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  1. Well, I must admit. President Trump is making chances that stand to improve his economy Drastically, which is potentially great for the US.

    however it seems to be at the expense of Foreign relations. I get the feeling hes going to start making plenty of other countries quite mad at the US. 

    Its also kinda sad to see President trump hasn't gotten any more serious than candidate trump. 

    I can't really say anything bad about him looking after his own though. 

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    2. Jaegaer


      In order for the USA to get better in any way it needs to step on the toes of others is what Trump based his campaign on and it shows in the replies here. Mexico, the Nato, "Europoors", Nafta - all of them are at fault that the USA is where it is. But now your savior has arrived. He will rescue you from all the hardships of a global world, have no fear. So you don't need to change but rather the good old times and ways will come back by Mr Trump stepping on the toes of everyone saying "Murica FRST". Yes, that will make the country great again, surely.

    3. BiggieD61


      Hmmm, I think I put the blame squarely on the US in my post, particularly on our laziness and living inside our own bubble.  That being said, we live in a world that is working to overtake us, no?  German and Japanese auto manufacturers certainly stepped on the toes of American and English auto manufacturers, correct?  The hundreds of thousands of jobs lost to those two nations manufacturers were high paying and afforded a good lifestyle for Blue Collar workers, should those companies be ashamed of themselves?

      No, they shouldn't, they built a more efficient process to produce a higher quality product.  Then they expanded on that by marketing that product heavily into other countries, something they were allowed and encouraged to do.  Why shouldn't the US refocus itself on that same process, the one that made us a world economic power in the first place.  Yes, there will be A LOT of stepping on others peoples toes, there has to be in any such process.  People in foreign countries will lose their jobs, or have their wages cut, selling to the US will not be an easy way to expand their market anymore. Eventually a balance will return, because the type of people in this country that actually made it strong and stable, have decided they would like  to do things other than work in a temp agency or be a Starbucks Barista or some other drone in a service industry.  Mexico will most certainly feel the pain first, next will be China - the largest recipient of our lack of being mindful.  Trump is no savior, he just sees what we forgot, he remembers what we were when he was young, and is trying to right this ship before it goes under.


      Here is the reason our largest companies want expanded H1B visas for foreign workers in the US, they can use international outsourcing companies to reduce cost by bringing in temps at various "non-core" positions.  Great for you if you are already a multi-millionaire looking to increase your stock portfolio value, bad if you are an actual engineer or floor worker who ends up with neither stability or solid benefits because of your status.


    4. Jaegaer


      Yes I realized I forgot the @Raj but for some reason I cant edit status replies.

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