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  1. 94.7% on T29 marks. start game. get fucking yolod by enemy superpershing who just flat out counters my deployment position and he kills me because hes wiggling and I cant pen him and hes a tier higher and I have no cover against him. Fucking bullshit. he died for no reason other than to kill me. 


    this is why I dont bother fucking 3 marking. ugh. 

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    2. Fulcrous


      Could be worse. I got cucked for quite a few games in my Maus and kept playing when I should've just taken a break. I had one 0 damage game from getting ammo racked and died earlier than I should have. Another because I got focused out by a platoon (don't really blame them). 

      Ended up killing my overall dpg goal of trying to maintain 5k for ~ 50 games and gradually ease out at 4.7-8 at 150.

      Edit: I recall in one of my paris games (under the heavy bridge), there was a jpe in front of me but couldn't like for sone reason. Half of his tank was sticking out but apparently wouldn't light him because spotting check mechanic sucks dick. You can guess what happened after.

    3. WhatTheSkara


      The spotting marks on tanks are only a few, middle front, middle sides, middle rear, commander's hatch, joint between gun and turret..

      If none of these points is in your los you won't spot the tank.

    4. Raj


      shouldn't have gotten yoloed

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