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  1. Can I just have a rant, about the American Date system.

    Seriously. Its fucking stupid. Literally everyone else in the world uses the universal, logical, Day/Month/Year. But america had to go and change it for no apparent reason to Month/Day/Year JUST BECAUSE hurr durr lets be different because MURICA!

    Seriously. Its the wrong way around and its stupid. There is literally nothing wrong with it being done the right way around, so why even change it? Its the same with the imperial system but at least some other countries still use that... Mostly. 

    With the fucking date system, I have no idea if 8/6/2016 is supposed to mean the 8th of June or the 6th of August, especially on american websites (like World of tanks in fact) I have to check that when I see a date, whether its the month first or the day first.


    And it literally makes no sense as to why its like that anyway. Smallest time period to largest. 



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    2. bjshnog


      I'm afraid our date format is totally backwards. Try ISO 8601.

    3. ZXrage


      We have this discussion like, every year now.

    4. BlackAdder
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