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  1. Finish long ass lab report with 20 minutes to go before the deadline.

    go to submit it online. submissions going through turnitin. oh fucking god.

    (for those who don't know, turnitin is the single most useless pile of shit marking software known to man which is supposed to compare your work and see how much you've plagarised, and then goes and flags everything for plagarism anyway, you could literally write an entire paper by yourself without reading anything from any book or website everĀ and turnitin would say you've plagerised 50% of it)

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    2. Fulcrous


      You self plagiarize because when you submit work, it's now the property of the university.

    3. CenturionofRome72


      We used to use a program like that (i think it might be turnitin) for coding projects which was really dumb since all the students are using the same tools to work to the same end goal.

    4. Archaic_One


      For a lab report? lol FFS

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