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  1.  never expected that owning a fast looking car would turn other drivers into idiots around it. I watched some morons last night in a legacy nearly earn themselves a darwin award trying to "race" me, and then overtaking me on a stupidly short straight, before taking a blind corner on the wrong side of the damn road way too fast.

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    2. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 funny enough my fiancee and gf of 6 years was super into car racing when I met her. I have had no car back then. Made no difference really. Hell she even totally smoked me on a carting track (6s faster on a 1min track). I'm pretty sure the "I will race this dude to show how manly I am" dudes would have a mental breakdown after that. In the end cars are not important unless it's your passion, you're good at it and it makes you confident. In that case yeah  - a bum in a car will look sexy (Know one guy like that)

    3. Assassin7


      Oh yeah, if the girl is in to cars then obviously. But my gf is completely uninterested lol. 

      I am really in to cars myself, it is a big passion of mine, and I consider myself not a bad driver (though still have a lot to learn as im only 20 lol) but me driving fast isn't going to drop my girlfriends pants lol. 

    4. kreigermann


      I have a red Mustang GT/CS Convertible ... the number of times I've had idiots pull up beside me to "challenge" is really low in comparison to the number of times I've had cops unsafely cross 4 lanes of a highway so they could run my plates.. only to look really disappointed when they find I have a clean record.  . "ooh cop at 4 o'clock.. aaaaaand he just cut 3 people off so he can get right up behind me. " I've always had to resist the urge to wave because it might make them mad.

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