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  1. so apparently people are getting perma banned with no strikes left right and center, for things said in chat. A la johnmarada

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    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      Johnmadara? Nazis?

      What's the difference?

    3. Strigonx


      one's a retard being a retard in a dying cykatank game

    4. hazzgar


      @Android25 you have a clear anti left bias in your post and you basically asume any extremism = left (though that's evident by your previous post where you layed all the blame on one side of the political divide). Nazi party was anti bourgeois but not big business. Also what they did matters more than what they preached. Using your logic Trump is a leftist since he preached anti establishment stuff and attacked Hilary for being in the pocket of Wall Street. The thing is NSDAP was against big business only because they were not in control of it. It exactly mirrors the modern day movements in US, UK and Europe where frustrated people vote for antiestablishment populists who offer drastic change and revenge on the establishment that wants to keep the status quo despite there being a recent huge recession (especially in Germany). I'm far from Calling Trump or UKIP a Nazi but they chanelled similar rethoric and played on the same feelings to get support for their cause. Funny thing is I don't blame the right for it. The problem is the weakness of the left. FDR understood this with the new deal. He warned his big business friends it's better for them to find a compromise with the people fast than wait and deal with a much worse situation. This is why I never understood the anti left sentiment. You may not agree with their policy but the left is a very important stabilizing factor in Politics. Otherwise populism takes root. 


      To get on topic though - I see no problem with the bans. I rage in chat all the time. I've been chat banned maybe for 1 day in 5 years. Just don't call people jews and faggots. Instead ask them if they parents got a tax break on the account of their intelectual disability and you are fine. 

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