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  1. Changed my brake pads today, figuring out how to do it with nothing but a single shitty youtube vid that gave nearly zero info on how to do it. feelsgoodman

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    2. hazzgar


      So nothing difficult. Yeah I do the same with downhill brakes. Unless you are bleeding brakes the whole process is relatively easy and bleeding on car brakes is still relatively easy since the amount of fluid leaves you with more room for error.

    3. Veo


      Just make sure your break rotors are in good shape, a mechanic will turn them on a lathe to make them smooth if they are worn, otherwise gerd jerb.

    4. simba90


      Bleeding brakes after a pad change is not necessary if the pedal still feels fine. The only thing to make sure of is that once you push the pistons in to accommodate the new wider pads that the brake fluid reservoir is not over full. And a pro-tip to making life easier for pushing the pistons back in is to take the lid off the reservoir so the system doesn't build up pressure means the pistons slide back much easier. Also those little one-way-valve brake bleeding kits are a waste of time. You need to do it the old fashion way with two people if you want to guarantee that you don't let any air back into the system.

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