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  1. Wohoo, getting a new car this evening. Ill miss my Poor Integra, but I cant wait to drive my new '96 Celica. which has MOAR POWEERRR (because I need more power)

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    2. orzel286
    3. Assassin7


      @Urshakus '96 Toyota Celica ST202. 180 BHP, VVT-I, Manual. I picked it up last night, damn it pulls well. And sounds nice. And I was just nannying it because it was the first time I had driven manual in 2 years or so. 

      Like, in 5th gear, on the motorway, me giving it a slight boost on the accelerator gave me more acceleration than me Flooring it in my Integra to overtake. And I hadnt even reached the RPM zone where the VVTI kicks in, which I dont know where that is lol. Also redlines at 7K. 

    4. Marty


      Gratz. I got an Alfa 147 1,6 TS (120 HP) on Saturday, needs a crapton of work and probably wasn't worth the price but I don't give a fuck :feelsgoodman:

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