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  1. after the ARL V39 horror stories this is a letdown. its not as bad as I was let on to believe

    1. cavman276


      And they said the S35 was great.  I just now free xp'd the last 6k of that sack of aids-infested shit and the ARL is much better.

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      I do believe it received some gun buffs

    3. GehakteMolen


      S35 got nerfed i think while Arl V39 got buffed at some point + S35 used to have 400m viewrange and since it has a large gun arc, it could use binos effective which means almost no other TD got hit so hard by view range nerf as this one

      ps: arl buffs:

      ARL V39 bis
      Terrain resistance - hard terrain: new 1.4, old 1.5, difference -0.1
      Terrain resistance - medium terrain: new 1.5, old 1.7, difference -0.2
      Terrain resistance - soft terrain: new 2.5, old 2.7, difference -0.2

      -Gun- Turret - ARL V39- 90 mm AC DCA 45
      Aim Time: new 2.1, old 2.6, difference -0.5  

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