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  1. Im sorry, this could end badly, but all of America needs to see this video:


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    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      ITS NOT FUCKING EVERYONE IN THE US! emot-psyduck.gif


      91% support stricter background checks, 60% a ban on assault weapons, etc., and that's even with the conservative echo chamber radicalizing the base of one of the two big parties. Because of a few crazies with the support of the gun industry (a multibillion dollar industry) lobbying, no one can do anything, just like with everything else in American politics.


      This is nothing compared to the sorry state of money influence in American politics overall, which is why we can't do anything about gun violence here in America to begin with. Even if we did break the echo chamber and get the Republicans on the side of functional people, we would still have to contend with gun industry lobbyists funneling millions to Congressmen so that they vote their way.


      I can't even explain how totally fucked up the system is here in the US because it's too depressing and complicated for a 3:46AM rant.

    3. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      Cant believe your dtill on this


      Like I said most people would like stricter gun laws, but it wouldn't change much Imo, them crazies still gonna have their guns, and everyone else would get theirs eventually.


      Ik you can't imagine it, but imagine if you always had guns, then take it away, them crazies would be mad right? Think of it like cars. We've always had cars, them shitters who should never drive are still driving..... nothing we can do but defensive driving and hope they never crash into us.


      The US political scene is retarded, that's why everyone here hates talking about it, gets way to heated way to quickly mainly because of either strong opinions for a shit argument or strong feelings of discontentment of current state of affairs that we can "influence" by voting. Yes going out to vote is good, but rip brexit. Yes going out to vote is good, but rip Obama getting cockblocked by salty Republicans half the time....


      Before you bring up the fucked up issue of gun control in the US, help us figure out how to fix our shitty everything, starting with front runners for the next presidential election: scumbag bigot Donald trump and super sketch fucking arrest me already Hillary Clinton 

      Also, big difference is you and me, we're young we want change, guys in political power? They don't want change and the majority of them are "old" white men.....
      The universal thing of people in political power... they just want to know what will keep them in office... which ever their constituents want, that'll get them elected for X years, they'll say and support, then have less enthusiasm for said subjects after election unless it helps them or their party, idk if you heard, about the big corp and super PAC's controversy/tin foil hat, but we do have a serious problem with the seemingly ineffectual-ness of our political system... and as you know, to fix something that is a law and backed by the constitution is kinda hard when our whole legislative system is shit, in addition to our judicial branch being pretty shit.... oh I mentioned before how the executive branch gets super cockblocked by opposing parties by a multitude of LEGAL tools such as filibustering

      Literally worst case scenario is to wait till we get in political office/power

      Best case scenario, well that's so improbable I can't even think of it happening anytime before the worst case scenario 

    4. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      oh shit, thankfully most of the longest filibusters before "modern" times, think about being a whiny and drawed out bitch for 20-24 hours straight...


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