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  1. Currently CW meta is pretty fucking great guys.

    whoever has the most 268v4s auto wins, or at least is at a massive advantage. 

    10/10 so much tactics, so much strategy, much variety. 

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    2. simba90


      6 hours ago, TAdoo87 said:

      It will get nerfed soon. WG wanted everyone  to spend all their freexp on it, so when they introduce the italian tanks people have no free xp left to use. They will say it was a mistake and they will nerf it with the italian patch. 

      Its almost as though we've seen this kind of thing before...

    3. MatzerMike


      Do you think ver. 4 it's still worth grinding considering the future nerf? I'm at the tier VII now and it will be on top of the tree next month on EU. But man.. You need to unlock a lot of guns at tier VIII and IX to get to X... Was it the same before the ver 4 was introduced, or they just did it to make players to throw more money at the OP tank?

    4. Assassin7


      I think it was similar before. And if you are in a competitive clan and play CW, then yes. 100% grind it out. It is the entire CW meta now.

      If you're just playing pubs, eh unless you want to go roflstomp some pubtards for a few months before it hopefully gets nerfed to the ground then its not needed.

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