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  1. why the fuck does WG keep releasing bullshit impossible to pen tanks into the game? its fucking ruining game balance

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    2. Fulcrous


      You forget this game consists of players who are incapable of rational thought. If anything the game will survive longer because of said popualtion.

    3. DirtyACE7


      WG focuses on the common denominator to make the most money and that common denominator is one that is actively despised by players who are at least decent to solid at this game. They would rather pander to the a shitter with 30k+ games and 45% WR than any 1.5 WN8+ player because these players comprise a small portion of the player base. It's a sad reality to deal with that such a huge amount of players are quite simply incapable of betterment of their own play. This game has a high learning curve but that is being dragged back down by WG more and more with such things as these clown derp guns that will do a lot of damage no matter where you hit a tank, simplifying the game play for the majority. And a same with these latest premiums because human stumps want to be relevant at high tiers when they spend their money but don't give a shit about actually learning the game.

    4. Assassin7


      Its not even the derp guns, though I admit I am yet to be hit by a Type 4/5 derp. Its like, people complained about the E5 being impenetrable and shit, so they nerf it, and at the same time make the fucking Maus impenetrable, which arguably is worse because they also made the side fucking bullshit. When a tier 10 medium cant reliably pen the flat unangled side of a Maus, something is wrong. (I bounced 2/3, aiming at the front sort of above and behind the drive wheel. Looked at the model on tanks.gg after and realised its now like 250 or something retarded effective) at least the side of the E5 was paper. 

      And then theres tanks like the M4 49, and now the defender. I got gifted a defender. Its literally easy mode. Point it at the enemy cap, hold W, win game. No effort required. 

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