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  1. my brother got a drumkit for his birthday today.

    he put it in the garage. 

    my room is next to my garage. 


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    2. kolni


      Best bet is to actually learn it as well, it's a really fun instrument! 

      Get egg cartons and jam them along the wall if proper soundproofing is too expensive, looks like shit but does more than you'd think in terms of soaking up sound. Use several 2x6 ones, the more of these you can shove on the wall the better

      I'd consider asking parents for noisecanceling headphones in return if this turns out to be something he's going to keep going with, get something out of it too you know :doge: 

      There's also plenty of ways to reduce the noise, biggest and most important thing is to shove a spare rug in the basedrum, it doesn't do much to the sound but it does wonders for reducing the amount of vibration it'll make so you'll hear waaaaaaaaay less of it if you have a wall between you. 

      There's also different types of sticks you can use to make less noise without having a quality impact on playing. Go for something like 5A with a nice grape end and you won't be hitting the drums very hard since the sticks'll break XD

    3. Sovereign_M


      during ur live streams have him be the guy that does those rimshots during really bad jokes like on late night tv shows... xD 

    4. MacusFlash
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