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  1. Everyone complaining about this pepsi ad, I watched it, no idea whats wrong with it. Zero clue whatsoever. Read some comments on the video, something about insulting SJWs or whatever, still didnt understand why because it didnt look like it. So confused. 

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    2. kolni


      Well they made light out of issues where you have to thread lightly as a big corporation really, a black person giving pepsi to a cop and "everything is fine" in the 1960s is like.. not the best idea

    3. IgnobleDemise


      The timing of it was also an issue here.  On top of spoofing the recent BLM protests, they released it on the 49th anniversary (to the day) of the murder of MLK Jr, who rather famously spent most of his career protesting the same sort of police violence.

      The release date suggests that it was probably deliberate trolling by some fuckhead ad exec rather than an innocent misunderstanding.  These sorts of anniversaries are a big deal among KKK-types, who try to use them as much as possible in their "psychological warfare" bullshit.

    4. How_Terrible


      I watched it on YouTube since I don't have cable. Given the anger / hype over it I was expecting something that was truly cringe worthy. I ended up being disappointed. People seriously need to stop getting so fucking butthurt over every little like that they find disagreeable.

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