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  1. So, I finally gave my now probably quite infamous little brother a user on the PC to himself. well, actually I made it a while ago and set it up, but he refused to use it because "it wasn't set up" even though it was. 

    but today I put my foot down, and said no. I left my user logged off and refused to log it on, telling him to use his own. he kept screaming at me for me not logging it on on and my mother tried to tell me to log my own user on, because his wasn't set up. I point blank refused. 

    after about an hour my brother gave up, and went and logged on to his new user, and surprise surprise, guess what? it was all set up. AMAZING

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    2. Assassin7


      Apparently all his games werent set up to be accessed by his user or something, I mean, not like his games were all on steam anyway. Hey look, open steam, log in, ALL HIS GAMES!

      "but Minecraft isnt there either!"

      >start menu, type minecraft, oh look there it is


      >bullshit its a windows core app it comes with skype

    3. nemlengyel


      kiddos shouldn't be MLG players at age 11, like wtf

      nobody controlled his access I guess? :doge: 

    4. Siimcy


      Will he attend Cringecon 2016? :serb: 

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