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  1. Ever since WG started going anal on chatbans for dumb things, so Ive been watching my language and avoiding any rude or insulting words.

    And im finding that it is actually much more amusing to beat retards in an argument with intelligence rather than just slinging insults. They get more mad and sling more insults at my politeness than when i insult them back. 

    And it makes them look even more like idiots. Lol

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    2. Gr1nch_1


      Btw in topic of chat banning. I got banned for a month a while back even tho ive had chat turned off for more than a year and people who are not on my friendlist cant send me pms :MingLee:

    3. kreigermann
    4. Fulcrous


      the trick is to formulate a neutral statement that is, in actuality, derogetory in nature.

      sometimes its not worth the brain cells so it's nice to say "x action was stupid/retarded" rather than direct it to the person

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