens everything"

    Me: No, gold isnt remotely autopen, heres proof with 3 of the oldest heavies in the game (E100 E5 IS7) that even unangled they arent remotely autopen with gold from almost every tank in the game.

    Him: "lol no you're wrong look all three of these tanks are autopen with gold in (Lists basically only weakspots of those tanks that dont even require gold to pen)


    I shouldnt bother, why do I do this to myself.

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    2. Diriz0n


      T95 is not over powered.  T95 is lame.

      You get to do one thing, make one decision, then you are locked the rest of the match. Not all maps are ensk or Himmels, which are small or narrow that T95 works.  T95 was one of my hardest play through, because it required constant beginning of the game overview, call, commitment, and prem ammo. It needs prem ammo, because it cannot afford pen failure or misses. Sometimes all you get is to fire 3 times, you need all three guarantee, for that 2K damage

      Although they buffed T95 or Type 5 speed, they are still very slow. T28 is alright, but T95 is just snail slow.

    3. tajj7


      Yeh it is, doesn't mean its fun, but it makes most players overperform a lot and in the corridor meta it can push easily and drag pubbies along whilst making other pubbies freeze like rabbits in headlights.

      Had one yesterday push the 1 line on Prohk, the dude blocked 10k, if I hadn't had been there and killed it (I did like most of the damage to it) this bob would have won the game for his team. 

    4. Diriz0n


      By most you mean.... standard player base 46-49% WR fodder. And then sure, it overperforms. Because as far as fodder goes, they use armour more effectively than  (positioning, speed, DPM, camo)  The weakspots are small, compared to something like Jag Pz, and generous spaced side armour. Fodder are also more likely not to spend increased costs on prem ammunition, so the TD high base pen AP works out for them more often. 

      But we are talking about caveats that boost a norm to performing slightly better, whereas if they were playing light tanks or soft meds which demand constant awareness, use of camo and speed, more prem ammunition, Etc they do poorly  (except EBR lol)  Bobject was a real case of over powered TD, because it featured the insane armour, small weakspots, and mobility on top of it all. 

      What you are basically talking about though, where a norm gets slightly heightened, is no different than them playing SPGs. These people over perform in SPGs too, because they aren't getting shot at and these types of players don't do well when getting shot at (T95 thick skin for getting shot at)  But do people call SPGs over powered? Broken, not op. Maybe LeFH. 

      It is not overpowered. It boasts boosts for bad players, who don't know anything, but with high pen base AP and passive armour that always works regardless if you are bad or not,  well it works. But put a highly skilled purple player in it, and they will have those games where they struggle to even do 2K. Because it lacks versatility and mobility. 

      In all honesty, I'd say TS-5 (or T28) are closer to overpowered than it. 



  22. I wish reddit would stop undoing my "opt out of redesign" option every week or so. fucking christ

    1. Spinee


      Add "old." to the Reddit URL and it'll switch back to the old design, any links opened here will default to the old Reddit. "https://old.reddit.com"

  23. A friend has been playing a lot of league lately. I said fuck it and downloaded it, despite never being remotely interested in it in my life before.

    Good news: I enjoyed it.

    Bad news: I enjoyed it oh god please help

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    2. mati_14


      On 8/1/2019 at 8:17 AM, Fulcrous said:

      That's every server. Every elo. Diamond is not an exception - though diamond has far fewer toxic players as player at this elo realize shit happens. Plat/D4 is the most toxic based off of personal experience. 

      Can confirm, Plat 3 here laner in the shittiest server in the world, everyone thinks they are Faker stuck in this elo because of their teammates. Personally, I think Jgs are the most egotistic players particularly.


      Just now, Assassin7 said:

      im playing entirely lux, playing with aforementioned friend. I find I can fairly well 1v1 someone, but if someone else comes into the lane and jumps me im fucked and then I get further fucked.

      friend is giving me tips and hints. but Im finding its really not fun the sudden ganking and the idea of having to learn the attacks and stuff of every single other champion to avoid being ganked sounds daunting, a PITA, and not what I feel like doing. I've only got the time for one competitive game lol.

      1 Playing Lux to learn the game it's like playing arty :doge:, you are gonna have fun with Zed/Yasuo smurfs shitting on you because you don't know how to play the match up yet.

      2 If you wanna get competitive in LoL I would recommend you to not play ranked until you reach lvl 50 or so, believe me, there is a shitton of stuff to memorize about the game which is what I found annoying when I was learning, runes, builds, scalings, all the skills, passives, jg routes, cds, lane matches and a big etc. ARAM helped a lot since and it's quite fun just spamming abilities and autos here and there.


      3 Just play for fun, enjoy it while you can, it gets frustrating the most you learn about it and I'd say playing without chat it's the most healthy thing to enjoy the game. As has been said, most players below diamond have no idea what's going on, and you'll find a lot of kids playing too.

    3. Assassin7


      I very much do not wanna play competitively. I played it for memes because a friend was. Im getting bored of it now

    4. Fulcrous


      It's a ridiculiusly high skill-cap game and it's sure as hell better than WoT fucking you over with RNG even with the egoists.

      @mati_14 I feel like for junglers it's understandable. You get so much flame for not ganking a hard-losing lane that would result in inting if you ganked.

      I strongly recall a game getting flamed all game despite stealing 3 barons and every drake spawn despite the team's efforts to lose by basically inting fights and still getting blamed for the L. :serb:

      Having peaked P1 D3 MMR in season 5, there's little to no mechanical skill difference between mid-diamond and lower Elo. Only difference is knowledge.

      I agree with ARAM. It is legit one of the best ways to get better in every aspect of the game minus map and wave control.

  24. me: *plays ships*. 

    people: *report me...?*

    me: does top XP by a mile, carries hard and singlehandedly saves the game.

    compliments: 0.


    1. NightmareMk9


      After 2300 games I think my Rep is 1

    2. Assassin7


      seriously though, I got reported for reversing with double fires while being shot at by 3 smoked DDs lol, I've been reported like 3 times for dev striking people in my DD... 

  25. any 19pt shima captains? what skills should I be going for aside from the obvious concealment expert/torp reload etc?

    1. orzel286


      Play azur lane instead :v

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