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  1. the more I play this patch, the more I realised exactly what I feared would happen with this patch has happened, and WG has completely fucked every single map in some way. I haven't found a map I like more than before yet

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    2. DHP


      @leggasiini oh shit you are right they removed sand river assault which was one of the best to farm pubbies.. I have been playing this tank for like 3 years and ALL THEY DO is remove maps or gamemode from some maps... And people were defending WG because "but listen they are working on HD maps"... Lol plz this update is the worst by far, they should have kept making new map but all they did was remove map after map after map while only adding like 2.. (and one of it is fucking Paris...)


      And also can someone explain to my why the haven't added a second entry to the hill on mines ?? It would seriously solve the entire situation where one side get there first..

    3. Assassin7


      You cant add a second entry to the hill that doesnt favour one side of the other. You'd have to add two extra entries.

    4. StormCrowReaperManyHats


      You could change the western entry so it could only be accessed from the north and add an entry on the eastern side and it would balance it out. Honestly I've been saying for years the biggest problem with Mines and Ensk is the need to be tier limited. 600m maps are too fucking small for tier 8+ 600m maps need to be tier 6 top and 800m maps tier 8 top. Five fucking years I've been saying it.

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