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  1. So, (in relation to my other status update below) after my first time drinking high % alchahol (Malibu Rum) all it does after a few drinks is just start making me angry at everything. Im not drunk, or even tipsy. But im getting really pissed off at things that I wouldnt normally get pissed off at. Like a shot missing, or bouncing. Or grasshoppers chirping. 


    I saw little point in getting drunk before, never having been drunk. But now I see absolutely zero point in it. Its not fun, its just making me mad at everything. 


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    2. Assassin7


      @mati_14 my friends actually paid for the alcahol so we could do a triple drinking platoon stream. (Because I wasnt going to buy it myself because I didnt want to do it) also, I said to them I wasnt going to get drunk. I didnt want to. I had 3 glasses which were like 3/4 coke and 1/4 Rum. i drank maybe 100-150mL of the rum over 2 hours ish (while eating as well)

      Also, I didnt expect alcahol to just make me angry...

      And yes, its 21% alcahol. Before that, the worst I'd ever drunk was beer or cider.

    3. Medjed


      Alcohol usually impacts people in two ways....either they get mad and violent, like you or they become super chill, happy, social(like Pity have said).....Luckily when i get drunk i get super social, like i'll befriend someone i see for the first time in my life in like two minutes we'll be best friends(if only i was more like that sober), but i still don't really drink....i genuinely can't remember the last time i was drunk....sad thing is that if you don't drink/go out here you'll be left out out of the social life most young people prefer(like in most parts of the world)....i myself either don't see the point in getting drunk...i mean there's nothing bad to get drunk occasionally, but getting drunk every weekend is just plain stupid for me....If you think it's not your thing, you absolutely shouldn't force it just because everyone else does it...

    4. Zepherex


      Depends on the type of alcohol you drink. Rum can be a mixed bag for people.

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