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  1. and at that moment, I realised, I had fucked up



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    2. Assassin7


      Honestly its biggest problem is that its not finished.  Its a low budget crowdfunded game, can barely blame them. But what it does offer you is extremely good. Frankly. 

      Its a great sim, graphics are beautiful, car physics and handling is good, and even the sound and audio is great (and frankly bang on on the car front, they recently added a ford Falcon V8 Supercar, which is Australia/NZs biggest racing series, and it sounds identical to the real thing)

      All it really needs is a little bit of work on the physics when you actually flip over (its a bit jerky and not fluid when transitioning from being upside down toxrightside up) and the rest of the features to actually be added.

    3. Kitten


      For a game that didn't use that new laser tech to make the tracks, those are extremely accurate. It's not a bad game, and the progression component is much better than Assetto Corsa, but it could have been a nicer package overall. Would recommend buying it when it's on sale, @Shade421

      PCars 2 is apparently a thing so hopefully they got other sources of funding for that. Rally seems to be a big component :)

    4. Assassin7


      honestly they should finish the current one before starting another, it still needs to be finished

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