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  1. when playing online games, you have the thoughts that people could not possibly be that stupid in real life. well, after 2 weeks working in customer service, I have found out that actually, they are. especially since im working in a theme park, doing simple things like following basic instructions such as "Don't lift up the lap bar while the ride is moving" or "don't enter the gate clearly marked 'NO ENTRY' while the ride is going and then don't be a massive bitch about it when you are told by the attendant (me) that actually you aren't allowed in here" are apparently MUCH too hard for the average mind. 

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    2. Strigonx


      I have seen stuff in the time i've been fixing PCs, because people being people

    3. Audax_Bellator


      The simple pleasure of working as a foreman in construction,  someone working for you acts like a moron you call them out, they apologize or literally pack their shit and get lost.  Someone working on the job acts like a moron you call them out they get pissy and argue you put them in their place and/or tell them to fuck off...

      Life can be good


    4. PityFool


      ^My man knows whats up.