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  1. 94.7% on T29 marks. start game. get fucking yolod by enemy superpershing who just flat out counters my deployment position and he kills me because hes wiggling and I cant pen him and hes a tier higher and I have no cover against him. Fucking bullshit. he died for no reason other than to kill me. 


    this is why I dont bother fucking 3 marking. ugh. 

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    2. robosapieo


      Slow tanks are fucking cancer to do consistently well in IMO. Some days I go absolutely ham with the T29 and other days I can barely manage 1k dpg

    3. DirtyACE7


      LOL... sorry @Assassin7 but I had to laugh. How do you get yoloed by a Super Pershing? It moves at a glacial pace. Almost like being yoloed by a TOG.

    4. Assassin7


      It was swamp, west spawn. I went north, to sit in what? D3-4ish? The area where you can get cross shots at tanks pushing north. Anyway, Super P just drove from north, and drove at me. Wasnt lit till he was around the cliff face, and when he got there he was in a small dip meaning he has hull down, and I had nothing. And he just out DPMd me by wiggling. Then got yolod by my team 20 seconds after killing me.

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