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  1. Sigh. Attempting to make a thread on the official forums discussing ping is impossible for me. All that ever happens is one or multiple mouth breathers turn up screaming "Its nothing to do with WG its all your problem because you're on NA and playing from new zealand so its your problem because you chose to not switch to ASIA!"


    Meanwhile other people from fucking NA itself are agreeing with me and saying "oh yeah I have these issues as well"  BUT WE GOTTA IGNORE THAT FACT AND FOCUS ON THE FACT THAT FAR AWAY = BAD = ALL YOUR PROBLEM HURR DURR

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    2. king_spaniel


      I only stop by the official forums for a laugh at whatever nonsense conspiracy theories nimwit pubbies are parroting.  Nonstop pure radiation dosages of average-low IQ individuals, encouraged by WG.

      Every genuinely reliable source of information on this game has been something non WG-affiliated (tanks.gg, this forum, etc) because, after all, they don't even play their own game.

    3. Fulcrous


      tbf it could easily be the lines in the water being damaged/repaired.

    4. Assassin7


      It could be, thats one of my primary theories.

      Today its back down to a much more manageable 230, so idk. 

      I wasn't actually blaming WG in the OP, dunno why he got that impression. My goal with that thread was seeing if anyone else was having the issue, and if there were any ways to fix it.

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