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  1. So, look what I've been emulating today:


    the nostalgia is real. 

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    2. Assassin7


      never heard of that?

      but im loving the heck out of GT4, the nostalgia is real. Im having so much fun lol. 

      the resolution is beyond shit, and the quality is as well. im 99% sure its worse than it would be normally because im playing it on a 1080p monitor and its stretching the image to fit that resolution, but oh well. its still great fun

    3. Marty


      Hmm, you should be able to render the game at higher resolution, it'll look much better then. Look for scaling settings/resolution settings or something like that (haven't played with emulators in ages).

    4. Assassin7


      okay, well I've figured out how to Render it at 1080p, so it looks a lot better in the racing screen now. I also found an option for FXAA so I turned that on, the downside is that in some of the menu screens the quality is aids for some reason but oh well, it looks much better overall. 

      also damn I love this Integra. I cant wait to be able to afford one IRL

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