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  1. I dont get why in pubg more people don't use the vector. Its so unironically good, especially on mirimar. 

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    2. Assassin7


      Hey, not arguing against ARs, They're still the best overall. But they're boring after a while and I've always loved going outside the box. 

      Also I was rank 200 or so duo FPP for a while as well. Im currently still in top 1% or something IIRC.

      Why do you think its bad anyway?

    3. Fulcrous


      It's only good if you're camping a building and have all the right mods, which take time to get. Double barrel is superior at close range and significantly easier to mod. Any distance beyond 50m ARs are superior in DPS. Even then, a quick double tap and AR > Vector less than 50m.

      Vector used to be the dominant gun over ARs before the nerf. No longer the case.

      I don't know what server you were/are playing on but anything outsides of NA and EU equates to trash in pubg anyways.

    4. Assassin7


      I play on NA and OCE. IIRC atm im like top 1% on OCE and top 2.5% or something on on NA (because of ping mainly)

      As for double barrel, isnt reliable enough for me and has less range even. Anyway I find its better to run a DMR with the vector than a bolt action, so you have more mid range DPS. Plus on erangal where especially late game engagement distances are more mid range it doesnt work, sure. But on mirimar where you end up fighting over ridges and hills a lot of the time its great. No one expects you to be able to just shred them. Ive won a number of games with it like that.


      edit: ha got it wrong way around. 0.47% on NA Duo FPP and top 1.79% OCE duo FPP