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  1.  never expected that owning a fast looking car would turn other drivers into idiots around it. I watched some morons last night in a legacy nearly earn themselves a darwin award trying to "race" me, and then overtaking me on a stupidly short straight, before taking a blind corner on the wrong side of the damn road way too fast.

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    2. Assassin7


      I haven't had an issue with the cops yet. but I feel like that with a car like this:


      even though its *mostly* factory (and sounds factory) and is completely legal, I probably will get some cops wanting to check on it at some point. Though I also have a clean record and am a safe driver. 

    3. simba90


      In my experience with NZ cops. If you don't act/drive like a complete twat and don't have any skeptically legal mods done to your car. you are pretty much invisible to them until you go through a static check site (BAC/Rego check sort of thing). 

    4. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 the thing is - it's not necessary as it wasn't for mine. Doing anything that makes you confident and look competent is good. Ffs Balet Dancers get tons of girls and that's hardly a conventionally manly job/hobby (it helps that they are ripped though) 

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